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Saturday, February 07, 2009


i scared everyone off the train... hahaa

with the 2 kids... now i am in osaka... changed quite abit... ski plan change to wed.. here is freaking cold until DAMM SHIOK!! hahaha i like!!!

Friday, February 06, 2009

argh i am so unprepared for this japan trip! i should have bought my japan railway pass n now is 3.38am how to buy! tamade! i am so dead!!! ccb.... dun care la... i shall enjoy... guess i have to really do my assignment in japan sia... argh!!!! BYE EVERYONE!!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Double O with my SIM classmates....

i just touch down from bangkok then i go right away to airport to meet my classmates to drink n celebrate my birthday!!! it was madness!

nabilah looks like mickey mouse! haha

check out nabsy... double tips or double tits? hahaha

dun u just love my shirt!!!

damm long nv do gym la... so must lift some weight!

check out my super nice shirt! hahaa

i am 17 la!!
the thai gers (tigers) with their butt (baht)!

GOGO GIRLS!!! ahhaha

yanyi with his super big eyes!

awwwwww..... i love you all long time!

we got a photo crasher behind!!!

yeah party per party ppl!

hahaha i cant remember why we so excited!!! hahaha

yanyi randomly take photo with some drunk guy!! hahaha poor chap!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Erubin's surprise birthday party part 2!
from SIM classmates

I LOVE TOKYO (i mean my classmates! hahaa) they so sweet to plan out the game for me to play! muahauhaua... 

Mission: find my classmates
Time: 5pm
Location: Botanic Garden

of all places... they chose to paste it on the RUBBISH BIN!! wat the hell man... when i saw it i was like.... then i went to took photo of it.... the cleaner there stare at me... then smile at me... WAT SIA!!!

my 1st clue... starting point is from the pick up point...

clue no.2
clue no.3  yes yes i know swan lake la!!! naggy...

clue no.4....
clue no.5  wa... write until so messy!!! and cant spell gorgeous properly!!!!

clue no.6  they were like wrapping the whole tree trunk with scotch tape!! hahaha

clue no.7 the last clue... and i manage to find all my clues!!!!!

i spot them!!! initially i thought they gonna dress up as some bangala so that i cant recognise them hahaha

i love my cake!!! chocolate!!

guess wat is my present!?!?!

it's a gymball with 8gb thumbdrive!!! i gonna get nice abs with gym ball and get HD for all my modules with my thumbdrive!!! haha

group photo!!! with aisha n dawn...

hahaha i dunnno wat is shirley doing!!

ok i am damm lazy to move so ya... they all have to come beside me and take photo!!! haahaha
nabilah n julin
me sitting there as usual... the lazy boy... hahah

test shot!
so nice the photo!!!! awwwwww... too bad aisha n dawn not around... hahaha

thank you classmates yoz! hahah
My Birthday Surprise Part 1
from STC classmates!!

i was totally not prepared to get surprise from anyone!!! ahhhh!!! damm happy la!! i really dunno wat to say when they come surprise me at the airport!!! they damm pro la put debbie standing there with the card board happy birthday alvin.... then i stun... isnt that my name and that person very familiar! cuz i dunno debbie that well yet.... hahaha then later see one by one pop out from some pillar! hahahahaaa

thanks for the 23 mini donuts n the flowers!! and i love the g-shock... thanks for all the other shock u all did! ahhaha.... my whole trolley is full of stuff la!!! and my mother keep calling my phone!!! 

my STC girlies... hahaha

THANK YOU GIRLS!! see you all on friday for dinner :)

PS: sorry la siao mei... i really no hand to bring back ur tom yam instant noodle!!! next time i go bangkok i make sure i bring 1 box back ok!! hahaha....

Monday, February 02, 2009

i gonna get polaroid from japan!!

ah!! so nice right!!! i saw someone selling it online.. the top 4 at $129 and the white n brown at $149 and the gold n silver at $139... i think japan sell it even cheaper!!! haha..

i want to thank all my friends for the birthday gifts!!
my stc classmates - siao mei, siao ying, jess, weizhen, adeline, debbie, herry for the G-shock!
my sim classmates - dawn, julin, vanessa, yan yi, sujana, aisha, shirley, nabilah for the gym ball and 8gb thumbdrive
james for waku watch!

really amazing how everyone nv talk to one another and got me diff stuff!

i finally pack 80% of my bangkok shopping... i almost had a heart attack... 

i bought...
41 t-shirts
7 berms
1 shirt
7 tie
2 bow tie
16 pair of socks
alot of snacks!
3 aprons
3 tote bags...

of course some of these are for friends haha...

grace were saying that i look like i coming back singapore to set up a shop! ahahaha... ya maybe i should... come back n sell at 10 times the price i got it from bangkok... and seriously... everyone should be a boss n set up ur own shop! hahhaa...

tmr i shall blog on my birthday first then bangkok trip... alot things for me to settle n i going crazy!!! i need to rush my assignment!! 
Chinese New Year Day 2

i like the mee sua at bright hill temple... its nice... but i prefer the yellow noodle version which i had it dunno how many years ago...

my maternal grandfather and grandmother...
my grandfather with his daughters.... from left, 4th,6th n my mum is 2nd and aunt isabel is 5th

after that went to my paternal 1st aunt side... and this is my 2nd aunt's grand daughter/ my cousin's daughter/my niece hahah make u all confuse!
my niece with my another nephew... aiyo.. so many kids ah!!! i want my mother to have another kid can!!!

my mum with my 3rd aunt... both wearing green.. hahhaa
my cousins, winnie (3rd aunt), lily (1st uncle), ah zhu jie jie (1st uncle), wendy (3rd aunt), my mum and my 3rd aunt

grandma n grand daughter! so cute ah!!