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Saturday, May 26, 2007

alright this is my baby nintendo DS lite! i love u light blue baby boy!! *muack* cute games for me anytime anywhere! haha... if u let me choose counterstrike or spongebob.... OF COURSE IS SPONGEBOB like COME ON!!! hahaha the reason why i didnt buy psp cuz... its quite big and games wise quite normal... but for DS lite its very different u have 2 screens!! and i love the pokemon dash game n make pikachu run! so cute n the mario kart replay value super high! i love all these games man! if i want to play psp i can just borrow from my younger bro! hehee...

do you know that in Japan.... ds lite is soldout everywhere but not psp! and when i walk around japan... alot ppl play ds lite... i hardly see anyone play psp!!! if u turn ur ds lite u can use it as eBOOK!! and cuz its touch screen... u can write japs or chinese words n translate it! COOL HUH! battery life is like 15hrs which is 5times longer than psp!!

today finally went down training after 2weeks... its great to be back in the boat n row again... these few months of dragonboating... make realise... its really not a boring sports as what it seems... somehow its diff from polo... anyway... the moment reuben got the chance to talk to me.. he goes... "someone fat already huh" hahaha... DOTS... ya la fat la... damm sad... but later on saw mary... she said i become thinner! dots... poor thing she is sick today still train! HARD CORE... and just nice i saw gracie! n we wore the same nacc singlet! my twinie!! hahaha! so funny la... i ask syaz, eliza, gracie if they going back NP...... all 3 response with the same reaction.... " WE GOING SUN TANNING AT CAFE DEL MAAR!!!" hahaha... got the super big action somemore... then erica n kailing ask me to share cab with them... ask me go NP for training! so i shared with them!! hahaa!!!
aiyo erica... u die! i must tell the whole world here that.... u in SP so long... U DUNNO WHICH GATE TO GO IN!!! and u dun even know UNITED WORLD COLLEGE is just behind SP! dots!
anyway my race tmr will be 10am but meet at 8am... all the best to us...safsa... its all in the mind... how much u want it...

so yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY FIONNE! the monsters damm cute la... bought cupcakes n put on the boat... i also want! hahaa.... anyway my polo level drop alot! ah! damm sad ah! i want to train harder!

went town with jonathan.... went to look at the vesak day stuff at taka.... got me thinking abt how good this is religion is... always making an effort to get all religion to be nice to each other... always come in peace... not like this **** religion that always preach ppl to join them... when i was at the fair... i felt peace in me... and vesak day coming... i think i want to go temple with my mother... its been a long time since i have vegetarian food!! i miss my good old life!...

hahaha... i love the new drinks.... whatever and anything! hahaha the person who think of this freaking idea is freaking gooooood n smart la! i better they got the whole town talking abt them!! the poster rocks also!! hahaa....
TIRED! Night...

Friday, May 25, 2007

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY YAO (30th May) & JOYCE (26th May)!!!

my two close friends! hahaha.... been with me since poly year 1... we started our discrimination against ppl who are not from SSS (single sex sch) haha... and we bitch abt all the idiots ppl in our lectures... hahah and thanks for supporting me at last yr SRRR with pom pom! hahaa... anyway joyce u rocks! famous in NP biotech and NP canoeing club.... the best MC for NACC AGM when i step down... the fav clubbing person that all my canoe mates will go crazy over with during mambo... and joshua's crush! LOL...
and yao... always there to whine non stop LOL... and her teh voice... and her out of point conversation...
oh man... how i wish i can get back to full time studies again... with joyce and yao around... i can never score A! hahaha...
chocolate buffet with yao n joyce n the rest of the NP biotech ppl!!! cant wait man!!! yeah!!! but i am getting fat now!!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

guess wat... i went for specialist on tues... he said that my right ankle ligament is torn! sounds OUCH but... i think it torn quite long already so its not super duper pain that kind... but consistently i have minor pain here n there n i cant bend my ankle at certain ankle... that's why my running is in controlled steps... n yes the freaking whole camp thinki that i trying to chao keng but hey FOOK you ppl... it doesnt me i have to cry n drag my leg around camp to prove that i got this injury right.... if it so bad i long ago will be in hospital for immediate operation right... anyway so the specialist was like asking me to go for restructuring operation... so my NUH appointment next fri... hope can get more detail reports on it... and FOOK my camp people again that FIT does not mean super man ok... forever say i am FIT... crazy... sports ppl are all full of injuries la... only slacker ppl like u all always sit in front of tv n dun do sports wont get injury wat... like wat my friends told me... DUN BE BOTHER BY THEM! i got specialist letter to prove it!

