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Friday, April 18, 2008

if they play this at club... i will get freaking high!!! hahaha...

Thursday, April 17, 2008


nowdays i have been quite addicted to facebook... been adding tons n tons of people THAT I KNOW... not strangers... so i managed to click into one of the st gabs profile my friend created... and well i am surprised to found some OLD SCHOOL stuff... hahaaa

CLICK TO LISTEN TO MY SCHOOL SONG!!!  *feel free to sing along!*

In white and blue, boys full of mirth and life
From early morn, we flood the green playground
In every hall, soon starts the daily strife
Of school routine, lessons and work all round
With spirits bright, our will we'll gladly bracing
From teachers kind we learn what's good and right
We thus do hope to attain with God's blessing
Virtue and Truth, Virtue and Truth
Of life's true beacon light

Saint Gabriel's School Dear
Here willing hearts behold
When duty's call rings clear
'Mid sorrows as through joys
For Singapore and God
For justice to uphold
Let us live and thus prove
Saint Gabriel's boys

so funny when i saw this pic! hahaha... u know they tag the OHP and put... OHP with water in it... nabei... those stupid 4E1 people spoil the OHP no wonder always come my class borrow ours!!! CCB.... and u can see my friend also tag where his tag is!! super lame!! cant stand it!!! if only back then camera was made affordable... then got alot stupid photos sia... i still remember during one of my scout camp... the seniors went to strip willy naked n he run around school NAKED!!! and pee outside NPCC room!!! hahaha... super funny... BOYS SCH ROCKS!!! hahaa... u can do all stupid stuff n get away with it...

this is the best.. i saw this... 1978 sec 4 technical class!!!! hahahah check out all their hair man!!! freaking ah beng!!! and their hair is LONG!!! my time... i have to keep army hair style... so strict man.... 

i shall dig out somemore old photos....

Sunday, April 13, 2008


the backdrop nice sia... siao mei's sister did it for her!!! wow... i'm impressed!! and i am her official photographer!!! hahaha

the nerdy birthday girl --> siao mei!!!

can u spot me?? the ultra tanned nerd!! hahaha... with jess adeline weizhen siao mei!!

nerds unites...

yes matthew u damm nerd! stop laughing at other...

jess said i look like some rich nerd... HAHA.... btw... the shirt is my birthday present from the PONGKIES!!! KARIN!!! its perfect fitting! hahaha

the siao sisters... haha

time to geeky!

oh no.... geeky getting angry!!! RUN!!!

siao mei taking photo with siao ying....

hahaha did i scare the shit out of u!?

wooo... we took the same stuff but why u got fork n i dun?

nerds n more nerds


siao mei always laugh n look else where one... hahaha

her girlies...

cool man... i wonder who took photo until the batt empty!! hahaa

family n relatives!

someone forgot to wear specs...

njc friends... i think hahaha

ntu friends

nat team 4x100 girls...

me n jing pei!!! the world damm small man... hhahaa jing pei was my biotech lecture mate back in NP.... and now she is siao mei's lecture mate!!! hahaha... happy studying life science!! hope u dun get too bored!! hahaha

some arty farty photo for ya... hahaha

family photo... 

meow meow... u wanna listen to some techno??? TECHNO CAT AH!!

ade n weizhen

wow siao mei u look damm unglam here!! hahaha

me n cheeting...

nat team girls...

siao mei thanks for making me look so ugly for ur birthday hahaha... we all look damm frugly!!

happy birthday siao mei.... now time for u to get real nerd n study for ur paper!!!