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Friday, January 28, 2005

been busy for my competition... even though we didnt make it to top 10... but we still perform well... due to some silly mistakes... we lost in matches we arent suppose to lose.... well... we need to build up our team communication more... train hard!!!

thanks to those who came for my chalet!!! really enjoy it alot!!!first time i cut 2 cakes in 2 days!!! so i am 20 instead of 19 huh!!! no la.. my birthday still a few days away.... i love aloha loyang chalet!! really a nice place to chill!!! but i think next time i wont book bunglow... i will just book the terrence one which is sooooo near to the entrance n swimming pool!!! less ants i presume... the stupid uncle at the service counter bluff me sia... he told me there is free 50units of electricity each day... then after the 1st day.. i saw i only spent 30units... so i can afford to use another 70units for free... but fuck him man... the staff came to check the unit on the last day charge my $4 for the extra usage... is actually 25units each day... then i exceed by 20units lor...

thanks my mother for cooking all the stuff but she really sucks... the food she bought for BBQ is so LIMITED!!!.... corn, chicken wings and chicken fillets... wat the hell la... she told me she spent $200plus on that... slap her sia.... pls lor... BBQ include crab stick otah fish stingray satay n other stuff lor... kao... next time i will just do EVERYTHING... she always screw things up...

i failed my 6.1 once... but lucky i passed today!!! i thought i wont be able to pass today... lucky shit me! hahaha i going for 7.1 on my bday!! which is after immu, aqua n maths paper... shit la.. now i really need alot of time to study for these 3 paper lor... today i mug immu but still not complete yet... really need to memorise i understand it but i keep forgetting! i just need to keep it in my head!!!! then maths i didnt really practise la... i going to chiong for aqua n maths for tmr n sunday!!! monday got 2 paper la!!! sian...

----- i cant wait to lay my hands on u ----- my sweet little vespa....

thanks NACC for coming Posted by Hello

thanks my JI friends n darren my clubbing gay partner for coming Posted by Hello

thanks the small neh neh gang for coming Posted by Hello

thanks my classmates n their friends for coming Posted by Hello

thanks les group for coming Posted by Hello

thanks grace xinting n yiwen for coming!!! Posted by Hello