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Friday, December 07, 2007

my dear friends,

if u all wish to donate the money,

for cheques: you can pass to me or to my team mate, kai hong (his contact is in the previous entry)

for cash: you all can meet up with me and pls prepare an envelope to put the money inside and probably you would like to write a small note to the family. 

if possible i can meet u all in town this sunday.... pls help to pass the message around and get your friends to donate....

thank you....

Alvin Lee :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dear friends of Wei Cheng,

My name is Kai Hong, a close friend and dragonboat team-mate of the late Wei Cheng. I am sure by now, you have heard of the tragic accident in Cambodia 3 weeks ago.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to row with Wei Cheng in both SAFSA as well as the National Team. He was a dedicated paddler who worked hard to reach his goals. This eventually earned him a place in the National squad, despite his lack of prior experience in the sport.

While participating actively in dragonboat, Wei Cheng dedicated much of his remaining time to giving tuition in order to contribute to the family's income. From a tender age, Wei Cheng and his brother, Wei You, have been raised single handedly by their mother, who is currently sourcing for a job with the help of relatives. Wei You recently re-took his 'O' Levels and is hoping to enter a local Polytechnic with his grades. He will be working part-time to bear some of the family's financial burden, which his brother had so painstakingly bourne these few years.

I understand that most of you have probably attended the recent wake and have already given "white money" to the family. However, with the "season of giving" just around the corner, I'm trying to arrange for a second round of donations for the family, hoping to offer what aid we can to help mother and son tide over this extremely difficult time. No obligations here. If you feel that you have given as much help as you could, it is ok.

After some discussions with Wei Cheng's cousin, we have jointly decided that cheques would be the most efficient method of facilitating these donations. Even if you are unable to write a cheque, I hope you can approach your parents and see if they would like to extend their help in this. My team-mates and I are organising this to provide an avenue for those who wish to extend their aid to the Chee family, but do not know where and how.

You will have my assurance that all donations will be documented, and that the FULL proceeds will be handed to Mdm Chee. We are doing this for we believe that Wei Cheng, being the filial son that he was, would not want his brother and mother to have to bear the weight of his departure.

For those who would want to donate a substantial amount to the family, please either reply to this message,
contact me at "" or 96461072. Details on how to donate will be diclosed to you privately. I hope to be able to collect all donations during the 3rd week of this month, which is 17th to 22nd December 2007.

I thank you for reading this, and hope we can all do our part to help the family.

Yours Sincerely,
Chian Kai Hong

To whoever is reading my blog, i really hope you all can help me and my safsa team mates to reach out to help wei  cheng's family... you all can reach me at   pls help to spread this msg...