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Saturday, March 26, 2005

i was digging some old stuff.. n looking at my very very old webby... and i found my st gabs friend marcus teo who migrate to australia.. didnt email him since i changed my very old email address.... hope he reply me.. just email him... and the canoe sprinter kel look like someone i know... i keep thinking n thinking n now i finally remembered... he looks abit like marcus teo when he was sec2... hahaaa i still remember marcus was really super duper strong n fit guy.. i bet he will be a good canoeist if he still in singapore... i wonder he still keep in contact with who else... times change... human change too..

i cant focus on immu.. feel like banging my head... argh!! i want to go clubbing!!! i want to be an air steward now.. i dun want to study... if i am an air steward now... i will fly to australia n japan to find all my friends oversea...

Friday, March 25, 2005


taken from sunathar friendster pic.. i really miss this moment... almost a year ago.. i cant believe time just passed me by... and who the hell wrote 27 there? Posted by Hello

dun u find him super duper gorgeous!! but he is gay!!! i shall be a gay too... cuz gays are GORGEOUS!! its such a waste that he has an awful bf... and its a waste that he is not an actor or something... Posted by Hello

joyce showed us this guy... me n yao is crazy over him!!! Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 24, 2005

maths paper is down! ppl aim for AD for their paper i aim for pass! hahaha... i have confidence that i sure pass maths but hopefully can get B..... i know why i always get C and D for my module... cuz i did badly for common test! anyway need to mug immu n aqua tgt!! after these two gone... will focus solely on amb.... and sch is getting stupid... have new rules that no pencil box are allow on the table la... wat the FORK!! all my study career in singapore... first time have this rule... even o level allow us to bring pencil box.. i cant even bring my jacket to my seats la... and its freaking cold ok! dammit...

anyway today went for 2 castings... one for KFC and CANON!!! i hope i get both then i will be famous!! woohoo!! the best way to see yan dao n beautiful model is to hang out those advertising firm... when i reach Shiny Happy People... saw this pretty ang moh la! listening to iPOD! dammit... then later saw another yan dao ang moh.. neh neh... all advert job give ang moh we asian do wat sia...

went town to meet eugene denise n jeremy... ppl dun try yoshinoya curry.. its horrible... japanese curry suppose to taste sweet but this is spicy n extremely not nice n little serving... then walk around n round... went to HMV and some CD selling very CHEAP!! yes! i found sarah mclachlan CD at only $8.95!!! because all these CD are for sale in CHINA only.. and selling in singapore is actually illegal but i dunno why they can sell it at HMV.. then i got another CD by Lisa Ono she is japs that sing french jazz... quite nice... like LUSH FM songs... i know why i dun like those jazz in sch library... cuz they all in english... i only like french jazz!!! now i have enough song for medidation..

after eugene n denise left... then me n jeremy walk around... damm funny la... at first got this guy ask us to buy those charity tickets its $2.. so we both chip in a dollar each... then after that saw another old auntie... ask for $2.. then we chip in a dollar each la... funny sia... then i really hope to go into that fashion show at taka la but dunno how to get in hahaa... looks damm glam la!! anyway i am going to make a damm nice canoe polo fashion wear!!! so ppl.. start ordering clothes from me!!! the very first design by me of canoe polo fashion wear...

front design:
Back design:
nice?? i think this design rocks totally... i selling the shirt maybe abt $10... the rest of the profit goes to NACC fund...

Monday, March 21, 2005

this is the super duper nice adidas jacket i saw!!! i going to buy it la... its $109!!! hope to get discount from joyce's friend's friend... or anyone who wants to buy for me i will love u lots lots! hahaha... super nice la!! so vintage!! i want a blue camera!!! and i want a blue vespa!!! i want a blue canoe polo boat...  Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005

i love tannlines... isnt it SEXY... ahahaah... thanks to the sun yest... was wearing rashguard n tata.. got it... anyway... i knew we wont play well on sat... cuz we didnt play as a team for dunno how long n hardly play a proper game.. just drills to train passes n basic.. guess we have to change to more gameplay kind of tactic... our tactic sucks big time... and ya.. i realise i am really useless in the game once i am tired... need to train harder... oh ya.. my new canoe polo idol is SPB xinfu.. he really very good... cuz after the friendly matches we get to mix around n even use their vampire boat... dun really like the boat.. i dun find that i can move fast with that.. i rather use acrobat... anyway he is really good in tactic... i guess he play chaser most of the time.. guess i should watch how he play if i have the chance... and i think SP player their shooting really got skill one leh... they shoot at a very difficult angle.. even our marky mark cant block it! but the time is not wasted there... walter said that in future we will have more chance to train with them... looking forward to it... n walter said we should be more friendly to them... hahaha... i guess during the game we too agressive liao huh... and ya... SP GUYS PUT TANNING OIL BEFORE TRAINING... i hand tackle kenneth then my whole hand so slippery! none of them are wearing rashguard la!! next time i going to take revenge... i put tanning oil also...

