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Saturday, September 02, 2006

my first gift for being a TEACHER!!! hahahaa...  Posted by Picasa
u know.. many ppl always said that no matter u win/lose/draw a game... its ok.. cuz wat's more important is u play as a team... i guess we dun even have any team spirit... well i am just too tired to do any more canoepolo... anyway to the NUS guy wen hao i think... sorry for wat i did in the pool... i guess i shall just be the audience... i rather watch canoepolo matches than world cup... and ya i think someone better do something abt having more new ref if not... SRRR n nat champs next yr will face alot shortage in ref... good bye canoe polo... u've been my faithful lover for 3yrs... now i need a break from u... i dunno if i will go back to u but i enjoyed ur company... tmr... last match last game last time chasing for first ball.. last time scoring a goal last time canoe polo...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

sooooooo busy can.... damm sian man this yr nat champ... its so funny... we lost the match that we suppose to win and won the match we thought we will have a tough fight... hahaha really is a joke man... nonetheless... tons of ppl pissed me off this yr... i read quite a few ppl's blog talking bad stuff abt others... so childish man... so if u think i gonna BITCH abt ppl here I NOT GONNA do that.. yeah but anyway for those ppl that are complaining abt almost everything abt nat champ... if u think u are so FREAKING GOOD... u JOLLY WELL BE THE ORGANISER NEXT YEAR AND DO A MUCH BETTER JOB IF NOT JUST SHUT UP N USE THE PADDLE TO POKE UR ASS TO MAKE U HAPPY!
cant u all just be more supportive of denise n the rest of NP that is organising this nat champ for u... dun u know that canoepolo not even suppose to have IVP anymore... U DUNNO WHY? u should just go ask ur captain ok... 2-pick

on a lighter note... i have been relief teaching at northland sec for 3days... i am just damm sad for all the students parents... they really dun have the interest to study n excel u know... and guess wat... the students all keep taking their hp out to sms, listening to music if not... they just try to take my photo... and i have to make this girl delete the photo right in front of me... aiyo so daring... another even better... she came over n ask for permission to take my photo... like wat the... anyway tmr my last day teaching there... so next week gonna start calling other sch for more lobang.. hahaha... maybe i should just stay home play PS2 and read all my books and watch all the videos....