Friday, September 02, 2011

April is a very important month for Japanese... it is not just the season of beautiful blooming sakura flowers... but also the graduation of all schools from elementary school to university... farewell at the most beautiful time of the year just makes the memories much more memorable and beautiful...

This song "April" was their farewell song for their fans that time... 10years down the road... this song just means so much to me... hope that everyone will cherish their friends as much how much SPEED loves each other.

I am going for reservist for the next 2weeks! So I won't be blogging for sometime! sorry for missing in action again.... blame it on the army not me! LOL!!!

Finished reading my first chinese book since almost 15yrs ago..

They were never debut in Japan as KPOP artists but JPOP artists unlike Big Bang, 2PM, SNSD, KARA. Their Japanese songs are as natural as other Japanese artists and gained many respect from other Japanese well-known artists like Tokunage Hideaki.

Asian miracle! Topping charts through out Asia (Taiwan, China, Thailand, Hong Kong and of course, Japan)

JYJ left the group due to their greediness and refused to cooperate with SM entertainment. I will not support JYJ but doesn't mean I don't like them. Now just left Yunho and Changmin who are continue to live up to their name. DBSK fighting!

Experience their miracle again when they were together as 5...

Now... just the 2 of them...

Haha this is so funny.... one of their old advertisement with SNSD!