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Sunday, May 23, 2004

sorry didnt blog last nite!! i was too tired!!! went osaka universal studio japan [USJ]... FUCK.. its so movie world lookalike... the crowd is scary... its like wat phoebe said... the whole of japan is in USJ!!! we first went to queue up at the spiderman ride... took us 2hrs k!! the queues is so long that we queue from 2nd floor to 1st floor then go inside the room... i think they use more space for the que than the ride! HOWEVER! its worth it to que so long cuz the spiderman ride is damm cool... its actually a 3D ride then when got water it really splash some water on u n got heat blah blah... i realise the whole place all the ride all got use FIRE.... everyday sure need alot oil! so FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! hahaaha.... every place got different theme n all looks damm nice k!! alot restuarants too n its damm pack everywhere... everything is in japs.. this is really UNIVERSAL STUDIO OF JAPAN.... i tell ya... i think only 1% are foreigners seriously... terminator ride is FUCKING boring in fact its not a ride... its just like cinema show u go in n sit n watch some stupid thing i slept k! the jaws quite ok... the jurrasic park also abit sian... only like the last time when they go down the steep slope!!! i thought the whole place was filled with roller coaster i was disappointed k... so ppl... think twice before going... its cost 5500yen...$82.50...the queues are freaking long... i rather go movie world in australia again...

anyway... during the long que time... talk to rie.. the elder sis in summer's host family... she is the one look like liantee!!! super duper... dress like liantee eyes hair everything is so liantee can... no wonder she is single... anyway we suspect her flirting n having something with the young sis bf masako... he is shuai lor... front view look like takuya kimura side view look like keita from w-inds! i faint can! he put make up then pluck eye brows... japan guys are damm metrosexual... both of them hor damm scandalous... tell u all again la... then went to had dinner at macdonald! haha must try something diff!!!

oh ya... i must say sorry to summer again at my blog... so sorry.. i put my camera on my tripod n we stand by to pose... i open my arms wide n fast n i didnt know i hit her face u know! FUCK!!! so sorry i didnt mean it,... tat moment i was like so sorry but cant help laughing for my stupidlity... everytime i think of that moment i just cant stop laughing n felt bad n sorry... really sorry summer san! she really nice girl... very guai girl... haiz...

today.. went hiking with my host family.. bought bento box over.. the place is call sakura park.. hahaa the water fall very nice n the river... so cool the place its really natural air con... then cycle around... really like pinic with a typical family... my family dun do that for like 10yrs.. anyway until not i have not call back singapore to my mother.. hahaa guess she must be worried like so siao woman... but she dun care la she know i wont die... erm maybe someone should tell my mum that i going back singapore! hahaha...

wanted to buy adidas bag.. that one i saw masako carry damm nice k!! end up my host parents have no idea where got sell.. then in a book shop saw one guy carry a adidas bag dam fucking nice can!!! fuck but he bought it 2yrs ago in adidas shop... hahaha so sad then end up i went somewhere buy some nice stuff... i bought a very plain t-shirt adidas n adidas face towel.. fila boxer shorts.. 3boxer brief... i think the person think i deprived of underwear hahaha but number 1... i really DEPRIVED OF UNDERWEAR... hahaaa number 2... those underwear u cant find in singapore! the boxer bried brand is LEE n EDWIN... when... i shall change my name to EDWIN LEE instead of ALVIN LEE hor hahaa... all these only cost $65!! cheap huh... somemore in japan leh!!!

anyway was really sad that i could get to buy adidas bag until i went to carrefour just now... and got it!!! go my msn that webby to look at the photo!! i am freaking happy k to see it but its kinda plain the design n not as nice as what i saw from the guy in the bookshop n masako's... but its kinda cheap... its 4900yen abt $75.. leather k! n masako told me he bought at 7000yen! $30more! anyway was really happy i gonna bring it to sch tml... oh ya.. i bought a levi 3quaters also... damm nice k! its green with yellow lines looks checkers n u CANT FIND it in SINGAPORE!!1 its 6300yen...abt $95... kao.. i spend so much today cant!! now i need to calculate my money... its running pretty low as i still got 6days left... i left abt 35,000yen i need to buy used yukata which is abt 500yen... then buy some more gift for u guys reading this blog... lucky still got $200 i gonna change $150... japan is really a nice place to make u broke... the stuff here is really damm cool... not even left foot or flash n splash can match up with it... but its ex... however branded goods like CK burberry these kind are cheap... as in it cost the same as levi this kind...or even cheaper... but the CK underwear same price leh... idiot.. if $20 or $30 i will buy!!!

i was talking to my host father just now abt singapore CPF system.. he DUN BELIEVE ME THAT we all have to take 20% of our salary n put in the CPF account... oh ya.. should i buy adidas swimming trunk which i dun find it in singapore... its 3500yen... abt $50!! got black with white stripes, blue with yellow strips, blue with light blue stripes... should i buy? which one to buy? he strips are by the side... quite simple design but alright... tag pls!!!

ok gtg.. nite!