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Friday, June 24, 2005

hahahaa.... i dunno i should cry or laugh or disappointed or react to the fact that i am currently not in the IVP team... i really did much better than the previous 2 weeks in gameplay... on thurs i was in the blue side with lin and beng n shawn n jianwen... we put up a pretty good fight... anyway i think i know wat's stanley's motive :) well those who dun deserve to be in the IVP team now should better buck up... i am sure i will be back into my top 5 position...

i think half pool is so hard to train tactic... its different... u can cramp those ppl easily in half pool but in full pool ppl just escape... now doing strength training... hope that i dun get injure while doing it... my left arm nearly pop out on wed... now back muscle is aching abit... i need a back massage! i damm angry with the fact that my KNEEGUARDS & SOCKS are GONE! wat the hell la... its stinky.. its ugly.. its dirty.. dunno which assO took it... i just went to value$1 shop to find cant get the $1 kneeguard liao... sian man... now i got blisters la.. i need to get more sponge!!!

i simply love some of my freshies... those are so funny n adorable... hahahaa... and peter is HOT among the freshies.. hahaha.. i realise... its just one week left to study week!! i need to start studying for my proteomics n other stuff... i feel like retain to stay in canoeing n have more fun with the year 1... i wish i am year 1... i do look like year 1... gonna be busy next week...

did i told u all that i got a new adidas bag! la la.. nice n i m happy.. hahahaa argh damm tired... shall blog too much..