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Saturday, April 18, 2009

I wanna watch this~! but its not coming to singapore.... 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Erubin's 7th Trip to Japan Day 3

SORRY PHOEBE~!!! hahaha... i was late for 30mins... wat to do... i stay in shinjuku u stay shibuya so not fair~! ok actually i am lazy to get up~!! hahaha... lucky u reached there early to get the window seats n reserve a place for me~!!! 

so this is the view~!! the famous crossing in the whole damm world~! haha... and i have been dying to sit at the starbuck for damm long finally~!!!!

banana muffin w my orange honey latte~!!! damm damm nice.. wat a breakfast~!

enjoying my latte n people watch~!

muahauhauah.... its dammm fun by just sitting there n talk talk talk....

erubin & nomi.... and for ur information my hair is the just woke up n anyhow style... and i didnt perm my hair... i have natural curl... :) and that's a diff between natural curl and curly... so get it crystal clear~!! stop asking if i perm my hair~! crazy to do that... its all natural~!!!

phoebe & nomi~!!!

emo-ing at starbuck... muahauahuaha

phoebe also emoing... hahahahaha we love emo shots~!

nomi decided to read a book....

i want to watch this movie~! looks nice... my fav actor n actress.... sho sakurai and kyoko fukada
nomi with my handphone... its in docomo network~! and my wallpaper me and keiya... until now is still the same wallpaper~!!!

after starbucking.... we went to our first factory visit of the day... underground high tech farm~! lucky phoebe is there... the translation is sooooo hard.... i only can make out half of wat he said... so many technical terms that i dunno~!

flowers.... all grow under artificial light...

NUS students with the staff and their lecturer..... dun need flash... super bright there~! haha

veggie grew from there... healthy n oishiiiiii~!!!! phoebe POKE~! haha

after that we head down to another area... before going to the factory... we went to buy some bread to eat~!!!!!

the donuts look damm sweeet.... too sweeet to consume...

then i saw this~!!! OMG~!!! this is FUCKING ORGASMIC~!!!! the yellow thingy there is the egg that is sooo smooth as smooth as cream... wau... i dunno how they make it~!!! then the chicken is freaking crispy n tender inside.... and the sauce.... oh my god...... SUPER NICE~!!! cant remember how much is it... probably $3+ singapore dollar... but its damm worth~!!! i am craving for it now~!!!!

my burger n coffee :) erubin is happy~! haha

so we went to this small place... a factory where they do banners and outdoor canvas stuff... they did stuff for disneyland and shopping centre and all... damm dammm coool.... the place is freaking small yet they can do alot alot stufff...... only he n his father doing the work... and its not that expensive to make the stuff there... almost the same price~!!! i felt like as if i am on JAPAN HOUR going around n learning abt stuff... something that i wont do in my usual trip...

this banner is for a junior high sch female basketball team.... the big chinese word means determination... and the yellow words are.... win by heart, win by technique.... wat a nice phrase~!!!
after the visit... to continue keep me happy... i ordered a HAPPY MEAL~!!! ahahhaa got a dragonball toy~!! and i had the petit pancakes~!!!

sooooo SMALLL~!!! really for kids... its not for breakfast... its available whole day~!

guess wat is it?
this is the packet they gave together with the pancake... its cream with apple syrup~!! super nice~!!!
ok now nomi gonna tell the wat is a BECAUSE BOOK.... hahahah damm rubbish...
nomi with my ds lite and mushroom :) i love my ds.... especially that it comes with the new japanese-english translation software.... time to get serious to study japanese :)

YEAH~!!! FINALLY time to shop at SNOOPY LAND~!!! ERUBIN = SNOOPY!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE SNOOPY~!!!! hahaha... i love dogs~!!! i just hope there is a real dog that look exactly like snoopy~!!! hahahaha.... like really exactly like snoopy~! argh.... SNOOOOPY~!!!! and i spent about $160 SGD in the shop ok~!!

after shopping... me n phoebe met up with hiroya for dinner....
yeah... okonomiyaki... so fresh huh~!!!

