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Saturday, January 08, 2005

woohoo!!! canoe ppl are just so dammmm fun!! just came back from a short training camp... yeah most of us were in sch uniform.. hahaha damm funny!!! i start the ball rolling by wearing st marg uniform from yixin... woohoo! i can fit perfectly in her uniform!! how cool is tat man... hahaha then later on syaz juju n gracie wore the acs barker one... wau syaz damm CUTE sia.. hahaha she look like some japs student hahaa... gracie wore DAMM MAN SIA... hahaha then later i wore karin ij uniform!!! cool man!! everyone start laughing n keep taking photo non stop... we were like some super star.. hahaha... wau then philip n jianwen lift me up n open my legs la... i am "zao geng"... hahha exposed!!! super fun sia!! NACC shall have another uniform party soon... or some custume party... muahauhaa...

sarah just invited me to her bday... her bday is 2weeks after mine... n until now i still have not plan anything yet... i really dunno what to do.. cuz my god damm bday fall on exam week.. so i only can celebrate after it? so far... i got paper before n after my bday but not on my bday itself... i want to get a chalet but i want the aloha chalet one leh... shit.. i must get things done fast!!! i guess i will invite mostly canoe friends n some of my lecturemates and the les group!!

after SRRR i must study at full force... wont be down at canoe so regular.. after exam week will pia canoe again for sprinting IVP... damm it... time is flying damm freaking fast.. chinese new year is coming and i am nowhere near to my BIKE LICENSE!!!! i want a vespa pls... oh ya i want CK undies also... anyone know which countries sell CK undies cheap? tag me! tmr studying in sch at 2pm!!

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