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Thursday, March 23, 2006

HO HO my best result ever in POLY!! first time HIT 3.1 for GPA leh!!! and first time get A for a core module... so happy!! i was so worried that i will fail IL1 but i didnt!!! my project got B! super happy la... i can go japan with no worries!!! la la counting down to japan... 6days! and proteomic next semester! i aim for AD! Posted by Picasa

we thought everyone will face the back... and me lex n dennis turn... who knows! some other turn too! muahauahua we ROCKS Posted by Picasa

la la la NACC group photos Posted by Picasa

the glory is ours! 2nd year running for GOLD and this year both teams got 1st 2! muahauahauhauaha Posted by Picasa

i look so freaking small!!! Posted by Picasa

me team lost to the other canoe team by 0.4 sec.. they got a early HEAD START LOR! life is always unfair Posted by Picasa

ALVIN LEE IS THE BEST! Posted by Picasa

me and kang jun Posted by Picasa

the hamsters family! haha Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Japanese Speech of knn ccb... more coming up after japan trip 2006! haha! ENJOY!

TO MY POLO GUYS: i gonna get u guys this!! only available in OSAKA!! cost abt $5++ so i gonna get 1 and we ALL SHARE! hahahaha many many guys eating two breasts! HAHA Posted by Picasa

i am going to meet all of them! tokyo: sakura invers osaka: kondou family, yuka, kanako, sakura and geri ojisan fukuoka will be miho and kitago with be masaki yuka the rest! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

sammy-gen-sarah-alvin: we dun look nice here... Posted by Picasa

its clear n nice natural niteshot! Posted by Picasa

ehhhhh!!! look at camera leh! Posted by Picasa

olympus niteshot really ROCKS!!! Posted by Picasa

the 3 of us.. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

suzuki couldnt email me... HE SENT A REPRESENTATIVE TO EMAIL ME!!! HOW COOL!!! they want to have dinner with me after i reach NARITA!!! Posted by Picasa

the guys were playing with the sdar kids hahaha damm funny anyway we took some underwater pics!! did some dragonboat training... and land training was a killer... i keep thinking of FOOD that i feel like excuse myself from training... BUT I DIDNT... hahahaa 2 rounds of campus run was great...


training as usual.. can feel like the competition mood is picking up... went MOS after that... mos was quite fun... its retro is very different from zouk.. mos one is more like UK kind of retro.. but i think MOS kind is the real retro... zouk one is more of oldies but not retro... there's a diff! hahaa.. anyway joyce is crazy she always want to get drunk.. hahaha..

met ian n summer... accompany summer to get SD card.. 1gb only $53 can u believe it! OMG can.. and ya talking n talking abt our japan trip until can die.. summer damm lame lor... buay tahan... then talk half way.. suddenly she ask if i know who is tingyi! hahaha its her junior in her sec sch... wat sia...

nat team selection i did badly i guess... the beep test was like the very first time i did n i didnt know how to pace it n yeah i was OUT FIRST.. shooting test didnt do as well... bad.. long shot was bad too... gameplay.. worst... i trying not to think so much... went back sch n continue having gameplay with the senior girls.. so much better than back in sp...

went town with jem josh lin benson mark n daph... i spent $70+ at quiksilver OMG man... but i got 1 super nice shirt n 1 super nice berms and 2 towels for the sakuras.. we were sooooooo BORED that we did this...

coke drinking competition... damm stupid... damm gassy.. then went to loof awhile to rot...

now my right arms like gone.. ache like nobody business... slept my whole sunday off.. yeah i just realise.. i left 10days to japan! damm fast... when i return.. sch will start... i want to meet my friends before i go for japan.. start ur booking now! hahaa..

ALVINS Posted by Picasa

LOOF Posted by Picasa

joshua and his new girly bag Posted by Picasa

i love mos Posted by Picasa

gim robynne kim hui me Posted by Picasa

yahui mel me Posted by Picasa

a fish swimming pass me while i capsize.. Posted by Picasa

jk benson me Posted by Picasa