Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today, I thought I'd finally make a step towards getting over my ex-fiance by flirting with a cute waiter. I left him a note on the bill. He comes back, says "which one of you is [name]?" and leans down close to me to say, "Thanks for your note, but your card was declined." FML

Today, after being diagnosed with cat allergies, I explained to my cat-loving boyfriend that the doctor strongly recommended not allowing the cat in the bedroom. At 1:30 am my boyfriend got out of the bed to go sleep in the spare room because: "the cat is sad." FML

Friday, May 22, 2009

Settlers @ SMU

our whole class so busy that we finally all catch up at settlers..... to celebrate vanessa, yan yi, dawn birthday...

i waited for my fish n chip damm dammm long man... hahaha play some writing game... quite lame...

yan yi getting rounder... nabilah n samir: YEAH~! hahah

birthday girls n man... hahha... 64 years old~!!! 20 + 20 + 24!!

all of us except aisha not around.... u ppl are damm lame... i like... hahaha

ok stupid face pose... shermen nv pose lor~!!

the birthday ppl... hahahah video will be up sooon~!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


ellen is soooooo funny la... and pay special focus at 7.28min~!! but dun skip! hahaha


went for pink dot event... i thought i dun have any pink shirt... then i remember i got this pink shirt from bkk~!! hahaha... and the pink specs... NOT MINE~!!! hahaha

belongs to my pri sch friend, pei qin... hahaha... *hugs*

shaun giving out the pink dot tissue papers.... now i got like dunnno how many can~! ahha

james n jeremy :) and i realised my shirt NOT REALLY PINK.... its actually HOT PINK... hahaha

pink everywhere~!! i think barbie will love it... hahaha

this is more obvious... HAHAH

a lighter shade of pink....

rosalyn n timothy busy taking photos of us hahaha

pink dot = the freedom to love...

alfian so funny la... wear pink malay costume... n i dun have pink cheong sum ok~! haha

gilbert spotted me~! hahaa

with rosalyn :) she is sooooooo sweeet :)

with my fav swee lin n robin :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


happy birthday grace~!!!

i hope you love this surprise birthday party... as a 12years best friend i think this is the least i can do and also for this 12 years... you also nv really celebrate ur birthday with any of our pri sch friends... so i got whoever free to surprise you to plan this.... and of course with ur family member acting along to make this surprise a SUCCESS~!!! hahaha.... thanks for being my best friend... BBF~!!! haha...

ingredient for a surprise party...

polaroid for grace's guestbook and her present~!!!

ALCOHOL~!! mauahauha with my 6 shot glasses~!

my "BLOWER" helpers.... howan, pei quan, jing quan and hui ming :) thanks for blowing those balloons~!!!

thanks AC for being the video-girl :)


ok the funny part is that xue er suppose to surprise grace end up she went to sleep n came late... so xue er didnt surprise grace... and tgt with grace we wanted to surprise xue er instead!!! so we wait n xue er came from the other door... IDIOT~!!!!

grace's nephew sooooo cute~!!!! like chipmunk~!!! very very cute~!

beautiful mess...

grace with her family members :)

gift from her siblings...

opening her gift~!
hmmmm.... "SCREEN PROTECTOR NOT INCLUDED~!!!" hahaha.... she still think we really giving her make up set~!

she look SOOOO not surprise with the ipod touch.... i know her too well... she is just abit laggy... hahaha she need some time to process the surprise... too big for her to handle.. HAHA

the primary sch gang~!!! 1/4 of the class is here... not so bad :) most of them oversea studying or army still...
the facilitators gang~! hahaha

dun u just love the balloons~!!! I TIED IT OK~!!! hahaha

primary sch friends :)

ngiap n ming xue extra....

the white n black ppl....

this is call zebra crossing... LOL

nice cake~!!! and i told xinting that we should put grace email address on the cake~!! hahaha

Family Version

Facilitators Version
Secondary School Version

Primary School Version

me n grace's 2nd elder sis, jennnnny~!

i love my canon 10D~!!! we look so nice here~! hahahaha

u like shutter shades? hahaha

the bangles girls.... bling bling~! hahaha

weeeeeee~! the slide is indeed too small for me... but didnt collapse... hahaha

OMG~! i didnt know grace so creative~!!! she use those cheap tapes n made this pac man~!!! i also want~!!!! so nice right~!!!! ok u all can hire grace to do that for u for $20.... hahaha

and i love the wall~!! nice~! hahaha

BYE BYE girls~!!! xinting n all got grace XBOX arcade version~!!

some of the many polaroids~!!

time for some tequilla n lemons~!!!

introducing u..... xue er as the shot girl... and erubin as the lemon boy~!! ur entrance to get drunk~! hahaha

dunnno why pq laugh until like that.... HIGH ALREADY~!!!

hahaha xue er cant wait to get everyone drunk~!!

Grace's birthday Part 2..... DOUBLE O~!!!  with just primary sch friends... AC, Grace, me and Ngiap, nai, shi ting and gim chuan....

the clubbing khakis~! hahaha

the girls.... took my camera n camwhore nonstop...

me and ac~!!! more than half a year nv club tgt~!!! and she loves double retro night... GOOD BYE MAMBO... u are too BORING.... just like wat straits times wrote... ZOUK OUT, BUTTER IN.... i want go butter soooon~!

hahaha xue er look seh... hahaha

the guys~!!

i dunno wat is mingxue praying la... hahaha

hahaha wat with the face~!!

the nite end off super nice with all of us enjoying clubbing :) not too drunk hahaha even though we all finished the whole bottle of MY tequilla~!! hahahahah alright let's see got who else to surprise for this year :)