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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Heard about the most anticipated local movie "Sandcastle"??

It is directed by my good friend Boo Junfeng. His first feature film and also the first local film featured at the 49th International Critic's Week

The crews and casts of Sandcastle at Cannes!

Not only can we make Singapore proud in the sports arena.. we can do our part in the film industry and anywhere else too.

Recently the film was showing at Toronto International Film Festival!!

Check out the trailer...


I am lucky to be invited to watch the premiere. I love how the film is being shot at very beautiful angle. It's rated 4 out of 5 stars in almost all movie reviews locally!! Go catch it (only) at Golden Village. Support Local Film!!

At the post-premiere party with my friends...

The crews of Sandcastle!! Well Done! *claps*

Junfeng and Me

Before his first feature film, Junfeng made several short films and my favourite is got to be Katong Fugue! Ok I think I am bias because I am a big fan of Neo Swee Lin! haha..


Tingyi and Me

Heard of rojak??

It is an event happens every quarterly. it features 10 presenters on various topic/industry (arts, fashion, design, architecture, economic, maths). Usually attended by many creative people and there will be Q&A sessions to discuss over the presentation and how can one improve on their idea! It is very interesting!!! So far I attended twice!

They always have the event at very "strange" and interesting venue and it is always different! Like the recent one, it was at some void deck near bugis. The previous one was at an abandoned warehouse at Mount Emily! Not only you get to explore new presentations from these creative people but also explore Singapore!!

See you all at the next ROJAK!!

I just attended Celepreneur 2 this week.

In this photo (Left to Right): Me, Vui Sin, Kelly (Executive Director of Spirit of Enterprise), Robin Leong, Cassandra, Christina and Taige.

Vui Sin is also my fellow friend in SIM LEAD camp! He is very active in SIM Karate so do join Karate!!

I enjoyed the whole session as Robin was being interviewed about how he set up his business. I am sure many of you are not aware that he actually has his own business in teaching martial arts! He even expanded oversea, like China! I wonder who will be the next celebrity speaker for Celepreneur!!!!

Celepreneur was made possible with Vui Sin, Cassandra and Christina organising it. Used to be more people but they left us!!! I hope one day we will all get to set up the business that we want and sit down somewhere and drink coffee.. HAHA!

So, actually there are many interesting event out there for you to do. Singapore is not that boring after all... Follow me on twitter @erubinz and get updates on what's there to do in Singapore!