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Monday, January 11, 2010

NTU 3 on 3 Canoe Polo Competition (Senior Category)

Finally its 3 on 3 again...

First match of the day... Raymond, Jake and Tat Zhun

My new 2nd Committee... 5 seniors and 4 juniors... From left: Aik Leng, Guo Ping, Tat Zhun, Joyce, Me, Yu Xuan, Melani, Joseph and Sheena

My Previous committee: Raymond and Erica both been helping me out alot alot!!! I wont be where I am with the club today without them... and plus serene alexis and others who not around to take photo with me!!

All senior players for the Senior Category! Missing: Serene, Phay Shan and Siu Chong
They are the one to accompany me thru the night!! hahaa...

Team UniSIM - Benson, Vincent, Jack and De wei all from UniSIM thus the name UniSIM! Oldest Players to compete in the 3on3 category!!!

Team UOL - Jake, Raymond and Tat Zhun all the hunks from UOL!

Team Ninety-Nine: Eeswee, Leong Wah and Me! Siu Chung not around!! I name it ninety-nine because eeswee, leong wah and siu chung is 25 this year and i am 24 soon.. so add up its 99!

Team Sixty-Three: All their age add up together! Left: Joyce, Erica, Yu Xuan

Team twenty-one: Shi Min, Sheena, Alexis... no prize for guessing correct! they all 21yrs old!

FOOD & SNACKS to keep us full all nite long.... *potluck*

and how can u not have mahjong to help you stay awake!!!