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Thursday, May 06, 2004

YOU ARE AN Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) BOY!
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la la!!! i felt so...happy... hahaha cuz i was talking to sandip n alex.... damm funny... ok let me tell u my life in st gabs.... i always hang out with losers... cuz this make me stand out! nah just kidding... cuz its damm funny.... the F4 is... han wei, sandip, willy n alex the loser,,, hahaha the 4 of them always make me laugh...cant stand it... always got into trouble in sch... as in with the teacher with their homework....

yeah then sandip thought i've forgotten abt them... NO I DIDN'T! is i very busy k... damm now i super in love with socialising with my friends!!! so fun!!! esp alex,.... i miss SUANING him!! hahahaa..... damm funny... i keep saying he is loser n stuff then sandip say... alvin dun be so bad la... then i said... ok la ok... alex sorry la... actually everyone is a winner la... but u are the exception! damm i damm evil! i am loving it!!! hahaha i guess i suan liantee too much become like that... should intro liantee to alex too!!!!

after back from my japan trip going to hang out with them... i should organise 4E2 class gathering!! so if any 4E2 guys out there u all reading this.... make urself free on 14 june mon k!!! monday is a good day!!! movie is cheap! hahaha... shall post on friendster bulletin.... damm i have been playing with my comp for so long!!!! i have not complete studying my ipc...

anyone wan to go buy acjc jacket??? its only $20!!! come i wan to buy it for my japan trip!!! but my hair abit highlight. if i go n buy, it will looks very weird since i am not a student there? la la ALVIN IS IN LOVE WITH ACJC UNIFORM AGAIN! hahaa.... just now talk to sarah online! damm she pass her theory in driving le!!! and i ! nothing! fuck!! i better go get it once i am back.... better go now la.... need to study....

by the way... here are some nice songs i heard from US radio... go download!
nellie mc kay - respectable
mandy moore - saturate
da buzz - one of us
delta goodrem - lost without you
a teens - perfect match
chantal kreviazuk - in this life
shania twain - she's not just a pretty face

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

blog again! now i am blogging everyday!!! well yest was my dad bday... my mum ask me to pass him the present on my table say is i give him... no way am i giving to him... dun wan leh... i dun talk to bastards...... i dunno why my mum still treat him so good even he treat her bad... wau lau...anyway... that bastard dun even remember my bday wat for i remember his! make sense?

well...woke up this afternoon..went down to buy lunch... the moment i came out from the lift i heard alot pppl crying!!!!! i look around... oh my god... another funeral... u know it ok to like erm walk pass a funeral cuz i think it common that ppl go n leave the world... but its getting creepy when u see almost everywhere having funeral n almost every week there is someone dying around ur block!!!! YES! i am serious... u know that block opp me... since starting of this year... at least 2 ppl died each month... my house below not that every 2 months... n recently that opp block there is a funeral n today i woke up by the sending off music n stuff... then just realise got another one at my block... its like taking turns... aiyo...SCARY... its like everyone is dying... wat is the world coming to!!!!

email my host family yest... they send me the mother n the youngest son photo... the mother quite pretty la... maybe its the makeup.. she is very young! only 33... the father is 42! that is like 9yrs diff sia!!! must be those rich family ba... the guy rich rich the wife young young that kind... hahhaa... aiyo i wan faster sell away my phone!!!! selling at 280!! quick anyone wan to buy my t610!!! get it now u get a kiss from me... u wan two also can ah!!! limited time only!!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

i am crazy... i slept from 7pm to 4am.. seriously tired... talk to horsy who is in canada now... saw her canada pics! damm nice k!!! argh... so jealous!!! was playing with my new tripod... its 2/3 the size of a standard one.. guess its alright cuz my canon ixus i is so freaking small... if i put on a huge tripod it will be weird... got it cuz i think a tripod is a great help esp. when u take group photo with no stranger around hahaa.... it can take very clear n nice photo in night mode when the light is like SHIT! yup... now i am crazy i am thinking whether i should buy a weather case for my canon ixus i... so that when go sentosa can use it... go canoe.. can use it... go japan hot spring can also!!! muahahaa!!! take myself naked in the hot spring! just kidding.... its abt $120 i ask the uncle already... its consider cheap u know! cuz other model or other brand all their casing for digi cam is $200 or $300+++ guess maybe ixus i is smaller so cheaper... anyway i think it should be cheaper somemore cuz its plastic! haiz now its 830am... i wan to go for a jog but dun feel like it... wan to go for a swim but dun feel like it too... i just feel like sleeping somemore... damm... i dunno why i am super shag... really damm shag... blog again...
la la la.... yest was horrible... after i blog.. went to study.. i tried so hard to memorise everything end up i drop dead at 3plus... i just BOMB! went to la la land... hannah called me in the morning... morning call... thanks! still damm tired... but just drag myself up... on the bus.. i wanted to just study abit then go n sleep cuz i really tired scare that later i might sleep during the exam... however! i didnt sleep at all... i was like so focus on trying to remember every single shit...

