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Friday, November 28, 2003

sian sian... today as usual la... the crowd still quite little lor... aiyo i brought my laptop then keep showing the mju 300 CM!! super nice k!! hahaha... aiyo!!! i just now go friendster see... then look at grace testimonials from her friends... haiz.. i suddenly felt so sad lor...super super sad leh... cause she is leaving for aust soon... miss her soo much lor... ever since we graduate she start to drift away... we were super duper close during pri sch... aiyo... i just miss her so muchie... grace ar... grace... ya we gonna organise a farewell thingy for her.... will be either at ac or my house lor... ard xmas period.... dun feel like blogginy.. i go sleep...

// my eyes are drying... i am staring at ur name for too long... i dun wanna blink... cuz i might just lose u in that blink of moment... it's just gonna be you.. \\

Thursday, November 27, 2003

!!!! i am so excited today!! muahaha!!! i saw mju 300 in blue instead of silver!!! super chio lor!!! it was only meant to be in japan only!!! but this time round!!! they import to singapore only for this show sia!!! super super right!!! eh i really wan it... i love it so much till who buy for me... i love that person... then novi said... if she got for me then i have to date her out 10 times!! *doink* haha... i really love it lor... then they say try hit the target then the blind bonus go request for it lor... wau lau i really love that camera lor!!! it is so so so so chio.... so much chio-er than canon sia... eh ppl if u all go expo pls come the olympus booth find me!! i am selling voice recorder!!! so anyone wan voice recorder pls come look for me k!!! oh ya!! guess wat!!! if u sign 18months contracts with starhub maxonline u can get X box for $49!!!!1 super good sia!! i am getting that.... hehehe... pai sei abit short the entries tired la...

// *huggiez* u are so sweet... i am just gonna rot due to ur sweetness... i am just got a sweet tooth... \

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

hey ppl!! i going to work tml till sun at expo the sitex show!! come find me at olympus vioce recorder booth!! if u all wan to buy voice recorder pls find me k!!! the deal super good sia.. the camera giving alot of free gift!! so tempted to buy the mju 300 my dream camera... but must save $$$ for my canoe boat n paddle n go japan... haiz... i dunno leh.. the most i think abt it... kinda feel like giving up the hope of going to japan with the 3k... dunno why leh... guess it is abit tough to get 3k by next yr end...

went tamp gym with ngiap today... wau lau! so *lost* in the gym as in dunno what to do lor... still prefer NP gym... haiz.. then went to run 2.4km at the stadium... later on go TM walk walk... hahaha ngiap gonna buy the LG phone!! i think it is super nice lor... tempt me to change phone sia... but i wont!!! i must stick to my save money... esp now since i lost my wallet....

shit man!!! i just realise that my house key is in my wallet n the IC got my house address!!! that is so serious sia!!!!! doom ar!!! i dunno leh... later the person come into my house... but sometime the person wont know when the house no ppl to go in right... n i dun dare to tell my mother lor... she will CHOP me up... argh... so doom... shit man somemore if change house key... my house got only one wooden door with fix lock... kao.... *DOOM* guess i should tell her that i lost my wallet over the phone......
haiz.... die la.... die!!! kao... i really suay beyond suay... kao... how sucky can my suay-ness get... arh!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

wau lau..... super suay sia... i now super sad k.... i lost my wallet on mon night... then tues morning then i realise i lost it!! argh... then went to police station they say no need to report liao... just wait for a week if nv receive then go make new one... argh... sux it lor.,.. really hope someone pick up n return me lor... the wallet is my japs friends gave me one... shoma n haruka... haiz... i really treasure it lor... haiz... i guess will buy back the same wallet... but now i am wallet-less... then i lost my nets also how to draw money sia... haiz... saded guess wait for a week ba.... *pray* thankz everyone for ur concern!!

i am was sick too k.... was working on tues... the sore throat getting abit worst.. then fever start to develop!!! argh!! then was like so weak n my back like going to break already... guess i last week was like too pia liao ba.... went training 3 days in a row then go work whole day without much rest.... today my rest day sia... better recover by today ba...

yest went to check my friendster... got this guy damm scary!!! wrote a super long msg for me till i shock lor... it is really long... guess what i laugh till siao... he ask me to try keep long hair... siao! i was like look so horrible in it but he still ask me *bu fang* try it.... siao kia.... here is the msg,... enjoy reading!!!

