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Friday, February 10, 2006

stupid samuel wong ah gao... scam me that he got a mini cooper... i kinda believe him... but now way.. its not his... asshole... hahahaha  Posted by Picasa

samuel wong wants shi ai and vanessa heng... hahaha Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Done by AC. Posted by Picasa
i am now blogging in the mid of my boring practical class... final draft for my report already printed out and its not even a 80% of my complete report... conclusion with only 2lines and alot things are left unpolished... next week i will be having 2 tests and a presentation... and just knew from yao that today have a assignment to hand up and sunday another one... i am still thinking if i should really go for any training on sat... be it polo or sprinting... sch work is really tying me down tight...

weekends will be super packed... sat will be studying the whole day before going for a birthday party at 9pm. sunday will be having my FIRST car driving lesson and then maybe meeting sarah and give tuition before going home to study again..

AGM in 15days time... cant believe it.. time flies... last yr nikki was like... "alvin i tell u.. i cant wait to step down..." hahaa.. i can never understand how they felt abt it until when its time for me to step down... most of the positions are more or less decided... and i never believe in ppl who try to sweet talk u to get a position... however.. those ppl who are always rejecting a good offer when they know they can do it... they will get the job.. hahaha i think AGM gonna be a blast... well its NACC wat do u expect huh! hahaa... anyway this year gonna be BIG! we are inviting canoeists from other sch.. so yeah.. come n laugh ur head off... need to push lianne to send out the invitation...

i am addicted to youtube... thanks to alan who show me ms swan... she FREAKING funny n stupid... yeah yeah u...u look like a MAN! hahhahaa... ok ppl just go to then u search for ms swan or type mad tv lorraine wau alot stupid lame shit... laugh until u siao... and its really good that i finally get to watch some latest MTV from japan... its been damm long since i really hear any new BoA and hirai ken song... BoA now look more n more sexy... yeah baby... forever my idol... she now look like matsu takako! yeah and hirai ken pop star song quite catchy n nice hahaa... and i managed to watch some old SPEED video that i nv see before! woohoo...

on wed... when i was at the comp lab waiting for bioinformatic lesson to start... some girls from yr 1 or 2... said...."HEY WANT TO SEE CANOEPOLO BLOG?" then i was like... -__-" i turn.. wau they are really looking at my blog and guess wat.... they didnt realise i was just 2 comp away from them... then they said..."how come have canoepolo blog but no dragon boat one" hahahah so stupid... anyway... thanks for reading... BYE!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

look at what JAPPO SAID!!! so should i pass down my presidency to her? HAHA Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 05, 2006

these 2 guys cant run more than 40km/hr and they are not lorry and they dun exceed 2500kg! Posted by Picasa

me and ac... Posted by Picasa

the 3 little girls... Posted by Picasa

met up with pri sch friends to go grace house visiting!!!! Posted by Picasa

its damm crowded but the stuff are ok... Posted by Picasa

our usual neoprint session! Posted by Picasa

GRACE SAID MANSUCK!!!  Posted by Picasa

i got this cute mickey mouse shirt for $20 Posted by Picasa

i think jeremy got this... but i dun care... its only $8!!! Posted by Picasa

ZOUK FLEA MARKET... for those who miss it... Posted by Picasa

my dear sports camp les group... FIRE! (Liantee, Me, Jiazhen, Elsyne, Celest) its been soo long since we met up! Posted by Picasa

guess where is this?!?!?! ZOUK TOILET! ahhahaa Posted by Picasa

the four of us celebrating sammy's birthday (Me, Sammy, Gen and Sarah) Posted by Picasa

my dear pri sch mates got me a birthday cake... my one n only cake for this year... how sweet of them... Posted by Picasa