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Friday, May 18, 2007

going back camp... tmr will be live firing until sunday nite! all the best to syaz, gracie, jeremy, mark, ruixiang and the monsters! WIN THOSE MEDALS OK!!! pls sms the result!!! i will shoot mortar tmr to celebrate ur victory! hahaa.... see u ppl real soon!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


irresponsible.... this is how i describe some singaporeans at work...
case#1 - the freaking bus driver brake so fucking hard that my grandma fell... and best part... the uncle didnt even stop to help her up n carry on driving n told her off to be MORE CAREFUL! wtf right! if i am around i am sure i will bash him until his bones broke man... and u know when old people fell down... its very dangerous... my paternal grandma passed away cuz she fell u know... currently the bus driver is suspended... SERVE HIM RIGHT!
case#2 - my grandma felt pain n she visited the polyclinic... they freaking doctor just quickly look thru her n just think its normal bruise... n my grandma got worst the next morning n sent to hospital n found out that her wrist bones is broken! singapore doctors are seriously FUCK UP! they get paid so much n that is wat we get in return? the government ought to do something abt the doctors in the public sector... just like my bro went to his camp for check up abt his legs... they said its nothing serious until he was sent to see a specialist that his LIGAMENT was TORN! yeah wtf right... n currently i already have my appointment with specialist to check up on my knee n ankle... if there is anything wrong with my legs i gooonnnna kill those doctors...
case#3 - my army camp only allow me to see my grandma for awhile before another of her operation n refuse to let me stay out cuz they need me for the freaking 32km route march.. oh pls la... u know my platoon got like another 9 of my batch commanders n another 6 senior commanders so total plus me is 16! and we got like 17man! like 15commanders cant control 17man? want to bullshit wat? i dun understand wat the army is doing... can u see my anger right now... that's why i think army is breeding alot of angry young singapore men... its just like u have 15teachers in class with 17students! its not like the man are mentally disabled that they need 1 to 1 attention... my officer in charge also refuse to dettach me out for safsa training... so with me marching for 32km n worrying abt my grandma... when u lose one... u dun want to lose another one again... so the walk is like freaking depressing can...
my grandma will be at eastshore hospital till monday... hope she really can recover soon... and i dunno if can go take care her from 1june to 5june because my whole family already planned for holiday to bangkok n changing the tickets will cost alot cuz its like 18+ ppl going! no one to look after her BUT ME.... i dunno if my freaking camp will let me out...

joanna with ah ma...

the reason why i love japanese tv program...

this is freaking funny i swear... street fighter style in the office!!! post it! post it! stapler! lawsuit! sexual harrassment! LOL

this is freaking funny n cool man!!! hahaha ok if u are not a final fantasy fan... its ok just watch it... hahaha cast spell to make cloud work overtime on saturday!!! slice potato!!! if only i can cast ORD for army right now! that's gotta be priceless!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

*exclusive interview with MARY!*

(Canoe Polo National Team Girl's Captain)


paddle - Double dutch polo lite (same as me!*last time.. my very first paddle...*)

length - 2m

angle - 90

boat - vampire s

fav local player - wee hong

fav oversea player - megumi from Japan, Sakura Invers

Prefered weather - RAIN!

How it started?

i attended orientation sports camp in NUS when I had to form team n play. that time i just capsize all the way. Before uni, i was playing badminton all the while and i am quite sian of it so decided to join canoepolo cuz its a team game sports. (*she from ACJC... acjc girls are HOT*)

Which is your most memorable match/competition????

it was last yr at world champs when we won czech republic by 5 - nil... because the 1st 2 times we played with them we draw with them. we were really surprise to win them!

What is the worst thing that ever happen to you in canoepolo??

i got whack on my face by paddle and there were bruise. so i went to hospital for check up in case there is broken bones. it took 1month to recover. (* she continue to play for that whole month even though she got injured!!! super woman!)

