Friday, June 08, 2007

today went back NUH for my check up... yeah i waited for freaking an hr plus... but i did something productive... i wrote some letters n mailing it oversea.. HEHEE... destination? JAPAN & AUSTRALIA :) so i was late for my physiotherapy due to the delay.... n i have to change it to a later date when i am back from brunei.... the lady over at the counter at physiotherapy is SUPER NICE OK! she wish me luck for the brunei trip :) thank you auntie! and i took cab to queensway.. the uncle damm friendly also la! wat a great day :) friendly uncle n auntie....

went to meet EUNICE! hahaha n chatted non stop... mostly stupid shit stuff n had the beef hor fun at queensway... its sucks to the core.. seriously... nowadays alot place they cook hor fun just put the hor fun there n pour the sauce... wtf... i also can do it... and after that went to ikea for meatballs! my stomach almost gonna explode! hahaha... ah eunice flying off!! to ANU! look like ANUS! hahaha... australia national university... i ask her where is it... she said australia.. i was like DUH! hahaha so its at canberra! yeah oakley factory outlet there pls buy me sunglass woooo! hahaha

went town to KTV with celester n celest! hahaa omg they sing damm good... i cannot make it la... damm pai sei... KTV AGAIN SOON!!! we went to sistic to buy tickets! they bought nathan jazz concert... i am quite tempted to go but... i just spent almost close to $500 for 4 tickets of dim sum dollies n corrinne may... its all GOOD SEATS... cant wait! damm funny... dim sum dollies tickets in order to get 15% u have to show CK tangs reciept... n i just freaking clear my wallet if not i will have... and so the 3 of us went hunting around CK tangs for reciept drop somewhere.... celester rocks la he found one in a bin! OMG its damm UNGLAM but... I DUN CARE we took the crumpled reciept to receive 15% discount!! hahaa... SOOOOO AUNTIE...

went to meet felicia n samuel for dinner... went to eat at this japanese restaurant... samuel said he can get us 50% discount!!!! but end up we only get 10% sian... hahaha.. damm long nv see felicia la! i want go NTU biz!!! cant wait for me reply again from them.... *pray*

ok.. this is damm funny... that time out with royston denise n tiong... i told them that if i really die in brunei (wat a place to die.. so low class) i will pass my stuff to who...

so my inherit list is.....

my paddle - to royston
my ds lite - to denise (not to tiong cuz denise got ipod already!)
my ipod - to tiong
my laptop - can donate to nacc club house hahaha...

so lame... cant take it... anyway to my pri sch friends... pls remember 070707 is HL bday n it will be combine with jun ru! will gather many ppl! haha... cant wait...

PLS KEEP ON TAG on my blog/friendster.... SMS me once in a while but i wont reply cuz it will cost 50cents to reply!!! i will see you ppl in 17days....

i miss pri sch friends
i miss sec sch friends
i miss JI friends
i miss poly friends
i miss canoe friends
i miss safsa friends
i miss borders friends
i miss ALL U PPL!!!!!!

my blog gonna be so dead but NOT ME!!! will resume blog asap!!!

remember if u sms pls put down ur name! cuz i using army phone so i cant put everyone number in it... ppl like siao mei, yao, joyce n canoe ppl dun need put cuz i always sms u ppl... those hardly i sms ones... pls put down ur name when u sms me!!! MISS YOU ALL!! 17days!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

NOT! hahaha... u slowly guess if we really win it or not... NOT TELLING U! la la...

jk, royston n his new casio camera n me! hahaa...

when i step inside zouk! i saw evon! wow! hahaa... saw alot ppl that day man...

and joyce! hahah... damm funny when i saw her... I SHOUTED SO LOUD that her friend rena almost went deaf! hahaha...

tada! its me and yann lin a.k.a hazel.... plus edward n friend! hahaha... world small small! hahaha

then i scream at EUNICE she went crazy once she saw me! HAHAHA dammm funny... ah stupid small neh neh! ikea lunch leh!!!

me n royston with our new friends... penny n dunno... hahaa

saw kenneth too! yeah u will see him on those posters all over NUS especially at central library... hahaha someone famous sia....

and the everyweek mambo jeremy... hahahaa thanks for the boston ice tea... i got headache from that hahaha

so.... me jeremy royston edward all went up to took photo with the tranny one by one! she is damm pretty... hahaha damm funny we keep waving at them! like some mad fans!

