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Thursday, October 27, 2005

me n my BABY! hahaha Posted by Picasa

the unglam ppl... hahaha Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 23, 2005

so who's cuter? ME ME ME!! ahahaha Posted by Picasa

me and keiya... i am sure a nice brother huh! Posted by Picasa

i like this pic!!! hahahaha Posted by Picasa

i am bored in my mum's taxi Posted by Picasa

me and my white charming... Posted by Picasa

i love double singlets! Posted by Picasa
my post again part 2!

my parents said that my japanese is very bad now... i cant speak that fluent anymore... not like that time when i was in osaka which i was still very good... and i seriously think my japs is HORRIBLE... that time when the sakura came down... i still can speak quite well with haji n the rest... but i dunno wat happen now! really rusty... i need to start to enroll into japanese classes soon... meanwhile i need alot of discipline for self study....

i cant remember wat i am suppose to blog about.... anyway having my canoe polo chalet tmr till wed!!! wooooo so exciting... hahaha i think the rowdy boys gonna tear the whole chalet down... and ya my blog i spent the whole afternoon to update all the links... that's why u suddenly see so many links on my blog... i intend to remove those friends who didnt update their blog very long but later on i think abt it.. i should just leave it n once in a while read at the old entries....

ppl... when u all online...pls nag me to pack my room ok! please... my house is in a mess... due to me... all my stuff are outside my room!!! hahaha...

my old friends gathering list....
no.1 pri sch friends -> mingxue, ac, wei jian, kok, ngiap
no.2 sec sch friends -> sandip, alex, hanwei, willy
no.3 JI friends -> sarah, gen, sammy
no.4 JI friends meeting individually -> rachel, nicolle, charlene, steph
no.5 my les group!!!
no.6 felicia, pat, and alot other ppl....

i shall try pri sch friends this week... hahahaa...

they paid RM$1000 for my stay here... Posted by Picasa

KEIYA 5 yrs old.... only eat sausages n hamburger n potato.... nothing else! Posted by Picasa

MASAYA 8 yrs old! Posted by Picasa

isn't masaya adorable!!!! Posted by Picasa

HE'S GONNA SHOOT!!!! Posted by Picasa

okasan n otosan.... mother call father a white PIG hahhaaa Posted by Picasa

the boys... Posted by Picasa

future canoeists n current canoeists Posted by Picasa

me n my family and the staff!!! Posted by Picasa