grace was online just now! hahaha cuz i have to book out morning to get my passport to extend it... and ya i was chatting to her hahaha she super lag now then she know her friendster kanna heck... hope she can really come back this july man!!! argh!!! she is hinting for a handphone as bday present next yr.. OH PLS! U WISH! LOL... grace i would like a Nikon D40x which cost $1388 for my bday next yr... OK right? hahaha

anyway i think this is FUCKING COOL!!! ho ho... i love this effect :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

the good old days of ngee ann canoeing club :)

i was talking to edward online... somehow it got me think about how nacc used to be like when i first join.... its really pure sheer fun! juju is really very amusing... hahaa for all those who been to the trip with me will know abt ribena story of juju! haha... but will nacc ever get to experience all this again? i doubt so.... things will nv be the same again... looking at this photo... most of them no longer active in canoeing or come back to help out... not that i am saying they selfish to come back to help out or wat... just that i would like to thanks all of them for those wonderful memories... u've been part of my life...
syaz! u so skinny back then! LOL... mark with his funny hair... me with my ugly blonde hair! hahaha...

there is where i met lianne tooo.... i nv regard her as vice president... cuz she is my PRESIDENT... we share the same position.. we respect each other's decision n views on matters... before every main com meeting we will have our very own president meeting... sit at canteen 1 with our drinks, paper, pen and schedule all layout... we push everyone to do their work. we create gmail, blog and logo... revolutionise how ppl look at nacc... our contacts in NP is ultra wide... lianne is super duper close to ppl at the student union side while i handle the sports side... presidents of almost all sports cca are my good friends... i really miss working with lianne... if i ever get the chance to work with her again in anything, i will!

interviewing for our next main com... denise! 1st in everything.. interview also want to come first! hahaa..

went to penang with my canoe polo guys... with perry too... those times we still super lousy in polo... haha.. playing catching in the shopping centre before all the shops were open... i want to go back penang to play polo... our very 1st oversea trip to play polo :)

later on we had juniors to join us for the KL trip to play polo again.... thanks to army... we cant organise anymore trip till we ORD... cherish ur time before army wisely ppl!!

polo lolo camp.... super fun camp! rank no.2 camp as DCC is no.1!! hahaha it was before we even have monsters n jun kang they all... super wild crazy camp... we have yan ren as ru hua! haha... then i act as jeremy and gracie as juju... super duper hilarious! i want to have drama mama nite again... wonder i should act as who! hahaa...

i am sick of us scolding each other after every lousy match... no more lousy matches... i just want a happy game with all of us playing as a team n cover each other ass... cover our weakness.. make use of our strength...

we live once in a lifetime... make it shine.. no regrets..

we will be back at nat champ 2007 :)

UDON! a must watch movie this weekend!!!!

went to watch it with hao and samuel... at first we all were like wat movie is this... but i heck cuz i love japanese movie and like wat hao said... usually if they bring in oversea movie... its GOOD! yeah its damm GOOD!!! i am craving for udon after that!!!

