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Saturday, August 20, 2005

joshua may talk nonsense sometimes but sometimes he really talk abt sensible stuff...

everythingJuzSeemsToCrumble AuHsOj. says:
remmeber 1st game against sp....weiyong take the foul ball throw in front of the goal....then haf not raise ball...ref say 5 sec...tat one can be goal lor
. everythingJuzSeemsToCrumble AuHsOj. says:
plus...alot of things wat..we can say...if u all appeal earlier...we will noe u all leadin..then we will score more goals
. everythingJuzSeemsToCrumble AuHsOj. says:
but becuz we noe tp is we play slack..dont score so many
. everythingJuzSeemsToCrumble AuHsOj. says:
i mean really wat....ref made decision..its final..its over
. everythingJuzSeemsToCrumble AuHsOj. says:
if everytin play by video and everytin....then go rewind video and catch ALL the paddle to hand...all the small small mistake also go catch la
. everythingJuzSeemsToCrumble AuHsOj. says:
hisaz..duno la
. everythingJuzSeemsToCrumble AuHsOj. says:
wait till tml lor

no comment..but i agree.. i believe the video thing have make a big huha in the forum too...



I MET GOD...HAVE U? Posted by Picasa

Caption from Syaz: "hey boy look at the camera!" hahaha Posted by Picasa

lianne where u looking@!!!! Posted by Picasa
haiz... how i wish i wasnt the ref for that IVP SP against TP... the whole thing just giving not just me... but almost everyone trouble!! let's not talk abt placing.. but if look at a very fair angle... if the ref said its final means its final.. yes i know i said that i am sorry that it was not a goal... but that was like a few days later ya... but u cant look at this way... cuz its like all the ref matches they dun refer to video cam like during timeout... its only that the ref discuss and made the decision... so yeah wat i did was right.. i call for timeout... 2nd ref say yes a goal... and goal line judge said its a goal too... i have to trust them for making the decision that its a goal... that's wat they are for... assisting me... if i make my own judgement even though i did see it.. its will be bias against either side right make sense?? enough of explaining for the whole damm day... everyone keep asking me until wau... i am a human recorder...

yes thanks everyone for making me famous by reading my blog... i dun intend to be THAT FAMOUS... and i dun like the name xiaxue... like wat jacky neo n moses lim used to say... 1 person tell 10person.. 10person will tell 100 person.. then 100person will spread all over... guess that's how xiaxue become famous... hmmm maybe i can be famous too... then soon u will hear... "JOIN IN CLASS 95 CONTEST AND STAND TO WIN A DATE WITH ALVIN LEE!!!" wau i think i will just faint... seriously la.. today i just suddenly turn n look around like saw alot ppl staring or dazing at me... wat sia... ppl... stop scaring me leh...

hajime is cool... damm cool guy... now he is my best friend... yeah of course... i found out tons of things from him...i even know his nickname... u know? la la la... his best positions are keeper n chaser... cool man.. after ivp i should train as keeper too... yeah he was wearing NGEE ANN SINGLETS... all u ppl out there are just jealous right... la la la... no need give ur sch singlets to them... cuz they said OURS IS REALLY NICE... MUAHUAHUAHA.... and we lend them our boats... so they in love with NGEE ANN!! MUAHUAHAHA.... yeah... super admire hajime.. my brand new idol... been training for 7yrs.. i am just like 2yrs.. kao eh.. so by 5yrs time i want to be even better than him!!! DEKIRU YO!!! (can be done!) heheheee.... i will host him the next time he come to singapore!! dun tell u ppl... make u all jealous... LA LA... ok la i seriously damm evil but i enjoy teasing all u canoe polo players out there... thurs we just play with 3 sakuras... already trashed like dunno wat la... cant imagine being trashed by the full force!!!!

today the match between the sakura n national team is sure a eye opener... i didnt even get to see so funky action from the world champ videos... but today kenta hoya is SUPERB!!! yeah... told ya.. i finally meet up with GOD... yeah... but GOD leaving soon... I ONLY BELIEVE IN THIS GOD... KENTA HOYA!!! jon is right... after meeting kenta hoya... he will make u love the sports even more.. much more.. yeah i am super in love with canoe polo now... i will get lovesick if i dun go training... during training i will get lovebites on my ankle, knee fingers... oh i mean blisters.. yeah... ya small haji also wore kneeguard... so dun think i am a freak too ok!!! actually i enjoy wearing socks walking around but it looks damm kuku... hahahaha i think i will be like kenta n get a bootie... :)

i am praying for tmr...

my finishing words... the appeal shouldnt be approve.. cuz its not fair for other matches too.. i hope the main com should be firm n not let outside sources to pressure them.. i have been organising stuff before i know how's it feel like... anyway i hope my pray will reach GOD... kenta hoya..

