Saturday, May 20, 2006

its been a long time since i really blog with many many words hahaha.. :P

BORDERS really rocks man... i love working there... the ppl are sooo nice n funny... there is a total of 7 newbies including me... 4girls 3guys... ross, noraizan, gisale, qiu rong, saiful, jerry and me! hahaha jerry is the damm funny one.. aiyo he really full of shit... i love to shelf the books, do cashiering and do information counter :) if u all looking for fun part time job i do advise u to join borders!!! ao freaking cool :) pls do come borders and find me ok!! everytime when the customer ask u to find the books they want and u can find it right.. u have this sense of achievement :) its just like treasure hunt and spotting for stuff like those games u play... so freaking fun right... hahahahaa

my dear osaka host family went back japan already... argh... i thought they are going to leave on sunday midnight but its actually today midnight lor... anyway i manage to bring them to lau pa sat to eat nice local food :) gonna upload some of the pics soon :) i miss them!!! argh!!! japan japan!!! felt so great to be able to SPEAK JAPANESE argh... i really need someone to speak japanese to me if not i will go crazy!!! hahaa... hope they will come back to singapore again and have a longer stay...

stupid NS siao one... i went for medical check up already and they just sent me another letter to go again la i was like wat the hell... i will just faint if i have to go thru all those shit for 4hrs plus again..

i have not been touching my sch work for damm damm long la and i miss playing my playstation can!! argh!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


my mama and my another mama & papa..haha.. keiya so cheeky... (below left) Posted by Picasa

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NGIAP & DESMOND! welcome to club 20.. HAHA Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

i gonna see them tmr 430pm at changi airport!!! MUHAUAHCUHUH i love you! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 14, 2006

mama is the best! Posted by Picasa

happy mother's day! i look so cute in the pic right? I AM IN THE CENTRE! Posted by Picasa