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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


me during immunology practical... hahaa... I AM DAMM BORED... i miss my NP days... even though biotech is crap but i miss the company.... ben, yao, joyce, mel and the rest!!!

me n samuel wong doing crazy stuff again! hahaha... went into zara store n try lame stuff!!! hahaha!

i miss HONG KONG with ac, hl and tian cai.... haiz... army = stress.... i want back my normal life!

at fukuoka with miho, chihiro and RINA!!!! i miss u girls! its been 6yrs since i know them!!! kiwotsukete ne!

Monday, April 09, 2007

i forgot to add.... joyce funniest's homemade videos!!!


the mafia king and the beauty queen.... starring... JOYCE & JOYCE & ONLY JOYCE!

SERIOUSLY... MEDIACORP SHOULD HIRE JOYCE TO HAVE HER OWN COMEDY SHOW... gurmit singh days are over... we need FRESH FACES! hahahahaa GO JOYCE! u should have ur own STANDUP COMEDY one day!
alright... let me start with my army stuff.... i finally over n done with my mortar specialist course! yes its only 6weeks! hahahahaa live firing was super fun! i know alot ppl hate it but i really enjoy the MUD! hahaha... u know when the mortar (its like canon that kind if u girls dunno wat is mortar) fire... the baseplate will sink! hahahaha so after it rain right... our position is at a lowland... so the whole area turn muddy..... and we fire... BOMB!!!! the mud splash all over us! my specs kanna... so freaking funnnny was that.... the mud got into caleb's eyes! then my whole detachment LAUGH DAMM LOUD! as LOUD as the MORTAR FIRE! those officers n others shout at us to shut up n be MORE SERIOUS... LA LA... u know i dun care! so i just continue giggle all the way.... hahaha....

anyway... i just joined safsa dragonboat for their training on sat.... wau! before the training start... the vice cap told me they are co-training with the national team... i was like WTF! i only row db for like a few times!? before training... they will have their warm up run... OMG.... THEY DUN RUN... THEY SPRINT! i was like wtf... i cant even run fast! after that got into the boat.... i wanted to row left cuz i dun want always rely on my right arm so much.... end up i row damm fuck up n switch to right... then after 1 set with right... that njc canoeist guy SHOUT AT ME..... ALVIN U SURE U ROW BEFORE! omg... so embarrassing... so i told him i only row db a few time... and i usually PADDLE canoe... CANOEPOLO! this is the 1st time that i have to row nonstop for 3mins at such a fast pace that i cant keep up all the time!!! my endurance really cannnot make it man....

after training i had such bad ache on my lower left back that i cant bend down! this reminds me of my 1st canoe land training... i ache so bad on my arms that i cant took out my shirt! i hope i can adapt to their crazy training soon.... and i realise how freaking slack my polo training is....

after training.... went to marina square thai express to meet my cousin joanna who just came back from melbourne! its really nice to have such a family gathering besides having it on CNY... as usual me n jo talk abt allllll the stufff nonstop... hahahaa

a kiss from jo to ah ma... hahaha my ah ma loook so happy nowadays... :)

initially its only the 3 of us having our st gabs gathering.... but guess wat! when we were abt to leave zara.... someone shout "ISNT THAT ALVIN!!!!" wau i kanna shock! hahaha its nicole n amanda!!!! wau i have not seeeeeeee them for ages!!! and they are meeting joyce!!!! cooool shit! so end up we join them... so its a st gabs/chij tp gathering! HAHAHA....

i miss my mei! amanda leeeeeeeeee hahaha.... gonna see her again during srrr..... and yes i focus my eyes to open sooooo big cuz previously the pic my eyes were dammm small.... hahaha.... since there is joyce n me... i called ben n yao to join us!!! ben n yao know amanda nicole samuel alll.... so yeah! that's why i always intro my friends to my friends! so u will have super big group gathering n interesting chemistry! hahahaha....

yes! finally a B4 gathering after soooooo long man.... for a moment i thought B4 will not unite again... but tada! we unite again so unexpected! its been 1yr plus since the 4 of the bitches hang out! everytime we wanna go out together... its either someone cannot make it or not around kind of stuff.... like on my bday ben came early but left before yao reach!

alright i know i am creavtitve... so i already planned a funking theme for joyce 21st bday!!! hahaha i will upload the details here soon!!!


this is super funny... thanks to elaine for telling me... hahaha u see the animals getting soooooo tempted to eat their fav food... the dog drool like nobody biz! hahahhaa japanese are really dammmmmm funnny! hahaha