One thing you learnt from oversea players???

i used to think that everybody should know all skills... example, all players should know how to keep, how to sprint faster.... but i realised that as long as we cover each other ass its ok. its about covering each other in the team during the game.

+ we need to control our equipment

+discipline... no matter how cold the weather, they are still training n give no excuses to slack..

One ugly trick you saw from oversea matches??

they will hold your paddle and the referee cannot catch the foul... however sometimes they are so fast that they dun even have to play dirty with you
(* own comment* so to all those players out there if u are playing dirty... means U ARE SLOW! play fast la! train harder! actually sometimes have to really play abit dirty but NOT TOO MUCH PLS! today hazel from TP she anyhow swing paddle n hit jac and i hate jac squek like hamster being squeeze la... sometimes i dun foul ppl cuz i dun want to break the game momentum... and eunice is really scary... she swing so hard that i think she can chop up a chicken n serve as chicken rice... just when i thought rudith was bad enough to swing paddle... i found a winner.. that's why mary said we all should CONTROL OUR EQUIPMENT!!)
What do you think about the rivalry among the schools???
i remember last time in 2003 , there were no interaction among all the schools.. totally no interaction! because everyone were fight for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing... and last time SP and NUS were always head to head but after so long i think both sides are very sick of fighting and having more friendly matches help to tone down the situation! :) they all should be like you so friendly and go around talk to people!
So what is the most rewarding thing you received from playing canoepolo???
SERVING THE NATION! this is how i serve my NS!! and by manage to hit the targets and goals we set...
What would you like to say to all the young players????
dun stop... keep playing canoe polo...
How you keep your passion going on and on??
keep getting in touch with the sports. i play 4 times a week. if you keep in touch with other stuff, eg, work n other career stuff, you will start losing your passion so just keep playing!
End notes.... I had a great chat with mary! she seriously a nice person to chat with and we shared alot of our experiences n views on certain issues... of course due to the fact that i need to book in i shall end here! its ok i can chat with her at kallang on weekends!!! i will try to interview 1 person every comp... i will interview more if i have time!!!
THAT's ALL FOLK!!!!!!!!
SRRR FINALS on 19 May at Singapore River!!!

jeremy asked me to this down n post here... cuz this girl got her life vest the other way round... DUN LAUGH! ALOT OF U ALSO WEAR THE OTHER WAY ROUND! and alot ppl commented that they look like CWO... but its nice leh! hahaha.... but too bright is not good... ppl can easily know that you are around when u paddle round... u know wat i mean!?

me n pei pei went around to take photo! hahaha! we going to play beach volleyball!!! yes i know i am damm blur... i wanted to watch my legs end up i press the wrong tap n i nearly SHOWER myself... LOL.... lucky i siam fast if not.... I'll play in monsters' game since i am YELLOW!!!

3 bananas... jappomomolee.... nice long name...

3 white chicks... n shuwen! damm evil... use my singlet to dry here hands... idiot! go OCUBE!

royston wasnt too shy to take photo but when we were taking photo HE SAW CHIO BU SO HE TURNED AWAY.... ji hong kia...
HAPPY belated 21st Birthday DEANA!!!!

due to the rainy weather dea's picnic party moved to ben n jerry's at cathay house... so ya we had cup cakes n stuff... and baileys plus green tea is ADDICTIVE!!!! SAMUEL LOOKS FAT! start gyming n stop bumping around!!!
i felt strained on my left arm... so didnt go down nat team dragon boat training... argh... so much so that i wanted to go but sian man! and next week they all going malacca for race! i want go tooo but i got the stupid live firing n i cant go watch the river race... nonetheless... all of u who deserve to win MUST WIN OK! if not... i will shift my mortar n bomb those assholes!
srrr today... saded... some teams i wanted them to win but lost.... some players are just FUCKING rough la... they foul ppl and still wanted me to give them advantage... i just give them wtf face... at least the match today is much better than last week...