eh~ hey~ hi! er.. saw yr pix in Amy's profile..
Amy is my sec sch frend but we din tok much de~
yr hairstyle make me zhu yi it.. i mean i saw yr
hairstyle den go browse yr profile.. i'm oso a
person follow jap until siao wan~ haha.. i like
Jap fashion and Jap hairstyle.. i go kinokuniya
(Taka) buy Japanese Fashion book and jap
hairstyle.. u bu fang go there see see.. er.. i
seen many types of jap hairstyle.. and i got go
visit yr own webby~ its pretty nice~ eh~ and i go
c yr GD88 then there got yr pix.. yr sec sch
look, i got see u b4 leh!? u look VERY familiar~
But donnoe where i see u b4? serangoon, sengkang
(Compass Point) but i don think is hougang~ more
ying xiang see u b4 in serangoon~ aiya~ nvmind~
4get it.. er.. msg u juz wanna gif u some
commands about yr hairstyle and yr face shape
suit which type of hair.. i prefer u suitable in
median long(Japan they called tat) but to
singapore tat is long hair type! for example.. W-
inds: Now the hairstyle of Ryohei and Ryuichi or
the Lead: Akira's Now hairstyle.. i think u got
watch F Generation oso right? in scv channel 54~
u in this type of long hair more look like a
japanese guy~ And the colour.. i got dye b4 the
colour which in the pix u dye~ don bleach too
much especially in this type of bright colour
will spoilt the hair.. my hair had spoilted then
i now dye blue black den now the colour fake diao
now look like dark black bronze~ and wont look
like hair very dry~ look healthy! hehe.. i see so
many hairstyle and colour and those idol
hairstyle.. i mean my observation~ the most wont
outdated colour is dark chocolate(Not those
Bright de) near dark de, or the dark bronze near
dark not near bright or dark red which the red
not very obvious or not very bright de.. this
year fashion on Black, Red, Darky Bronze.. hehe~
wont outdated de~ so *bU fAng* try~ i go Kimage
(Funan IT Mall) dye de~ a professional
hairstylist call Sunny(he the supervisor in
Kimage) he dye hair will see the texture of yr
hair is it can tahan the colour or not.. he will
explain to u~ Den cut jap hair he oso good.. but
b4 u go get a sample hairstyle which u like wan
let him see.. or u can go kinokuniya buy~
remember taka wan! coz the magazine from japan
import to singapore then Taka is the 1st to
received! those magazine at there sell off very
fast~ haha.. anyway say all this, u *bu fang* go
try~ and i have done my part to tell u le.. coz
when i see yr hairstyle and yr look wanna tell u
change wat hairstyle coz don wanna let u waste
the look u have~ i mean don wanna u to take a not
nice hairstyle den spoilt yr look~ u got the
japanese look~ me only got boy boy (boylish jap)
look nia.. haha.. anyway~ ya! forgot to tell u..
FAr East sell many Jap cloths and long jeans~ i
usually go there buy one but only a shop nia~ coz
the shop is directly import the goods from japan~
and is limited wan.. for example different disign
and not mani pple got de~ like example one shirt
tat design about in singapore only have 5 of tat
design nia.. understand? haha.. if u wanna noe
where buy? when next time i go there buy i help u
see the shop name then tell u ok? haha.. paisay
let u waste time see this crap msg~ cya~ ;p btw
i same age as u~ study in yuying sec sch, name
Zhi Liang~ u go ask amy~ maybe she noe ba~
donnoe?! haha..

update again soon....

// i miss my canoe polo... i miss u too \\

Sunday, November 23, 2003

miss my bloggy!!!


feeling damm tired lor... went down to parkway... couldnt find my way to the booth.,.. n was late.. didnt know must reach at 930... n i reach at 11,.. but lucky nv get scolding la... then was like... kao super irritated at then... it was so hot... outdoor show k... then guess wat... got this senior citizen event... then ask those ah peh ah ma sing karaoke for free.... n they went up n sing... 99% cannot make it lor... n they were like doing relay... take turns to perform... each person like sing for 5 times... n u know wat... this ah peh hor... kao... he was like sing high n low pitch... switch here n there... kao... i was having goosebumps lor... tiao... cant stand it!! argh!!

guess what!!! i saw my pri 3 form teacher!! mrs phua! that stupid duper fierce teacher!! didnt call her... still the same.. its been almost 8yrs!! kao.. cant believe it... ya i remember she said she live in katong... n she like laksa but cant take too much of it cause she will have sore throat then she love to eat tofu n sotong ball!! see my memory is so good unlike some ppl.... like xue er! hahaha.... suan suan suan her!! then saw aunty hui li!!! my pri sch classmate!! kao... so pri sch today sia.. hahaa... then my collegues said... eh alvin... u underage girl also wan... (cause she is small size)... then i was like,... wat! she is my pri sch classmate lor.. same age!! hahaha....

the crowd at there was good but no sales! tiao... why so suay one those road show i go always no sales... sad-ed i wan to earn alot $$ one leh... haiz... then finish liao went to meet horsy!! she was with her friend... then she let her hair down... was abit weird la... still prefer her to tie her hair up... then took pics!! she told some very nice nice photo.. then infra to my phone!! hehee... wanted to eat with them but better dun lor.. cause i will eat alot n in the end... i went broke... yes... my saving money target!!!

my dear dear desmond msg me!!! he said he was in the bus then this guy behind him look like me!! n he said he wanted to high 5 to "me"... hahaha... he said he very yan dao sia... *droolz* alvin love alvin... *muack* oh my god i was like... so excited when he told me... hahaa... cause alot of times alot ppl said that they saw me... but i wasnt there lor... kao!! imagine one day u walk on the street.. saw someone super duper look like u... wat will u do??? i tell ya i will go n know him n hug him! like my long lost twin... i dunno why.. i just got a feeling... i am not alone... my twin is wondering around!!! *LOL* weird me...


today.. woke up damm early lor... 8am... 2am then sleep... anyway... went to work.. got sore throat lor... stupid mucus stuck at my mouth there... guess infected my throat... damm i cant sing now!! help.. hahaa... then later on transfer to bedok.. cause someone wasnt there today... then it was quite busy there also... then went over... good la.. the sales there was great lor... so happy... then talk to alan alot,.. nice guy la... got bad sore throat so didnt talk much... went to give out flyers instead... start to love to work there... ya later on the amos call me to go back there again tml.... ppl come visit me at bedok k!! hahaa... esp xue er.... hahaa... aiyo... nowadays... my love hormones are over flowing... i just wan to hug everyone i love... LOL... all my friends... hehehe... k la... gtg liao...