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Saturday, July 07, 2007

alright i got a very short weekend cuz i got guard duty! yes thanks for digging out my past mistakes n gimme extras!!! here is my short summary...

- HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUILING/DAPHNE/YUE CHAO/ALEX..... all birthday around the same time sia.... dots

- i got my macbook... in fact my first entry with my mac book.... still trying to get use to it

- went dinner with mbs ppl... 13 of us pri sch guys gather... missing alot more ppl!!!!

- i am VERY UPSET over the fact that my CAMERA IS SPOILT.... i realise my olympus camera actually really very good its my
old toshiba laptop sucks that is why the photo always look ugly... but i use my mac or my bro's com... it turn out amazingly great! i NEED a new camera URGENTLY/ASAP

- went to watch dim sum dollies... rocks.. its superb... and i really miss watching dim sum dollies 2yrs ago... thanks for the memories.... i love selena tan.... we took photo n i went up to her n said HEY SELENA TAN U ROCK! she replied.... THANK YOU! i continued... I WATCHED UR OTHER PLAY BLITHE SPIRIT! she answered.... HEY REALLY THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ME... I SMILED N LEFT.... I GOT DIM SUM DOLLIES AUTOGRAPH ON THE CALENDER N CD... rocking shit fun entertainment! yeah! i am craving for dim sum....

-went to daph's 21 bday... she is like drunk! hahahaa damm funny... n mark keep drinking n drinking hahaha... well its great that its just alumnis... really miss everyone... AND WHERE IS ELIZA! hahaa.... joshua is very different with/without gf around... hahaha... last time meeting edward before he fly off to aussie.... he was lost at clark quay area!

-grace bought 2 dozen of KRISPY KREME n she gave me 8 of it!!! grace! i love u!!! thank you soooo much n its dammmmm NICE! i love donuts!! MORE MORE MORE!!! she really very "got heart" not like ac lazy to buy for me la! -_-"

-went to alex's 21 bday after daph party.... at zouk... they crowd sooooo different from mambo nite... and... THE AIR INSIDE IS DAMM FRESH CUZ SMOKERS ARE NOT ALLOW TO SMOKE! YEAH! HURRAY TO A NON SMOKING ENVIRONMENT! damm long nv meet up with the rest of the guys.... my st gabs classmates.... those ppl NEVER FAIL to put a SMILE on my face EVERYDAY :) even though i have guard duty like at 7am later... but i die die also must go... i was freaking tired as i only slept fo 4hrs n out whole day... CUZ ALEX CAME BACK FROM PERTH N SANDIP CAME BACK FROM UK!!! now sandip got abit UK SLANG freaking funny hahaha.... yeah with old friends coming back from oversea how can i miss them! must meet! hahahaa gonna meet up with u guys again soon!!! HO HO!!! and willy ong i miss u idiot too hahaha.... willy willy winky... father bought a donkey... donkey die... father cry.... ohhhhhhh.....WILLY! hahaha WILLY CHEER

currently i am tired/exhausted/stressed/depressed been a tough week emotionally... not abt relationship... more abt my environment.. I WANT TO BREAK AWAY FROM ALL THESE N ISOLATE MYSELF!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


i realised... really alot of people ORD! SIAN... i want ORD TOO!!! PLS ROW AGAIN FOR US!

pri sch friends.... xue er, yann lin, ac, nai, jun ru n me! starbucks!! hahaha and we went to vill'age to eat! i just went there last thurs with my safsa mates!

dammm long nv take photo with xue er.... without flash n not as blur as my olympus cam!

OH YA!! my OLYMPUS CAMERA IS SPOILT! yes! it went in n out n hang with a blue screen!! wat sia i dunno wat's wrong... TIME TO CHANGE CAMERA NOW!! hahaha and i watched transformers with jun ru! its damm nice la! hahaha and i think maybe my camera is like transformaners! hahaha! think tooo much anyway... dunnno how much it will cost to repair.... sian man....

horsy came to pass me my oakley sunglasses.... but the lens is not icy blue! haiz... poor girl sorry that i made u came all the way down to town.... i gonna wait for another month for my icy blue lens for my blue M frame... cant wait! cheryl is going canada study next month... haiz... everyone is leaving singapore! THANK YOU SINGAPORE UNIVERSITY for accepting so many CHINA people n rejecting our own talented local ppl! sucks... just like that day at bedok reservoir... so many ah tiong support NTU can.... soon... singapore will be just another state of CHINA....

bump into my ex-BORDERS friends!!! ah! farah, charmaine n crazy yati!!! hahaha miss them n i felt damm bad for not asking them to join us last friday! but then why always i ask!!! i ask alot ppl already man my sms is exploding!!!

now i am thinking wat i am gonna do after army... of course i wont be like someone in my camp went to EXTEND ORD! OH MY GOD HE IS FUCKING CRAZY LA! can he help me serve a few months... i want to get out of army asap... if i am not study after army... i will really go apply to be air steward n just enjoy my life.. CHILL! i think i am very sick of being so busy all the times.... i will just do thing at my own slow pace... go to places i want n do watever i want.... FREEDOM IS THE WORD! hahaha


reason 1: LOOKS COOL!

reason2: cover up the face abit when doing something obscene...LOL

charles! wat u doing sia! hahahaa...

hahaha no la! just to prevent all those stupid water splashing to my eyes man... n the sun light! *cant fight the sunlight u know* initially i thought my oakley will drop if i move too violently hahaha but not really la... but then i dun like this old sunglasses of mine that's why i am buying M frame from horsy!