i love the part they create captain udon... super funny la... fight with udon style... wat two-bowl kick! so -_-" super funny... ya so its how they make their town so happening as they promote their sanuki udon! cuz in japan usually each prefecture will have something that they are very famous for... just like when i was in osaka... ppl from other part of japan will ask if i tried their famous takopachi (octopus ball) so for their town it was UDON! so ya... its super funny plus touching n japanese film always have some life quotes that will strike u... the female lead said that even though wat ther original job was to do literature but end up working in a magazine firm.. so sort of in a lost state as in lost her sense in direction in life but that is also where she found udon... kinda chim since u all have not watch it.... its just like... poly or jc? i end up in poly doing biotech which i realise i dun have interest in it... i was lost.. but because of this lost... i found u... canoepolo :)

samuel was like i want to go japan! hahaha.. cuz the movie show those kids having lunch in sch.. the tray.. the milk bottle... its just wat we used back in kitago... come to think abt that... SAMUEL! exactly 6yrs ago... me n u n other 8 idiots went to kitago tgt with a plasma tv (our english teacher who is FLAT CHESTED)... samuel! we seriously come a long way dude! sec 1 both in scouts... sec 3 same class... life after that friends from all over the place connect us! hahhaa my next best pal! if i am fat... u are 200 pound HUNK! hahahaa! i want go japan with samuel and johnny and others!! oh man i want to go awol n hide in japan MAKE UDON! LOL....
More Newspaper Article on my grandma.

ppl to hate in singapore -> BUS DRIVER + DOCTOR (in the public sector that is)

my grandma at hospital... real bad injuries.... she is now discharged and resting at home.

my cousins drew it during mother's day celebration dim sum lunch the other day...

my other cousins sent in flowers n card for my grandma...

my grandma should be real happy that her grandchildren are so loving :)

my grandma at my POP... get well soon ah ma... we'll be there for u :)

ur lovely grandsons! grandma!! i think i should bring grandma out for shopping spree! she is wearing the same clothes! i look quite different from my brothers right??? pls tag ur comment!

i still remember when me n my 2bros were small we always hang out at grandma place n she will bring us out to playground n buy ice cream for us.... so one day she took us out... and we were playing at the playground when she go n buy ice cream for us... dunno wat took her sooooo long n we 3 left n walk home ourselves! then grandma came back home so WORRIED... she has no idea where we been (no handphone back then! abt 15yrs ago?) she said she bought ice cream n cant find us! alamak... sorry grandma! we promise not to wander off again!
siao mei sms me in the morning that my safsa senior was on the paper... so i flipped and found!

so last thurs went to bump around with reuben n landed in thomson HK cafe! the food is really GOOOOOD hahah.. so yeah later on we talked abt canoe n dragonboat stuff... he was the president for nyp db so we shared some stuff abt how we lead our clubs n stuff... and recently i met up with horsy a.k.a cheryl... she was TP wakeboarding president... so i realised that... being in top position really have to sacrifice alot of things... but somemore... we all nv regret wat we sacrifice for the club :) so be nice to ur president!
before i meet reuben, i was meeting mr bennet lim who is going to have my draft out appeal letter to NTU's Biz Dean and head of marketing department.... he sparks me with stuff that i nv really thought of and wants me to complete this 3 sections these few days.... 1. things i am good at 2. things i am not good at 3. wat i want to achieve in my life.... i always have thoughts for my future but there are just so many paths n choice for me to choose.... i want to be photographer, travel journalism (but i freaking cant write), i want to be a super successful biz man doing marketing n advertising stuff, be an air steward, teach in japan.... see quite a handful of options!
later on when i met reuben and he already know wat he gonna do which is to compose music... suddenly i felt... i dunno wat i really want to focus on... i shall start having serious thoughts...
next day... we went out with the rest of the safsa guys to watch blades of glory! funny stuff man! super funny hahaa... and yeah first time i met kai jay! and when i meet them... just nice i saw samuel wong n hao! hahaha! world is small small... nah world is NANO! *LOL*

and the girl that was featured? it was ben ho's ex! world super small man!
my juniors got 3rd for SRRR even though they wanted to get 2nd so much... nonetheless i admire they determination for wanting to play in the river... (sad to say i nv play in the river before) its just their 3rd comp and they got 3rd! compare to other teams... they are truly the strong bunch of monsters... all the best to them for IVP this year... get back the GOLD for NP
to my junior guys...
i hope that u all wont be so discouraged n treat this comp as a wake up call for nat champs later this yr... if u want it... FIGHT for it... nothing comes easy in this world... i'll be training just as hard too... let's fight for wat we deserve
Mary would like to add on to wat she wanted to say to the
young players.
to respect our team mates and opponents alike!