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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

for those who cares and interested :) have fun... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 20, 2006

i only manage to finish 5% of my clearing room plan... manage to chunk my notes aside n bring out my cantonese n korean language pack... i still have no idea if i can make it in time to take JLPT in dec... i might be enlist on that day huh...

i told my mother i going HK end of sept... she asked, i thought u going australia? so i told her we change plan n heading to HK instead... aussie will be next yr... grace i'll see u next yr ok! let me get my commandos pay n fly there to find u... anyway i talk to grace online she dun mind going to korea with me end nov!!! la la i shall cont saving...

HK trip is 28sept to 9oct.. almost 2weeks... ac,huiling and tian cai coming back singapore earlier so the rest of the trip on my own again and i planning to go macau n shengzhen after they left and meet my HK friend n LYNN :) however i need to start PLANNING NOW! cuz i think shengzhen might be too dangerous to travel alone... i think but THAT's the point of backpacking! mauhauaha anyway i intend to bring the same backpack to hk instead of luggage.. cuz save alot weight n easier to carry around... well i gonna have alot surprise bags to bring back all my shopping...

i need a new wardrobe... my current one looks quite new but it start to collapse in the inside n the backing came off! like wtf... got it from ikea... anyway i need BIG BIG ward robe cuz all my other clothes is at living room there... and mind u i have 3boxes worth of clothes in my room, one box for brand new clothes that i yet to wear, one box for jackets and one box for dunno some funny clothes la... like canoe n camp shirt n watever misc stuff...

i suppose to rip the audio cd n transfer it to my ipod so that i can listen to rich dad poor dad instead of reading the book... i need a discman! yeah i am sooooo gonna enhance myself with all these books n cd before n during NS to prepare me for the future in work n uni... i thought abt it... i shall try to apply for local u biz cuz most prob my parents wont be able to finance me for oversea education and even though i am not having any exemptions cuz i change the course of study from science to biz but its ok... at least by the time i grad from uni i have both sci n biz background... if i cant get in biz then i will try arts n social sci and perhaps project management stuff! if i cant study wat i want... i will say HELLO to SIA :)

basically, from now to my HK trip which is end of sept...
1) plan my hk trip n learn cantonese
2) clear my room n start to welcome my future shopping goodies
3) start my own photo book project.. i want to make a photo book with all my friends photo in it... its just like a offline version of friendster.. hahaa
4) build my website for the japan trip early this yr... however my laptop just reformat and there goes my macromedia program... hahahaa
5) i'll start calling up for relief teaching tmr! i want go teach some sch!
6) print n write letter send to japan... before i get real busy again
7) spend some time with my st gabs classmate before one flying to UK n never be back and 2 other going ns soon... and find samuel wong ah kao...
8) prepare for SAT to increase my chance of getting into uni even though its not necessary but just want to do n increase some chance!

tmr gonna do my clearance for borders... return my stuff n uniform :)

i love this pic! its so... symmetrical.. i dunno how to spell it la! hahaha Posted by Picasa

me and la la la la-ti-far!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

formal shot! Posted by Picasa

this is sooooooooooo nice... shock smile surprises :) Posted by Picasa

ohhhhhhhhhh........ my fav latifah n dyra Posted by Picasa

ann going sweden!!! and guess wat! she wearing shorts shorter than all of us! hahaa... cool right! Posted by Picasa