YES! WEAR OAKLEY N JOIN US! LOL marcus looks extremely HAPPY! super funny chap! hahaha... i still cant forget that nite rowing in the boat he keep joking around! freaking lame sia! hahaha

sunglasses for u n me!! smile smile

we are wearing sunglasses too! smile! hahaa

kai hong.... feeling emo after the race.... or is it cuz he is hungry?? hahaha

criminal #9532623 : Darren!

*charles thanks for holding the board for him*



the PES C photo!!! hahaha.... muscles... abs... tanned... hahaha crazy people = fun people

my crazy little junior!! she looks abit like geraldine from borders... scroll down to find geraldine photo!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

my bro! nat tan came for an opening performance n sang a song for me on stage... as promised... he saw... ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT....ROWING DOWN BEDOK RESERVOIR!!! hahaha... no la... nat didnt came to sing la... he came to SUPPORT ME!!! thanks bro! nat keep asking me if he should join canoepolo or dragonboat in NTU... hahaa... so i said.... ********* (answer can be found in my blog) LOL!

We are going to corrinne may concert! together with jonathan!! 3rd August!

jonathan came with nat to support me too!!! thanks bro!!! now must call him OC sir already!! power la... if only i am under him at his camp... CONFIRM CAN DETACH OUT FOR SAFSA!!! then i am sure i will get plenty of OFF! hahaha... anyway johnny!!! thanks for coming man!!! 3rd august!! corrinne may concert!!! :)

BERNIE!!! hahahaa.... i miss this girl! saw her when the safsa guys when to talk to the RP guys.... then i realise OH YA BERNIE IS IN RP! hahaha... i miss her bitching n nonsense... freaking funny la... she can bitch the whole day non stop!!! its been damm long since i met up with her, steff n others..... its really great to bump into her!

GERALDINE!!! aiyo! suppose come to join me sweelan and ann on friday to ktv BUT SHE READ THE SMS WRONGLY!!! idiot la! hahaha she as blur n funny as ever man!!! she rowed for SCF la!! their mixed team got 1st sia! and like freaking fast... cuz the whole boat is all nat team! and yes geraldine i know annabelle also! hahaa... damm funny la i wave to geraldine n annabelle both of them were like EH EH! u know alvin! hahaha.... well i guess i know alot ppl from canoepolo, a few from canoeing and a few from dragonboat.... and ya we better meet up soon with the rest of the borders ppl!! ONE DAY! hahaa... i forgot to disturb geraldine abt her fireworks joke! hahaa..

actually i already took photo with rachel! then later on when the guys took down the sign everyone went on taking photos... so i also took the photo n just nice! rachel pop out again! and this is a nicer photo than the previous one! and THANKS rachel!! thanks for helping me to get the NTU SPIRIT SHIRT!! cuz i not NTU student so cant take... me n kai jay were trying to steal/take/snatch the shirt from the table but failed.... then i went up to the auntie said... hey auntie i going to ntu but i have not go thru matriculation yet... can i have it? she said NO! idiot... hahaha.... hahaha rachel! miss ur nonsense la!!! suppose to meet u end up both busy n bump to each other here! hahaa... always meet u at canoeing/dragonboat competition!! hahaha!

the presidents shot! hahaa... of course the one on the right is yan dao... but the left one MORE yan dao... hahaha... (sunglasses n cap... courtesy of brian) hahaha

my juniors.... ethan, brian, me, lex, chin chong

nice pic! hahaha... all were the helpers for the event!

jiaying was the time keeper!! ms blackie.. haha we are all black too... haha... denise came to support me too!!!

the other day i was talking to kai hong then i realise that he know denise tooo! and they used to hang out!! hahaha so i disturb denise online! MAUHAUHA.... small world huh!!

denise came to watch us in the final... i am kinda sad that we didnt win... we came in 4th for the 20men crew... really sooo close... when i was rowing.. like wat marcus said... forcus on our boat... look ahead n row... but at the corner of my eyes i can see that the other team caught up n i really started pumping every stroke in.... sad but we really did our best n our timing up by 5secs from other heats.... really not easy for us as we couldnt train as the whole 20men.... how i wish i was really on form n have more strength to row the boat.... thanks brunei for making me fat n weak... anyway... i gonna pump n train even harder for the next race...

i am really honour to row with marcus n yong sheng... very good rower... marcus was the ex nus db captain... i learnt how a good captain motivate a team n lead them thru the race... a valuable experience.... he really encourage everyone in the boat... n i sat in front of him... i nearly die when he hit me from the back! so sudden n strong... hahaa... really hope we can row again... and yong sheng is like freaking muscular, strong n arms like hulk! its like libang but a leaner version! then i heard from rachel that he is like that all the time in cjc... n he is navy diver! NO WONDER... well now at least i got motivation to train to be like him n other in safsa...

i am really honour too to row for the last time with charles and kai jay... both leaving the team... maybe kaijay will row for us again... i really hope we could have got 3rd n we can have a medal to remember for life for this race for this day.... nvm that we dun have the medal... the experience is wat i will remember... photos n memories... i keep right in my mind... next race... i will row better for you guys... my seniors :)


la la la... safsa!

with mr world 2007 reuben kee! his arms!! WAH!!! his secret to a bigger arms......

eat more BANANAS!! hahaha... charles caught him in action n wen hao keep disturbing him on msn with this... hahaha... and hey! i am at the back ground of the photo with nat! hahaa

and me! behind!! the last to ORD in the whole team! 1 more year...
thank you guys... thanks for the memories...