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Saturday, July 17, 2004

stanley finally come back to coach us! yeah!! long time nv see him... so nice to see him again... teach us alot of stuff today... rachel forgot to bring my porn vcd again haiz... she promise to pass to me before she go japan!!! i am so jealous she going japan to play canoe polo!
fri was fun went town with my lao po clement, liantee, then later jing yang n madeline join us! went to go around n look for stuff for lao po's sister... end up he got an adidas bag for her... yeah me n lao po went around to look at nice adidas jacket n its not very cheap lor... its either $139 or $169...
went yoshinoya for dinner... its was a disaster at the counter... the newbie serve me n jing yang... then i said 2 salmon n beef combo 1 reg teriyaki chicken and 1 large beef... then one of the bowl become tempura fish! and ya she ask me reg or large for salmon n beef combo... i was like huh since when u got 2 size... read the board carefully pls!!! aiyo... i am not pissed yet... cuz i understand she newbie... but later on i told her the drinks got 4 drinks then she key in then later the person take over her say nv key in then later that senior guy charge us extra then calculate again return me then make a fuss over the drink again... wau lau... spent like dunno how long over there at the counter... the queue was like bloody long behind us... kao... this thing will nv happen in japan man... singapore... improve ur services pls!!
later lilynne join us... wanted to take neoprint but the shop close already... so we slowly walk to PS n talk cock along the way.. ya then sit down the middle of nowhere near PS there... went to take bus... i miss my last bus... liantee board her bus liao.. then clement, jing yang n lilynne accompany without knowing i miss my last bus until we check the board there.. called my mother to pick me up she said call me again... then the 3 of them went home by cab....
i waited quite awhile.. i call my stupid mother again she said she waiting for my elder bro to call her cuz he watching midnight show she at sengkang n i am in town its not very far away n she dun wan pick me up first... i dun mind waiting in the taxi but she die die also dun wan lor... dunno wat the fuck she ask me wait somemore... then i wait AGAIN.. then i call her again she ask me take cab home when she is like 10mins drive from me.. FUCK right... she can bloody hell wait for my elder bro but not me... its so BIAS... i am not gonna call her mother k... i gonna just shout at her for anything... bloody hell... last week my younger bro wore my ripcurl $49 shirt to oil his bloody bike n she did nothing... kaninabei chao chee bye sia... no wonder some of my shirt got holes can... FUCK both my brothers sia...
i end up walking from paradiz centre to somerset there to take night rider... guess wat sia.. there is this car stop beside me... and one fucking gay said HELLO to me... he shouted damm loud k! i was like staring at him n ignore him... kao sia.. if later i kanna rape by him i gonna kill that stupid bitch at home... lucky they just drove off... fuck man i nv kanna shout by ppl from the car like that... i dunno why.. even though i am 18... i still feels that this world is damm scary at times.. esp. when u are alone!!! argh!!!
better go sleep... i got training -again- i am happy that i just change my blog skin!! i put my japan host family pics on top! its damm nice! i love them!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

nowadays everyday reach home... too tired to do anything... the only thing i can do is just SLEEP... argh.. now must chiong gym le.. i decided to go gym on mon n fri also.. mon i suppose to go gym with brandon end up i did it with glenn instead... glenn quite zai also leh.. must train up... i think i can paddle faster in pool... need more strength!!! alvin jia you!!!

today went for friendly match with the national team girls n guys... wau damm zai! haha DUH right.. i felt so sorry to that girl, wei ning whom i chop her hands when i trying to draw the ball towards me... then when kenneth play in my team.. he pass the ball to me.. i nv catch properly then the national team score i so pai sei... malu myself.. aiyo.. wau there are a few of them damm tall leh!!! tall until they look like they sitting ON the canoe not IN the canoe.. n we wear the life vest its resting on the canoe but they wear still got one big gap from the life vest to the canoe can!!!!

we got alot to learn from them... they really move damm fast in the pool!!! i must go faster than them!!!! must really make my stern dip damm zai... just now wee keong teach me abit.. haiz i wan to train with them more leh!!! haiz... but national team training cant let outsiders train with them one... aiyo i got alot things to improve... argh.. must go sprinting training soon!!!

need to go study liao la!!! sian practical!! can sleep!

Sunday, July 11, 2004

D&D was great! damm fun!!! i dance alot! hahaha... the food is damm good k! better than last yr! i think this yr is better than last yr! even though only 80 ppl turn up... but it was better than a bigger crowd.. cuz i think even everyone from sc went... i wont be able to talk to everyone.. but at least i get to talk to alot ppl this time round... dun have much time to eat... beeen talking to alot ppl n taking photos.. nowadays the most popular n cheapest thing to do among teenagers is taking photo... hahahaa...

i think the best dressed guy is clement! my sexy guy! nice shirt sia! nice jacket! nice pants... n of course nice ass! hahaha... kao he is slimmer than me sia! i fat already la! whauahaha then dirty dancing with him n ah beng damm funny... then the best dressed girl is... celine i guess.. her white dress is quite nice.. the sexy dressing is of course lilynne! hahaha...

oh ya during one of the game where the couple from each table suppose to dance.. got this guy he dance keep spanking his own ass!!! FUCK damm funny@!!! i laugh n roll all the floor damm funny sia! kao.. then his partner that girl so pai sei i guess hahah damm funny sia! damm! i was so crazy n high yest i am crazy!!! hahaa i didnt drink any alcohol!!

my dear solaris! thanks for coming to the D&D its so nice n fun to have ya around man! jia yun wore this pink dress very nice! hahaa look like jolin tsai haha! really like dancing with everyone yest... with regina, celine, lilynne, sue and lenny n others!!! not other that!!! dance with alot guys too! with ronald, andrew, glenn, weilun! and alot ppl more@!!!!! i guess alot think that i am crazy yest! hahaaa anyway i am always crazy outside training... hahaaa...

yixing ask me why i am so sian during training,... hahaa since when i am sian! its serious la! competition for canoe polo is coming up!!! aug 14 n 15!!! its just a month away!! need to go chiong gym ah! need to build up my strength.. been moving very slow around the pool..

target during the IVP:
on par with NUS,
give SP a hard time,
trash TP n the others...

i left all my lecture notes in sch.. hahaa cant study at home.. must do my canoe stuff.. a new poster need to be put up..