Saturday, January 17, 2009

i cant believe i am not having a party of my birthday this year! HAHA... well anyway ya i wont have la... my mother was like HENG! and she walk out of my room..   -_-"  anyway most prob i will go double o on 31st jan after i came back for bangkok! mauhauah so everyone.. see u at double o o k? haha..

if u intend to buy my present.... erm i actually really prefer u make something for me... haha... if not i accept hong bao in japanese yen... haha... because i really dun need any clothes! got damm fucking alot! the other day i just dreamt that my wardrobe COLLAPSED!! WTF! so ya... but i do want a blue gym ball!! big one! cuz its good for abs exercise!! if u really want to buy clothes for me pls buy those long sleeve shirt so that next time i work i can wear ok!

i really hope that u dun buy me any spongebob toys... pls! i love spongebob cuz i enjoy the cartoon but dun need to stuff me with all the toys! and dun buy wallet for me cuz i only accept it from special ppl only... hahah...

u can buy me watch from here

anyone wants to trade ur PSP with my Nintendo DS for a while? i want to play some psp games!!! if not u all can buy me a brand new psp.... haha 

if not if not if not..... u can always buy me a ticket to fly to japan! haha... 

PS: dun need to rush to buy me a present... i dun mind receiving a nice present 10months later than receiving a last min gift exactly on my bday so ya... and i am sooooooo not talking to someone... MUHAUAHAUHA

Thursday, January 15, 2009

SIM post 3 on 3 canoepolo celebration....

me, benson, raymond, jake, mark

seeeee who is the poor chap to eat this!

JAKE AH!!! hahaha.... all of us also kenna... benson is the best!

time for drink drank drunk!!

jake can get a very good tan at nite... haha

all of us....
erica before she is gone! hahaa 

raymond is more tan than me... haha.. stay FOCUS ok!

erica did this! she puked her red wine n stained the white door!!

i tried my best to pull benson back.... and check out erica sleeping so soundly behind! so funny! hahaha

benson showed his true colours!!!! he actually like guys!!! he is kissing mark la!!! wait till u all see the video! hahaha

us and the drunken merlion.... benson puke non stop that nite!!

aiyo raymond hor... sleep n sleep one.... he rather sleep than eat his fav hot n spicy potato chips... hahaha

jake finally sober sleeping for the whole nite! ahhaha

yeah!!! we finally made benson puke!! hahaha

jake, me, raymond...
SWEET DREAMZZZZzzzzz everyone!!! raymond sleeping le... do not disturb... hahaha

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

finally completed my 3 volume of "poem" hahaa... i realised all my "poems" are like science themed... first one is physic, second is biology and third one is obviously chemistry... i am a very good science student huh! lol.... pls give ur honest opinion for my 3rd "poem" thanks :)
sorrows condense into tears,
happiness evaporates into air.
alchemizes jealousy to care,
sublimates insecurity to eternity.

feelings elute from our emotion chromatography,
colours inked the filter paper,
showed the degree of separation,
documented our lives with spots of memories.

metabolise my confession,
bind to me once more,
as we get our hearts riveted,
beat together once more.

true love is insoluble against time 

Love Chemistry - erubin
apple loves mango alot... but mango left apple for 9months...
apple sensed his days gonna be over soon.... he laughed..
why he can think of such nonsense....
next day, apple woke up... felt a sharp pain.. he was sent to hospital...
doctor said that apple will die in a few days time....
apple told everyone that he wants to see mango again.. for the last time...
mango couldnt be contacted...
apple was crying.. endlessly.. eventually... apple died without seeing mango...

A fruitless ending...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

this is what i wanted to tell you....


taken from S.H.E song...

他还是不懂 - S.H.E