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Monday, April 02, 2007


yup... sun went to celebrate wei jian bday! i think this is the first time our mbs ppl celebrate for him!!! even though its only 4 of us... cuz some guys working, some need to book in early, most of the girls are oversea.... well a simple dinner is really the best kind of birthday celebration... we managed to talk/chat alot stuff man!!! yeah! hahaha... and we have a very very FISHY MEAL CAN!! hahaha... felt so sinful n FAT! hahahaa.....
guess the next bday party will be ngiap... 12 may... and i still pray that i can get leave to go aussie to celebrate grace bday! 9th may!

i think my photography skills ROCKS!! hahaa... sony ericsson should pay me for this shot ok! look at the photo carefully....dun u feel that the phone seems to be "bend" at this angle "\"...
i intend to buy a dSLR when i have enough money!!! gonna get NIKON D40... and yes zijie n weijian wanna get one too!!! ho ho then the next mbs gathering will be damm happening got alot pro photographer around!! hahaha.... D40 will cost $1k! yes its ex but its fucking good investment!!! the quality is really good... i will play alot with aperature man! i love macro mode!! HO HO!!!!
is my phone more delicious or the cake??? hmmmmm..... both sooooo chocolaty... hahaha