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

see cute guy then u all go for him is it... overcommit ah.. can u see 3 boats are going for him... wat sia.. Posted by Picasa

nice shots from mr ong!!! caught them in surprise!! hahha.. SO FUNNY... Posted by Picasa

i look like a 14yrs old kid huh? someone comment pls! hahAHAHAA Posted by Picasa

can someone pls tell me why all photos of me is just my back view!!! alot la... sian sia Posted by Picasa
HO HO HO.... you are reading the most popular blog read by canoe players from NP, NUS, SP and some say in TP n NTU too... *LOL*... seriously... i think must be the address of this website that's why everyone is reading it la... ya ya.. i am the canoepolo version of xiaxue huh.. hahahaa... anyway.. if u all are bored by my entries.. go read damm funny la... hahahaa damm anti xiaxue.. anyway i think she sucks la.. why make them such a big HOO HAA!!! funny huh... so ugly la... hate girls with thick makeups... imagine the world with no make ups at all... they will all be UGLY! hahahaa... ok i am evil..

i think its damm funny that alot ppl are reading ur blog yet they dun tell u and dun tag.. then u just mention all their name and make some funny remarks then make them come n confront me... hahaha.. let me start with NUS first...

henry is a friendly n nice captain that i really admire... he is like so encouraging and forever positive.. i still remember the friendly we had.. he was like some friendly uncle next door that kind... abit like the taiwan host jacky wu that kind of pattern... so funny... then until now... i still cannot tell between him n his twin.. and during the comp.. when i walk around i dunno if i already said hi to him or his twin... so the best way... avoid them! hahaha... damm pai seh la... i really cant tell the diff... any kind soul from NUS pls teach me how to tell the 2 of them apart...and dun tell henry abt this k? hahahaa...

anyway.. i hope that we get to play with NUS again for the IVP matches on sat.. for the 3rd placing.. i really want to play with them again.. prove to them that not only our boats have changed... but our skills too... let's have another match of ah boy playing with uncle... hahaha... but uncle is really good n fast... :)

i had a nice dream today... i dreamt that i got a WHITE spraydeck... its damm funky la.. everyone else is black and i am WHITE... cool man... and everything is so white... with WHITE boat.. nice white vamp like SP one... then i was all in white... its really SUPER WHITE (chao chee bai)... hahaha... then when i start paddling... i woke up... sian sia... everytime got nice starting in a dream..i will wake up... hahahaa...

ok i decide to really save up money... i have 2 shopping list... a canoe shopping list and a non-canoe list!

for my canoe shopping list...
1) a WHITE spraydeck (i saw an orange spraydeck before!! some pic from japan!!)
2) blue boat.. maybe a vamp or a revenge..
3) a new paddle... maybe like jonathan's one.. double dutch blade n brac shaft..
4) a new mikasa ball and use it to get signature from other international players... just like the one syaz got...

for my non-canoe shopping list...
1) i want that freaking nice adidas jacket which is half orange and half blue!!! freaking nice la!!! wau lau!!! $129 anybody have friends working at adidas!!!!
2) i still want an ipod... stupid joyce got it already...
3) a dSLR camera... to take nice pic of canoe polo :)
4) a really really nice leather wallet just quiksilver or ripcurl brand will do.. simple n nice one..
5) a pair of havanas slippers... funky colours for funky me.. :)
6) if i have extra money i will want a crumpler bag too!!! hahahaa...
7) if i am even richer.. get me a car pls! nah... just upgrade to a nicer vespa will do..
8) ok i want to refurnish my whole damm room...
9) oh i want that NUS 100th anniversary mug hahaha... i think its funky...
10) i want a pair of white canvas shoes... like those sch shoes cheap one will do..

i cant wait to play and i dun want this national champ to end so fast... just love every single moment of it... :)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Happy 19th Birthday Carol Wong Mei Mei!!! Posted by Picasa

skateboarding at NP pool!!! Posted by Picasa

the 3 siao char bor!!! hahaaa... Posted by Picasa

auntie juju... Posted by Picasa

my lovely canoe mates... Posted by Picasa
i got GOLD!!! its my nafa dude!

pull ups: 14 (A)
sit up: 59 (A)
Shuttle Run: 10.0s (A)
sit and reach: 51 (i think is A)
standing board jump: 235 (i think is B/C)
2.4km: 10.42mins (C)

i got like 26 or 27 points... i cant believe i am soooo damm bloody nervous to run my 2.4km!! i am not even nervous when playing my IVP matches la...then i was like leading in the later rounds... end up ALVIN CHEN CAUGHT UP!!! sian la... if not i will be like the 1st to complete in my batch... but seriously la... those ppl in my course one the fitness really not there... i think those ppl from other courses fitness are much better... perhaps i will be like 10th or something runner to complete it...i finally hit my 10mins barrier... now i want to push it beyond 10mins n below...

i am so proud of all my canoeists in my course... they all had GOLD... even yixin also got GOLD... but poor kim hui got SILVER cuz he was 2cm short in standing board jump!!! HAHA...

Day 3 of National Champs...

first match against TP was great... i shot in the first goal n booast the morale high up... i guess if i ever start to shot in first... the match we play will win.. i still remember during SRRR one of the match i shot in first too... and we won it!!! well thanks to jem for passing me the ball if not i wouldnt have goal... its all abt team work baby...

next will be my open match against SP C... haiz... as usual... those alumni not all.. some of them.. still just stone n sit n watch the game instead moving around to support... bad passes equal to a goal.. haiz... hope they will be able to accept advices n change n improve on gameplay.. we lost..

and next... NUS match... we lost... all cuz of fast break... all went in n too eager to shoot... left mark alone outside.. haiz... its a team mistakes... we cant blame anyone.. we shall improve on it... guys!! we are suppose to fight all the way to protect mark remember!!!! haiz... i am just so lost after the match.. my world seems to collapse n i just feel like going on long long holidays n dun play canoe for a few weeks... hahahaa....

last match... won NTU... but could have trashed them but everyone still have the losing-to-nus feeling... so still abit stunned... haiz...

when jon said that we confirm have a BRONZE... and we still have chance to fight for SILVER and go for GOLD!!! all the way man NP!!! WE WILL SEE U IN FINALS!