Friday, April 23, 2004

damm!!! i am so stuck in between to go japan or not....

reasons to go japan
1. my last chance to go japan with my japs classmate n japs teacher (she is returning japan after this sem)
2. i love japan (not good enough huh?)
3. this is the first batch to go! so its an honour to be chosen!
4. now there is 2guys 4girls going... if i dun go the other guy will be alone... u understand!!!!
5. cuz this is like amazing race k! my teacher will just dump us at airport n tell us where to go meet her by ourseleves!
6. this trip is to study more japs so that this yr end i take my japanese test i can pass!!!
7. japan is very cooling now... go shopping get nice clothes
8. can join sports camp next yr also wat...

reasons to stay...
1. i wan to go for canoe training or else i will miss 3weeks of trainings its alot! cuz b4 the trip that week i will be busy too
2. i wan to go for black eye pea concert on may!!
3. i wan to go for sports camp training and the GL training camp... its gonna be fun with me around u know!
4. becuz another yr 3 girl she is the only one not chosen to go... i felt bad for her... cuz i still got another 2 more yrs in ngee ann to go for it... but she only left this chance but she is not selected... she seems sad...
5. save money...if i go japan.. i dun have much money for shopping cuz i going to pay 2k for the trip!

help!! i am so indeceive...
today skip math lessons anyway heard very few ppl went... hahaha was lazing on bed k... then got up do some more studying for my microbio pract... i think i can do quite alright for it!!! cross my fingers.... hope i wont get annie as my teacher next semester.... finally... 1 yr in NP just past by like that... yes time flies... well still have 2 more yrs to go... i really enjoy my times in NP!! all my nice n dearest friends!! looking forward to yr2 but for now... i need to mug for my exam!!!!!!!!!

today went sports camp training! was fun! hahaah... shit man... i brought the wrong shorts... should be my FBT shorts which is longer abit... ahaha cuz my long shorts all still being washed... then i looks as if i am not wearing any shorts... haha... was shock that today oliver talk to me! haha he was like suddenly... HEY ALVIN... wat colour is that on ur hair!!! he is like so hyper out of the sudden can! everyone thinks that too!!! so funny... during that sperm n egg game he kept running to me! i shy ah! hahaa... tao yan... hahaa... my sister pat!! so funny... when looking for partner... i just say come ah who wan me! my sister just came over hahaa so cute! my pretty sister!!!i think today i also kind of crazy... hahaa....

haiz... i am feeling quite sad leh... cuz i gonna miss half of the sports camp training and the whole of GL training camp... should i really let sharon go japan instead of me? haiz,.. what should i do? dee dee told me black eye pea coming singapore for concert on may too... haiz! should i give that trip a miss? go for it next yr? let sharon who is graduating with no more chances to go go first... while i still got 2 yrs to go for it? how... i am in a crossroad!!!!!!!!! help!!!
been receiving alot msg from gays... in friendster hahaa all jealous me n samuel... hahaa

came to your page by banging my head on the
keyboard. Well, no, but it was totally random.

I read through your self description and the
much appraised testimonials from your many
friends, and I found you in whole, a most
interesting person.

Lastly, seeing you and your spouse being so
happy sort of bring envy to me as such happiness
will probably not be experienced by me.

Extremely intrigued by your whole package, I
would like to befriend you and get to know you
better. Hopefully, you wont find me stalker-ish,
and it was really hard typing this. Haha.

Anticipating your reply,

wau lau i was laughing man... hahaaa....

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

i am so dead man... i fail my IPC pract!!! 10.5/40 so pathetic can! yi xing told me the result... haiz... die la... haiz... i need to really pia lor... if i flunk any of my module... i think maybe i going to change course... haiz... feeling very down now...

oh ya... yest was my japs speech contest!!! was really nervous k! i talk until so pai sei... but i dunno why everyone say i very funny... hahaha... then the japs student voted for me!! i got this waseda bear bear so cute hahaa... then i got to make some new jap friends in singapore!!1 hehee exchange number with them!!! hehehe!!! la la la.... wau then got this damm chio bu! i got her email... la la la... i shall email her...

i am selected for the osaka trip... yes i am going... alot stuff need to be done...

1. write letters to the professor in japs abt how excited i feel abt the trip....
2. introduce myself to my host family...
all these must send to them before i go over...
3. buy gifts for my host families...
4. buy tripod for my camera, extra memory card and extra batt and extra case!!!
5. extend my passport thing...

but now i cant be too happy abt it cuz i really need to study! i dun wan to fail i dun wan to repeat!!!!!!!!!!!

today went for canoe polo... there some ppl come to film n take photo of us playing canoe polo... cuz they need it for the sch some stuff la dunno la... was talking to sharon today... told me tons of stuff abt biotech in yr n attachment stuff... haiz... must pia ah!!!!