as usual... me n hannah fire each other in the exam hall... damm stupid... then ta ta... start reading the question paper... was quite relieve cuz its like all those stuff i remember... so i just keep doing n doing... i had that "i-dun-think-i-will-fail" feeling.. that joyce is crazy! she finish damm fast! anyway i try to rush abit too cuz i dun wan to sit there wait for those teachers to count the paper... there is only few questions i totally dunno n its like alot mark!!! 8!! kao... anyway i hope i will be fine!!!

after that went to clubhouse wait for hannah n nikki... poor nikki have to go all the way to CO-OP to buy new receipt book cuz cant find the thing in the clubhouse!! so nice!! thanks nikki! then had lunch with hannah....went sim lim after that... tata! $205 gone! i bought a 256mb SD card at $105... tripod at $15 and the original batt at $85! but all these is wat i really need for my camera... i am still thinking to buy the water casing or not... $120!!! but its good lor... cuz u can bring to swimming pool n take photo... then take underwater pics... n i canoe go for expedition can put it in also.... i still looking for that time jia min brought that case for his phone to p.ubin... its only $30!! guess wat!!! when i use 64mb card... i am only allow to take clips of 3minsplus... but now... i can take 11mins plus!!! rox!!! i dun wan bring my discman out liao sia... so big shall use my jap phone as mp3 player.. la la.... i am in love with my 256mb SD card.... so BIG memory sia... but my hard drive gonna deplete soon hehee.....

went to bugis after that got something n some surprises for my friends... la la... shall keep quiet first... hehe then went home... so dead tired man!!!! haiz i shall go n lie on the floor n sleep..... ta ta!!!

Monday, May 03, 2004

just found the code for reading archive... was quite interesting reading wat i have done a year ago today! i was painting my room! hehehee... ya feel free to look look!!!
i not in mood for studying.... cuz i damm pissed by bouncer... he wanted to buy my SE T610 then now dun wan cuz no $$$ bastard right... n u know HP this kind of thing as time goes by the price will drop lor... how bastard can a guy get... i going to wack him if i see him in sch... ASSHOLE>>... anyway who wan buy my SE T610??? come come!

stupid bored k.... today i went sch to pass up my japs form... then went to study in sch....did 2chapters of notes... was feeling freaking tired n sleepy.. super shag... i went queensway alone... thinking that acuvue 2 selling at $26++ but it was $35... the person selling me at $30 if i buy 5boxes.. haiz anyway i bought it... wat to do... n my degree gone higher! FUCK... its left 400 n right 375... at this rate i will go blind in 5yrs i guess... i shall save money for my eyes lazer operation... 1 eye for 2k... a pair is 4k! FUCK.... hope i can raise this money by next year...

anyway saw this guy at the sch bus stop today... NICE HAIR! really nice hair... then he was with his gf.. look very sweet... both looks my age... then sitting in front of me in the bus... so sweet couple.... n i was listening to Jay Chou - qin tian... reminds me of last girl how in love i am with someone... but that girl was so cold to me till my heart got frozebite... haiz... i nv had a gf can u ppl believe it!! argh... single for 18yrs... how sucky can life get... no wonder i am so gay... when will the girl i like lying her head on my shoulder??? haiz.... i am getting mushy... feeling kinda gay... but i think i will seriously TURN GAY soon.... if i dun get a gf by end of 18... I SHALL DECLARE GAY ON MY 19th BIRTHDAY!

walk around queensway after i got my contact lens... got this pair of ear studs for 90cents! cheap.. yeah... i was thinking whether its nice or not. after i put it on... YEAH! ROX! hahaha... think after awhile u will see alot guys wearing the same ear stud as me... CONFIRM! well i think queensway got alot nice stuff to buy now but not in a mood to spend $$$ cuz i spend $150 today.... and ya... today i spend $2000 on my japan trip expenses... all my hard earn money just GONE!

i walk towards ikea to get my fav hotdog... guess wat... i saw EUNICE! hahaa... didnt know she stay around there lor! how cool is it! if i am her... i will be going ikea every single day! ikea is a really nice place... its really a nice place to bring gf there... if only i have one.... haiz... i think i sounds desperate... but who cares... hahaa then talk n talk alot crap with her... ya we going to crash CJC next yr... so guys watch out! ikea got this new item on sale... this big nice cookie for just $1 its really nice!!!

after that i went holland v meet up with my dear ken ken.... had my katong laksa but tasted not as fantastic as i last tasted there... its not that nice so disappointing... thought can sit down with ken somewhere but i dunno why i just go home... felt bad for just meeting him for awhile only... sorry my dear... slept on my way home...

i got online went friendster... guess wat... that time i bought my nal gene bottle from this girl call lai en... i saw her in my canoe friendster... SHE WAS MY SENIOR BUT WE BOTH DIDNT KNOW THAT WE BOTH FROM CANOE! this world is damm fucking small! yeah... BORED... recently i got nothing to do online... seriously...

