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Saturday, July 26, 2008

then i saw this pic... hmmm i think syaz is no.6.... but anyway... syaz not impt (just kidding!) i was looking at the orange boats.... not bad huh? if SIM get vamps... i was thinking the colour...


so we left like orange, green, or light blue n yellow! hahaha

let's VOTE k!?!? I WILL CHOOSE ORANGE!!! hahaha


see that clock building?! its some ben market thingy... hahaha just got alot shops that sells the same thing... *BORING* then sell food stuff also la...  (great... someone gonna comment that i am giving such a helping introduction) hahaha

inside of the market (DUH!)

PHO for u sir? or u want MEeeeee?

u can buy ME AT by the roadside!!! MEAT MEAT ME AT ME AT MEAT!

if this is in singapore.... none of them will open shop for the next day!

wonder if genting set up this highland coffee thingy!

suddenly i felt i am not in vietnam!!! so classy....

ho chi minh statue is everywhere in vietnam!

wooooo i love this pic alot... so nicely taken!! at the back of the museum...

the video cam so cool!

this video cam can fight with chia meng's old canon video cam...

i wonder if it still works...

more camera for auction!!! bidding start at 1,000,000 dong!!!!

stupid girl! snatch my swing!! argh!!!

me n yao went to this place for our lunch! its soooo nice n cheap cheap!!!

take down this address... next time u got vietnam... must go here n eat eat ok! no eat many regrets! hahah

yao with her chefs!

cook on the spot!

food everywhere!! eat n eat!

xoi moi cui ping pong piang!

wooooooo.... looks like katong laksa to me!!! (BUT ITS NOT!)

this chicken wings is so pathetic... bite abit n i'll finish everything! ahahha

yao's pho!! so not filling for her...

mine worse! hahaha like breakfast... but its damm freaking yummy n cheap... this is like SG$3++? ya that cheap... 

my 2nd round! dunnno wat nooddle is this but just eat la! n nice! hahaha everything nice!!!

finally the museum open at 2pm!!! la la.... this is the place where they have all the impt meeting....

this is a 1 star place... 5 star is at CHINA... hahaha

the toilet so cool.... outside bird at the tree can see ur bird bird!!! window so near urinal.... VErY VERY GOOD VENTILATION!!! :)

woooo secret hideout!!!

after shooting.... turn this thingy n the target board will come forward!!!

they look like samsui women.... dunno wat is samsui women??? GOOOGLE IT PLS!

the church's side view...

front view!!!

this scene is sooooo funnnny.... the vietnamese were kneeling with umbrella n pray.... then those girls behind guess who???? they are jap! and they dress like vietnamese n busy taking photo!!! they so happening!


me n uncle ho chi minh!

went in the church... once its open... i love all these stained glass..

this is nice too... alot tiles on the wall with diff msgs...

ETERNAL THANKS to all my readers! thanks for ur support! :)

nice :)

the church.... i am glad that my sigma 30mm lens can take this wide...

went to another church at the outskirt of ho chi minh... THIS AREA IS SOOOO DANGEROUS!!!! anyway this church has a very chinese temple kind of gate... a fusion huh??? CHEENA CHURCH!!!

i saw this whole circuit board on the wall... like WTH.... if blackout i dunnno flip which switch can!!

this is the dangerous market i was saying.... and this guy on the bike keep wanting to be inside my photo... IRRITATING CAM WHORE!

finally get back to the main area n had KFC for dinner.. this is the best PEPSI EVER!!! so cold n just relieve all my stress!!!

EVERYBODY!! WELCOME DJ SAMURAI FROM OOOOOOOOSAKA!!!!! HE IS SOOOO DAMM DAMM COOOL!!! hahaha i just chatted with him nonstop in japs for like dunno how long.... and yeah! next time i go osaka... i got a famous DJ as a friend!! woooo!!! *another japanese friend added to my list*

his cd!! coool huh!

DJ SAMURAI SPINNING MUSIC N FEATURE ON MAGZ !!! next time if he come singapore... i will be his manager! HAHAHA!!! and i have not email him yet!!! dammm busy! he suppose to email me!!!


Me, yan ren, jeremy, lin, joshua n edward.... had our last dinner n bid our farewell to lin!!! my 2yrs classmate at st gabs + 3yrs of team mates in NP... now he is alllll alone at UNSW... :( hahah seee you soon!

sending lin off at airport with venessa....

after 2hrs of wait... i went to send my cousin, joanna off too!! didnt have time to meet her.... so only can see her off at the airport....

jonathan was there too.... he is at hwa chong international now can! hahah... n from swimming at st pats now he is doing 100m sprint & floorball.... SIAO MEI!!! U BETTER COME COACH MY COUSIN OK!!!

the youngest of the GOH family.... JOVINA!!! aiyo now so super chubby can!!! 45kg!!! i am like only 60kg.... jovina pls play some sports like jonathan n joanna can!!!

I SAW ANOTHER GOH!!! FREDRICK GOH!!! hahaha... so small world... n before that i saw KEITH!!! both my sispec bunk mates.... the whole world is going australia!!!! boooooo