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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello People!!!

Sorry i know i have not been blogging properly for damm long~! so busy preparing my japan trip and pass down some work to my canoe polo members....

I will be on the plane in 6hrs time... cant wait to meet alot of my friends...

This sunday - meeting rina, my very first host family. meeting her at fukuoka.. yes! i going all the way to fukuoka!

Tuesday - Miho is coming to osaka to find me!

next sat i will be clubbing at ageha with hiroya and friends

23 nov - meeting masaki at yokohama!!

25nov - meeting japan canoe polo team for dinner!

i still gonna meet namiko one of the days! argh!!!

cant wait to come back n prepare for my SIM CANOE POLO ABC (Alvin Berry Cute) camp... haha wat the hell right... that's not the real name of the camp... the real name i will announce when i am back~!!!

meanwhile i leave u all with my fav song right now!!! Smooth Ace - Aitaine (means wants to meet you)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

nice graduation song....

sayounara is not a sad word!

student version