guess wat... i know my host family for my japan home stay!!! kind of disappointed cuz in the family beside the mother n father... only 2 young boy... both kindergarden kids... haiz i thought can have someone my age so we can talk n talk lots of stuff n blah blah... but young boy! that is 1/3 of my age! do wat!?!?! play pokemon the whole day?! but anyway later on i think going to be fun cuz japanese kids are DAMM CUTE!!! i wan to bath with them! dun think dirty k! in japanese culture bathing with another person means u wan to know someone better... its common k! its just not in singapore culture! then i wan to sleep with them!! if they kick me at nite i will KICK BACK! hahaha no la not so evil.... later they wet the bed how! i kanna! wau lau! i going to talk alot video... but dunno they will know how to say kani nabei chao chee bye or not.... oh mine! i think i gonna be a big bro over there.... i think i will be in love with both the parents! go bath with the father!!! ahahaha.... yeah hot spring!! i wan go outdoor hot spring! soak in nature naked! YEAH! hahaa....

enough of blogging... its 1am.. my exam will start in 8hrs time... doom... i still have not remember all the stuff.... KILL ME! TA TA!

//where is "MY GIRL"?\\

Sunday, May 02, 2004

aiyo i dunno why i keep thinking abt that dream i had.... i shall elaborate... i was like at some HDB flat downstairs then saw huiling alone crying.... nobody around... its afternoon... but everywhere is damm quiet! then only me there... i went forward n comfort her. it is her mother's funeral n i didnt ask her wat happen to her mother as in how she pass away..... just like that

and rachel so kind help me go online n search for stuff.....

Nearly any dream you have that refers to death, dying or attending a funeral, or the like, pertain to change. Most all the time this change is very dramatic and major. It can be change in your life attitude or emotional balance. These types of dreams can also symbolize confronting fear, usually fear of death or change. Since most of use will agree that death is the ultimate change, and many people

a major change in life as in change for good or bad? haiz... and funny huiling mother still alive ma... funny... hmmm...

anyway my stupid laptop giving me tons of problems! argh!!! i did most of my lecture notes stuff for microbio..... left 2 more... shall do tml... but i still think not much time to complete studying leh!!! hope MB wont kill me k!! argh!! i am really looking forward to my japan trip!!! i will take alot of video!!! japan i love u!! u love me? i am taking SQ!! WOW!! i gonna watch movie while on the plane!!! la la la... how! my laptop is so unstable... later all my stuff save in my laptop all gone i fuck the stupid laptop ah! argh! i shall change my friendster profile stuff soon... hehee... wait till i got more nice photo... *evil grins*

nowadays i cant stop looking at guys with damm nice abs.... feeling super gay-ed... damm nice k... hope to get one ASAP!!! must train hard!!! ar=gh!!! i am feeling weak! i shall train harder! i think a super slacker! should start to revolutionise soon!!! i shall say good bye to my $2000 tml... passing up my cheque to my jap teacher tml.... *sobs*... dun worry 2k... u will be back! love ya... nites!
something from hannah's blog with i didnt blog... well same thought so kinda borrow from her....

ooh then later kerrie and zhenru went back to the rest of us chilled at MACs.i felt so out cos this is the first meeting with e gang and it's so impromptu and cos alv has showed me many of the videos with them inside,it feels wierd like meeting the characters of the videos up close and personal.and yes, alvin did take my feelings on meeting them.haha they were soooo nice to sign autographs for felicia told me that ayer rajah construction site collapsed.not again.and i realized something.on the day nicoll highway collapse, AJC won SA 3-0 in the ayer rajah collapse, SA won AJC 3-0.irony? we were walking to our transport stations, huishan (my junior) and huizhi, both ajc team players said something that made me feel bad.

"why u guys (me and alvin) never come today?u know zhenru, glecy and marlene played so badly today?u guys werent here to cheer and support us.when u guys came to support us, they were so on form, play so well." right.i really wanted to go watch.i dont know bout alv but he would still wanna im not saying that we are some important person.if we go, they would win that kinda thing.i just feel bad.i wasnt there to just be there.whether anot they win or lose is another thing.they win ill be elated,everything mad!they lose,at least i will be there.but.i dont know.

why am i typing like that?i dont know.maybe cos i feel dead.not dead.just i dont know.i didnt do well for the maths paper.but i feel worse that they lost.shed as many tears, regret as many times, but nothing's gonna change.gonna get off now.just hope everyone keep their spirits up.keep on going!and AJC proud of ya and will always be!!u guys rock!SNORTS.that reminds me of alvin and samuel.alvin made samuel and him snort in my on the left and one on the right.haha great sound effect.dual here.

ya i am kinda sad for the AJC girls... i really wish i was there to cheer them on... DAMM the maths paper why cant they put it at 9-11am instead like the other 2 papers... somethings fate is always out there to play with us.... FUCK the FATE!