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Thursday, November 25, 2004

i got so much things to blog abt man!! oh today first day of sitex show n i was late la... cuz i miss the bus.. then i saw alvin n cabin at the entrance! they are working too! anyway IT show always ALOT OF NP STUDENTS working there... anyway olympus have new uniform! DAMM NICE LA! ok la its plain... but sometimes simplicity is just simply lovely! ok i should say nice instead of lovely... sounds so british...

this time round guess wat! the dealer is ALAN PHOTO... yeah.. the shop when i first bought my PANASONIC camera.. that is the shop where i bought my 256mb SD card, 256mb mmc card, ixus i lithum battery n ixus i underwater casing... yeah... calculate all this i spent almost a 1k la! but its spread over the years..

well we are fighting with the alan photo promoter to get commission... guess wat! as the official sponsor of Singapore Idol.... the team that got the most sales overall will win a pair of tickets each! and the person who sold the most camera will get a FREE MJU MINI! how fucking cool is that! i die die also must win la! shit man... free mju mini! worth more than $600 la... then the singapore idol tickets i gonna sell it away la! i love OLYMPUS! hahaha... anyway saw alot of outside friends as in those ppl i work with...

alot newbies working... initially..actually most of the time the fengshui of the alan photo promoter side is damm good la... always got more ppl than us... we thought we losing la... guess wat... the tide is against them instead... when they announce the result just now... they sold 33... we sold...42!! yeah! leading by almost 25% n the top seller is that girl call cindy la! SHOCK! damm it.. i only sold 4 cameras today la!! argh!!

saw some of the st gabs ppl today too.. but all not from my year one la.. hahah.. sarah came too! she help me buy the straps! thanks thanks! oh ya... then the boss's son was standing with us... he is just 14 la! hahaa... he is so freaking attitude at first... his name is austin.. i gonna make fun of him tmr... AUSTIN POWER! hahaa... but later on he quite nice always talk to me... hahaa.. then we took out mju mini n play... take stupid photo of ourseleves.. then put as the start up photo for the camera! hahaha... freaking rich boy.. got dunno how many digi cam... DUH! his father is the boss of a CAMERA shop la... stupid boy! so young already a major liar! the underwater case he told other ppl is 5M when it is just 3m la... then he say.. too bad la.. he said when they come back... just say too bad u must be exceed 5M.. even 5.00000001M ur camera will spoil! wau lau... btw he is from st pats... yeah PATRICK.. hahaha reminds me of spongebob.. LOL... ok i am out of point... well i shall pray that tmr i will sell alot! JIA YOU!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

hehee... pose as bangla worker... the ah neh saw me!! SHIT! Posted by Hello

model shot by philip la... not as nice as mine la! Posted by Hello

model shot by ME... damm cool right! i am a better photographer than philip la! Posted by Hello

bingo!! so cute! i wan to adpot him! Posted by Hello

philip declaring he is GAY at speaker's corner! Posted by Hello

look at this 2...PP... pervert peters! hahaha Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

well... this is my updated time table... idiot... i couldnt get excel for my IS la... now i have to get stuck with perl... FUCK IS... anyway.. actually i chose PATRICK as my PQS teacher ends up swapping to be in same class as joyce.. in the SARKER (sounds like sucker) class... now yao got her excel la! n we cant be in same class... suay... Posted by Hello

i want to adopt this dog! so cute right!!! his name is astro.. nice name... Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 21, 2004

thanks to the quarrel n chaos in my house at 4.30am.... i couldnt sleep until 6am+++.... and i cant wake up for training for polo... wanted to go training.. then i would go down raffles place there watch dragon boat race... i think it will be quite fun to see their boat capsize!!! *evil*

today work was like so super slack... really no customer u know! should have bring something to read... i need to pass my riding theory fast... or else i cant cont taking my practicals! that day went for 4.2 pract... i FAIL... ya thanks to the riding.. i felt so uncomfortable in the wet shoes n rainy days at BBDC sucks big time n i kanna that jonathan instructor that guy always fail me for his pract... anyway partially is my fault... i couldnt pass thru the planks n cant do my emergency brake... so in total... i wasted $90++ for all those unnessary repeating classes in practicals...

after work went to meet fung n steff for SAW!!! guess wat... both of them bluff me la... told me watching SAW i was prepared to watch that ultra gruesome show.... end up the starting i heard beyonce - crazy in love that love... then i was like... huh... wau SAW so happening one huh.... then end up... its TAXI!!! hahaha anyway its was quite a nice show... but not worth $8.50.... but i really like the jokes la funny! i like that lead actress she is damm funny! i love that part when she said U've been PUNK! hahaha.... and that girl who drove damm fast... damm HOT!! really damm HOT!!

then we stay around n have instant noodle... ya i am broke.. hahah then we talk n talk until its time to go... thinking that there is nite rider... i waited foolishly... then went to draw money at hereen... no $50 bucks then dun draw... then walk all the way to lido! guess wat i tried alot ATM cant process the transaction!!! steff also kanna it... lucky both of them lend me $$$$$.... thanks steff n fung...

i feel like going SPCA tmr... i wan to take a look at bingo... miss bingo... cute little puppy... i like it when he chew my fingers... but sometimes hurts a little... but he is sooooo CUTE!!!