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Thursday, August 28, 2008

oh ya... can someone pls lend me know if u want to buy any mp3 player... cuz my old ipod spoilt... and i can get rebate of $240... so probably i can help u can a mp3 player than u gimme $240 n u top up the rest for the mp3 player ok? cuz i want ipod shuffle which is $100... if i get it then i still have $140 leftover which have to be use for 1 product only! so if u want get any new mp3 player pls sms or tag or email me! thank you!! u have until sunday to contact me!!!
KATSUMI says hello!

let me intro u my japanese friend, katsumi!! my age but birthday still not over yet so he still can play U21 for japan during this yr world champs.... he is damm smart can... he went shanghai for 2yrs for exchange n can speak chinese! and now he is a dentistry student year 2! but girls... too bad he is TAKEN! HAHA.... katsumi eyes is like damm big n looks like it gonna pop out any min... hahaha... see u in singapore next yr march! or this nov at taiwan? :)

now i am too busy to do full update on my trip... so sorry... since i back... i have been studying non stop... yest i studied for 5hrs... omg i nv study so long ever since O level! and i have project to submit by next mon n this sat is nat champs!! GIMME A BREAK!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Left: Japan National Team U21 -  Shuhei & Chu,  Erubin and Japan National Team Senior - Ueki

shuhei looks like winston from SP... and we found people that look like RAY, de wei, serene, markus n alot others..... and i think ueki look abit like me!! hahaha

we point point point to ueki... hahahah..... 

sorry i didnt blog not i dun want but after i left tokyo... NO INTERNET ANYWHERE!!! hahaha... i will blog more soon... mean while i need to catch up with sch work!!! bye everyone!!!

anyway... ROWDY BOYZ GOT 2ND FOR CAT B....   :)