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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Thank everyone for coming to spend a nite clubbing with me at zouk... for those who didnt go.. why zouk n not cocolatte... cuz its suck! they told me it will be open end up its not lor... how asshole... so sorry my friends who went there later and cant find me... so sorry abt it... its so messy that nite... really thanks all those who came... haiz couldnt entertain everyone!

well let me start with B4, (me,ben,yao and joyce) this is our first clubbing since B4 started hhahaha...along with ash, mel, trina and charissa. Our mission for that nite is to get joyce drunk by pretending to drink along with joyce... hahahah yeah we rocks!!! then later i call my canoe guys to turn over... i LIFTED joyce blouse n expose her strippy undies hahah! damm funny.. joyce super high high... then later on joyce start to sprout out nonsense and her CONFESSION!!! she keep saying she love XIAO FEI!!! hahahahha then later on she shouted damm loud... "JOSHUA IS GAY CUZ HE SUCK JEREMY'S DICK!" hahah damm funny la and JUJU its is this way that joyce said it i got witnesses! hahahaha...

mambo music was really bad when i got in.. wat to do zouk is like that... climax they at the later part... then went over to phuture it was soooo packed! someone threaten to beat me up.. asshole.. i so wanted to punch him but hey... i dun want to get my face ruin... but all these ppl are stupid... if u know the place is so freaking crowded u should bloody hell know that u will get push around... fucked up asshole... anyway daphne is damm boring... cuz she just sit there talk to mark and so it mark too... BORING... sit down n talk... anyway syaz and denise were damm on to dance hahaha so danced with them... and denise is quite good dancer haha!

then later on go out n go back phuture again... saw vanessa heng... joyce was so drunk that she said... i know who are u... u have the same name as my friend but different surname... hhahaha how stupid... then later head back to mambo just in time and all my canoeists ok... most of them were there... so fun! just dance n anyhow dance hahaha and JUJU think that i am crazy n drunk cuz she kept staring me like i am some monsters hahaha anyway she is just a newbie cuz she nv go clubbing with me... ppl will know i will just become very hyper n high without drinking much... when u are sober n high its always better than drunk and high... hahaha but i know i am super wet... wat to do.. i am just too HOT and so i sweated it all out... hahaha..

thanks jeremy n other guys for the baileys...
thanks sarah,gen,sammy for the new urban male singlet... will wear it when i feel like gaying hahaha
thanks daniel n shi ai for that CK shirt
thanks my pri sch friends, ac,nai,grace,shi ting all for the topman gift card..
thanks collin,ethan,geraldine all for the card.. hahaha

had a really great nite... but i really hope my 21st bday will be a super surprise... cuz i never been surprise before on my birthday.. hahhaa

anyway my digi cam is still spoilt man.. i bought new batt and it still cant work! how idiot lor! haiz.. sad sad... i wont if i can get my mum to sponsor me half of it...

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

ok... actually i want this.. hahaa.. Posted by Picasa

can someone just get me an orange or blue olympus mju 700? its nicer than canon ixus! Posted by Picasa

olympus mju 810 looks great :) Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 30, 2006

me wearing so greenie for CNY... my fav berms from levis so nice right... its only the 2nd time i wore out! Posted by Picasa brothers n my ah gong... cant tell i am the middle child and who is the elder n who is the younger... so who is the most good looking? *ahem* Posted by Picasa

my mama n her papa Posted by Picasa

my irritating younger bro... who owns a WHITE PSP Posted by Picasa

The secret affairs of an ij girl with an acs boy n a cat high dude hahaa Posted by Picasa

my pretty mama Posted by Picasa

i love this pics... its like me hugging jappo n rudith and my face have this expression "I LOVE THEM LOTS"... hahaha Posted by Picasa

my mama and her mama Posted by Picasa
hello everybody!!! guess wat man... my hong bao money collection have been dropping year by year... i only have $142! PATHETIC... last time used to be able to collect to buy almost a iPOD video... then it drop to iPOD nano... and now... i only can get a iPOD shuffle... how sad right? *shake heads* i dun think i attended many funerals these few years... but how come its dropping!!!! so i concluded that my relatives are just damm stingy la! hahahahaaa.....

so i expect my birthday present from my friends to be a BIG one! muahauhauhauaha let me HINT u what i want ok???

1. canon ixus 750 or 55... ok actually i didnt wanted a camera but my ixus i batt spoilt... but i think i will get this myself... so u may skip to number 2....
2. anything that will benefit my japan trip... example: eng-jap dictionary/ one super nice n thick jacket to keep me warm../ a pair of onitsuka tiger shoes / a super huge n durable backpack to backpack japan one month
3. alot of underwears... cuz my juniors have been going around SNAPPING each other's undies... and alot ankle socks too... hahaha
4. i want nice singlet...not new urban male one... tooooooo GAY...
5. i need a really nice brown leather wallet too and i dun like black wallet..hehee... dun need to cost a bomb... just a ripcurl or quiksilver or levi one will do...
6. i accept baileys or any vodka as presents too! hahaha

everyone pls come on wed k! spend all ur hong bao money in buying me drinks ok? and i realise sharing bottle at cocolatte is much cheaper than buying a glass... cuz one vodka bottle is $120... u get 10 ppl to share with u... and its alot! ho ho ho... remember happy hour is from 11 to 12... all pls come early... come at 10plus! i didnt book the place so we all are typical singaporean should go there n chop space/dance floor/tables before it gets snatch by others... HO HO HO.... GONG XI FUCK CAI!!!