SCALLOP~!!! drooools.....

okonomiyaki with pork~!! and i can make really nice okonomiyaki ok~!!
nomi also wanna COOK~!!! hahaha special small version for NOMI~!!!

mentai monjya~!!! DAMM DAMM DAMMM NICE~!!!!

hahaha... FUCK ME~! damm funny the graffitis on the wall around the whole restaurant....
and the girls behind me keep flirting with the waiter... and they were DAMM DRUNK... keep falling off the chair... DAMM FUNNY... they OPENLY FLIRTING WITH THE WAITER.... and said... U LOOK VERY FAMILIAR.... HAVE WE MET SOMEWHERE BEFORE??? i think she should just refer to the wall and tell the waiter.... YES~! FUCK ME~! hahaaa.....

i found this in the male toilet~! wat the hell~! hahaha

the shop logo...

nice huh... its at harajuku somewhere behind the alley... i know exactly where... hoho...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I LOVE Spitz~!!!!

taken from their website.... DAMM... i want to go his concert n stand at the front row~!!! their songs is freaking freaking nice... I LOVE KUSANO MASAMUNE's VOICE~!! damm dam nice~!
my blog top 3 songs is them~!! the 3rd song he is the chorus vocal not the rap part ok... haha

damm old man... they are 42yrs old.... my mother is 46... they can be my mother's friends... hahaa...

i am suppose to study for macro but i too distracted by SPITZ~!!! 

more to come!

+ they make me wanna study jap more~! 
ERUBIN's 7th Trip to Japan
Day 2

nick, me, jason, huilian going to our first factory visit of the day~! the place is sooooo far n lucky we didnt walk~!

my snack after the factory visit... bread is sooo soooo.... but i love the maccha latte~!

i bet weidong will love this....
oh no~! help~!!
nick bring us to this underground cinema place n walk walk... at ginza
time for lunch~!

my lunch... fried pork~! abit sourish.. interesting..

the 4 of us~!

we got the shop owners to take photo with vincent~!! sooo cute~!! hahaha... the uncle keep talking to me non stop n i cant eat my lunch~!! that's the problem when u know japanese.... they too friendly and keep talking to u non stop....


follow the right path~!

soooo funky... a place to park all the smokers... like a car park... HAHAA... wat's the similarity between a smoker n a car??? BOTH RELEASE SMOKE~! HAHAHAHA~! lame...

walking down ginza with vincent~!

this place is super cooolll..... when u go in to each cubicle u can actually press button to go up or down~! hahaha... damm cool~! the whole thing is a LIFT itself~!!!!

erubin, nick, jason, huilian and vanessa..... on our way to yokohama ferry terminal~!


we are here~!!! ferry terminal / marina barrage lookalike...

so nice~! i feel like skateboarding around~! but i cant n i cant... haha

PEE ON VINCENT~!!! haha  okok~! stop crying.. i wont pee on u!

i love the place~!

photo cant translate much of the beauty of the place... u must go to see for urself~!!!

vincent~!!! u found ur friend~!!!

the 3 of us.... with vincent~!!! I LOVE THE PHOTO~~~!!!

then the four of us... awwwww......

N-US again~! hahaha
weeeee~! camwhoring~!


u see this place... so cute... got king, jack and queen.... and see wat we did~!

hahaha~! we pretend we are "on" the building~!! i am jumping on the building... and jason in the centre still hanging on to the building and nick is a FALLING QUEEN~!!!! hahaha... vincent is the star right at the top~!!! soooo CUTE~!!!!
me, vanessa, huilian.... ignoring vincent... let him sit alone.... wahwuahauhaa

vincent soooo CUTE!~! hahaha
when the nite comes...... BLUE LIGHT~!!!
then we camwhore in the tunnel for damm damm long~!!!
ME~!! weeee~!
hahhaa i love taking photo here... same with the rest~!
Singapore next top model~! JASON~! hahaha
photos with vincent... and phoebe is finnnalllly HERE~!!!!
me and phoebe were telling nick they all to be crazy like how last time NP exchange program to osaka... then we made the NUS students do this crazy jump photo~!!! HAHAHHAHAHA
we love the yokohama ferris wheel~! too bad the weather is tooo bad to ride~!
this is not air con remote control..... when u go japan foodcourt and order ur food.... once its ready this will BEEP for u to collect ur food :)
i think nick had this.... its not bad... i think its same sesame mustard thingy...
i had this... some beef strips with alot veggies~!

this is some tomato sauce but they add some spice n its quite hot...
yum yum but i am not a big fan of red bean....

oreo muffin~!!!

then nick got this kid to take photo with vincent.... ok... the question is... is this kid a boy or girl??? hahaha cuz i keep debating with nick that is boy n he said is girl~!!! u all comment ok?

nice.... but look on top... damm foggy~!

SNOOPY TOWN~!!!!! closed.... sian...