me alan jappo n her NEIGHBOUR! yes damm funny... i was asking jappo she was here with who... she said... MY NEIGHBOUR! i buay tahan but to laugh! cool man! happening!!! can share cab home!! hahaha....

and i bump into deana!! and she also went crazy! hahaha 1st time i saw her at mambo man! always ask me go mambo n here i am! ta da!!!! hahahaha miss ur nonsense!

finally... outside zouk saw pin yue!!! pls eat something u are skinny! hahaha....

june tiong went dating with denise.... *new scandal* muhaauhaa....

nah... they actually dating me! HAHA... damm funny we suppose to go to the cafe n chill... end up we went shopping for kidswear cuz its damm cheap!!! we all get the same polo tee! its $15 each!! then i got another nike shirt for $28!!! ahhhh we went crazy hahaha....

the BLUE team a.k.a BIOTECH team

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

on a lighter note....

i called lianne this afternoon to share the good news abt the sprinters... we are DAMM proud of u ppl... and my tag at nacc blog dunno fly where so i shall let u guys know that me and lianne will forever be supporting u guys no matter wat :) keep up the good work!

i tell u... i am stressed n depressed over the fact that my camp is still sending me over despite the fact i already show them my 1st specialist letter regarding my knee n ankle condition... thanks to them for NOT believing me and the 2nd specialist letter from NUH said the same thing so now.... they said.... SORRY IT IS TOO LATE TO PULL YOU OUT FROM THE FLIGHT.... you will be going there to do paper work... so paper work also can me make me take the pile of papers go from one end to another end of camp... brunei camp is like FREAKING BIG.... and i seriously LAUGHING at their answers.... TOO LATE TO PULL OUT... oh if i *CHOY* kanna bang by car... do u have to pull me out from hospital to go for the trip? where got such things as TOO LATE!? THEY ARE JUST LAZY TO AMEND THE FLIGHT DETAILS... so they are being paid to be LAZY? not that i am trying to be rude but... is that the way things work? if it is.... kuddos to me for having to serve the nation with so much stress and pressure... THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Nacc's Big Win
We gave nothing, but took from them everything we could.
Congratulations to our winners:
Tertiary Men T1- Jeremy Lim - 3rd
Tertiary Men T1- Chew Chin Chong- 4th
Tertiary Men K2 - Liew Weizheng/ Brian Chua -2nd
Tertiary Men K2 - Collin Tan/ Lin Junhan - 1st
Open-College Mix T2 - Lex Chew/Elva M***** - 5th
Open-College Mix T2 - Gan Jiaying/Junsheng- 2nd
Open Men T1- Liew Weizheng- 5th
Tertiary Men T2 - Ong ChinKoon/ JiaJun - 3rd
Tertiary Women T1- Serene Chen- 3rd
Tertiary Women T1- Loh Yanyi- 5th
Open Womens T1- Daphne Ong- 5th
Open Womens T1- Christabel Tan- 6th
Open-College Womens K1- Adelene Chen - 5th
Tertiary Women K2 - Christabel Tan/ Daphne Ong - 3rd
Tertiary Women K2 - Gan Jiaying / Elvaretta M****- 2nd


no wonder taufik told me that he keep hearing NGEE ANN name over the sound systen the whole day!!! hahaha..... so happy for u all... maybe i will join u all in T1 race soon! hahaa....

fri safsa training... we all row T1!!! omg its like almost 2yrs since i row a T1... i didnt capsize at all hahaa...i rocks la... but i row damm slow... i need to hit the gym man... getting fat...
HAPPY 21st Birthday ELAINE!!!!

me n the birthday girl.... HOT FHM GIRL!
ex-BORDERS staff!!! we still missing alot of ppl here man!!! oh man we miss working at borders... hahaha.. but of course that place is damm shitty to work now cuz of BAD MANAGEMENT.... miss those good days working tgt... gen rec, info counter, cashiering.... haiz!

vanessa me nadia.... its really beennnnnn a long time since we all met.... miss u ppl! and nadia is freaking happy cuz i am blacker than her! wth.... hahaha

elaine getting us to pose at a V position and.... our funky pose so funky! LOL... ok i really very black now! haha...

taken from FHM magz... look at elaine!!! cant remember which month!! hahaha... nadia! this is the one i said abt the FHM issue! haha...

oei... why u holding to taufik's stick?? hahaa...
we all should go KTV at JB again man!!! haiz!!! where is ann n samantha to provide us all the gossips man! hahaha... B stands for borders and B stands for BITCHING too!!! hahaha.... let's go back borders n HAVOC! hahaha....