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Saturday, December 27, 2008

MBS Xmas Gathering 2008
6th year running & a decade since our PSLE
CHEERS TO OUR at least 11 years of friendship

all of us crowding around the foooood!!! yums...

ngiap commented this photo on facebook....

told vicki not to be so LAME next year... hahaha.. so touched that vicki came despite her cast!!!
damm long nv see her man!!!

a shot of the peoples in the kitchen... some were genuine helpers and the rest just help to eat the food ah.... i like this photo... hahaha like so fun n happy! SMILE!!!

now we have representative of each other.... yellow, red, green, blue.... our theme for this year is wear ur house colour!!! so fun right!!

i cant stand it... too colourfully!!! hahahaa

green is the power house of the year!!! with 9 ppl!!! hahaha... but some of them wear black ah!! try to hide... they are BLACK listed... hahaha... hello green house!!! and our sch logo is in green too! la la!!! green rocks!

then the yellow... check out the photos... this is taken with my normal digi cam canon ixus 80 and u compare with my dSLR canon 10D... taken with dSLR alot alot nicer right!!! that's why we all should invest in better cameras... haha

the yellow house is rank no.2 this year with 8 people!! and yellow always got prettier girls... hahaha

then 3rd is the red house!! its green's greatest enemy during sports day... cuz the strong runners n other field events is always from red n green... i miss those days!!! 

yeah... we have our BLUE chips... hahaha and tian cai actually is solo one... cuz jun ru is from other class but all of us know jun ru!!! and we actually do invite other class ppl to come but they all SHY!

me n grace setting out the camera for our group photos!  check out the multi-shots... the darker one is from my compact digi cam... yeah... enjoy!

this is the scattered version...

then we have another one arrange by colours...

and now u see....

now u dun!

so we head up for our gift snatching time!! grace helping me to give out the numbers...

the guys sitting at the side enjoy the show.. hahaa

guess wat! xue er is the 1st to take!! and she got nike towel

huili is 2nd... got a nike bottle... from grace...

then 3rd is poor zijie... got the 2nd pathetic gift of the day.... from ngiap soon.... which i told him that i ban photo frame n teddy bear... he combine both... very smart ah... double ban n cancel out each other huh! u think u do maths is it!

4th is me!! i picked the USB speakers... ahhaha

5th is kok... hahah damm scandalous... he picked a book n IT'S FROM ZIXIN!!! hahaha

6th is evelyn and she got crabtree and evelyn biscuit!! hahaha!!

7th is ann ji han! he got my present!! that freaking cool umbrella! so nice la!!

8th is vicki... she got the voodoo doll!!! too bad we dun have mr wong (our form teacher) hair... if not we sure poke him until he die hahaha...

9th... is zixin... slowly go around n find her pressie...

she got taka voucher... so zixin... germany got takashimaya?? haha

10th is another angeline with the same pose! hahaha

she chose the starbuck bag...

its the starbuck mug from huili... she always wanted it!! so happy man!

11th is tiancai! got massager! shiok shiok ah!

12th is jiayin... and he decided to snatch xue er's towel!! hahaha

guess wat! u know the 2nd pathetic present... now this is the 1st PATHETIC PRESENT!! look at her action! hahaha


13th is cheng guan who got the nike voucher!

14th is yann lin got the mouse!

15th is huiling and she decided to snatch the nike voucher! haha

so cheng guan need to pick a new present n got a nike towel!! wat's with the nike stuff!!!

16th is choon yeow... the rest getting abit sian liao hahaha

its some mug from dunnno who... cant remember...

17th is shi ting n she got this butt cushion thing from jun ru! hahaha

18th is jun ru! she got the xue er gift!! its the pink version of mine!!! and she LOVE IT! actually grace want to snatch it but she said jun ru will get angry hahaha

19th is ngiap soon... and he got the same blue nike bottle that grace bought n this one is i help tiancai buy one.... me n grace really damm scary.. got the exact thinking... bought the same thing also!
20th is gim chuan! he gonna save up alot of money with this bear bear!

21st... is beng lim and he snatched huiling's nike vouchers! ahhaha poor huiling...

she ended up with better vouchers!!! capitaland vouchers!!!

but end up being snatched by grace... no.22nd!! hahaha

so huiling need to settle down with the storage cover!!

no.23 is ming xue n he snatched grace's vouchers! hahaha pooor grace also damm sad... but she not the saddest!

then grace got nike bottle which is the exact same one she is using which is spoilt! hahaha really replace it with the exact one!

no.24th is hanming!!! he snatch my USB speakers!! oh no!! he actually ask if i will be angry but i wont la! i dun really need it...

so i left with 2 present to choose and i rather choose the book! cuz the other one is damm cui.. hahaha so ya.. self testing your IQ! haha

so the most sad case is mingxue! he got robbed by yue chao who is the last one and got the best vouchers!!! muahauhuahauh i think is karma for getting the frying pan!! ahahha damm funny

check out mingxue's towel with a baby! so freaky can! ahhaha

so we got a group photo of those received nike products.... 1 nike vouchers, 2 nike towels and 3 nike bottles!! then ngiap was like... NIKE GOT SALES IS IT!!! hahaha

the 3 vouchers ppl... hahaha 

the winner is XUE ER!!! the spank the half fuck nurse! hahahaha getting ready for a revenge!! haha

that is to whack mingxue!! the person who bought it!! hahaha

after the present exchange... half of us gotta leave... and yeah we see them offf!!!! jun ru so happy with her new umbrella hahaha... know her since 6! hahaha omg la... i feel damm old pls..

the green house unite again! hahaha really appreciate vicki for turning up!! and yeah! i hope next yr is a blast too!

then zixin was hopping around barefoot n went in the car with her mango ice cream like super happy!! hahaha
shi ting u are black listed! hahaa

and we begin our drinking game!! MUAHAUHAUAHUHA!!!

and xue er really the winner of the day!!! ahhaaha damm damm funny!!! ENJOY!! MERRY XMAS PEOPLE :)

this is the LONGEST BLOG POST EVER!! i swear! hahaha 77photos with 5 videos!