anyway OB agm was kinda fun n boring la... fun as in met alot ppl i know hahaha n boring as in they put photo that is ya nice but for non-OB ppl we wont really want to see it... unless its some really funny or interesting shots... well.. u all can be assure that if u attend our canoe agm... u sure laugh! hahaha i guarantee u will laugh!!! well the only person i showed to is joyce.. she roll over the floor... yup.. its a top quality video production... however i can really see that they put in alot effort for their agm.. they make this really nice OB Tree with names of their pass committee on it... i dun even think our canoeing club keep a record of ppl from the very 1st committee till like the 15th committee... and congrats to weihong who won a torchlight and lianne won a webcam!!! and i won nothing! hahaha... lianne damm fucking funny la... she make me peng sia all the time...

anyway sat i get to listen to wat some ppl said abt our canoe ppl... and i wont hesitate to kick anyone out of the club if they really backstab or watever fuck... if u not happy with someone just confront them... or just talk to me i help u settle... really pissed with ppl with those sucky attitude... by the way... i have to say i really sociable as in i really talk to everyone in my canoe club... so wat makes u think that i dunno my juniors better than u... NACC is a club for ppl who loves n have the passion for canoeing... regardless of sprinting, polo or adventure... i wont allow anyone to come into the club n infect us with any fucking attitude u have... if i have to fuck u in front of everyone else... I WILL...

finally finish my book tuesdays with morrie... a very lovely book! yes yao when u read this u will say i read damm slow but actually i damm lazy to read la... still dun have the habit to read often.. well i start to love reading again... thanks to joyce the mobile library and weng yi yao... everyone should read the book tuesdays with morrie... u will be a nicer person... u will appreciate ppl around you.. and u will care for them... but i think the front part is the nicest as in it really TOUCHED ME!

spent sometime with the sprinters today... lovely bunch of ppl... *well notice my lack of vocab in english* hahaha... congrats to edmund who got 3rd for IVP 500m men... yup that is the event that i given up.. like wat i said in my previous post... 50% chance of getting into finals and 25% chance of getting a medal!! guess i am right!!! hail alvin... and i super duper in love with the bread selling at suntec foodcourt opp pasta mania... its cheap n nice! only $1.20... the aroma of coffee turn me on but it doesnt take like coffee and its have a cheesy texture with a taste like kaya bread!! it rocks totally! ok now i really love suntec for its food... u got to try it man...

oh ya.. now that my canon ixus camera is under repair... i realise i really very dependent on my camera... and my old vintage panasonic digi cam is really terrible... so i cant take any photo of the OB AGM and the sprinters IVP race... well.. i guess its time to invest in another digi cam but i am really spoilt for choices...

the next camera i get should have:
*at least 4 megapixel
*at least 3 optical zoom
*able to take at least 5cm near of macro mode
*able to take continuous video
*2.5inch LCD
*2nd batt selling at a very cheap price
*the camera will not heat up easily
*must have underwear casing
*must not be in common colour... must be like my ixus i in bronze! vintage looking!
*abt $500...
slim enough to bring to clubbing!

bonus will be that:
*video can be zoom in n out while recording
*video can be taken at 640x480 resolution
*all weather only olympus have
*uses SD card cuz i have SD card then i can just buy the camera only instead of getting the whole package...

my current canon ixus i
*bring to clubbing... mistaken as handphone so can sneak in with it!
*able to take great quality shots
*cheap underwater casing
*long batt life
*uses SD card
*great macro shots!
*stylo camera!!

*screen too small
*body heat up to fast n real warm!
*video with 3mins limit..
*expensive 2nd batt
*no optical zoom!

that's all folk! tmr onwards starting to mug with princess n yao in sch... i dun wan to fail any module... :P