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Monday, August 29, 2005

To all my NUS friends... thanks for reading my blog.. hahahaa... wau i didnt know u all call me by MR CANOEPOLO.BLOGSPOT hahaha... its damm funny after liling and sweet told me yest... and SWEET U SUCKS! i dare to post it up here! hahaha... and i know how to go to the arts canteen ok! let me tell u all... SWEET weigh abt 55kg... and my weight is 56kg!!! hahahaa... serious! my weight is 56kg.. i lost weight! SWEET... ur treat huh ice cream hor!

anyway to all my fans out there.. i will be going NUS everyday from 19sept onwards cuz i doing my attachement/FYP.. so if u want me signature do come n find me at S1 level 5 k? my fav eating place is at engineering canteen the jap food.. yeah it rocks!

was talking to sweet on msn... damm funny la... i make fun of something gross.. i dun want to say it here.. hahaha anyway i told her she should play U19 during nat champ.. but she said she is the only one U19... so i asked her to join NP girls.. cuz she like KARIN... hahaha and so they can rename NP GIRLS to NPUS GIRLS... why NPUS? cuz NP n NUS share N and combine P n US to become NPUS.. yeah.. basic L-G-bra.. NPUS = to Ngee Ann Polytechnic of United States... hahaha sounds damm rubbish.. i know.. cuz i am lame! and u are lame too to be reading this!

sat was fun... punishing late comers have never been so fun before! yeah wont tell u all NP secret to punish ppl... its our secret.. hahaha... training the freshies is tough but can be done.. seeing potential good players just drive me to train them even more... tons of things for me to brush up...

current objectives....
1. keep doing stern dip till i spin n faint..
2. keep until my paddle broke..
3. balance n catch ball with paddle like some circus performers..
4. pay lots of attention to my juniors...

lunch in town with my guys were great... yan ren! i will not forget ur PASS N GO application on relationship! u make me laugh so loud n malu myself! hahahaa.... and dinner with the girls were great too... and libang is sure damm funny outside pool... earthquake rocks me, syaz, lianne and rudith... and rudith havent been so lame until tat day... and mark is the new addition to pong club! hahaha... n no sweason again.. cuz they cheat money... 2 small pieces of chicken cost $13.90++++ wat sia.. i rather have FISH n CO...

to my fellow team mates...

no.1 Jem... you are the best captain i ever had n the only one i want to have as a captain.. more competitions together as a team.. more DCC (determination,calm,committement) for our next comp.. u gave ur IVP medal to beng.. i will get a GOLD for u next yr IVP and at least a BRONZE for SRRR2006.. i will work towards it..

no.2 Marky Mark.. my best keeper ever... i will train to be as good as u... replace u when u are not at home... all of us fighting to prevent anyone from shooting against u... quiet but tough as always... forget wat happen for that NUS match... we will have a better match next time..

no.8 Lin... my next best dipper.. no one can push n dipper better than you in fact.. so we will dig together soon! RIP THEM APART... lin thanks for being with me since we were year 1.. we have been fighting tgt so far.. we gonna continue even more n further after we grad too.. yeah?

no.6 joshua pan... joshua.. i have been scolding u practically almost every time.. thanks for putting up with me n tolerate my nonsense.. we all need to work on our mistakes... more perfect work next time round..

no.4 wei yong... been like almost a year plus that since we train in the same pool... glad to be able to have u to play the last IVP with u for NP.. we might be rivals on pool someday or might be team mates again.. appreciate all ur advices n encouragement.. ur experience has been a treasure to us.. we will play together again...

no. 10 eugene.. you been scolded.. you been placed out of the team... but u still belong to us... just want to let u know that.. its time for u to realise that u need to bring down ur ego, reduce the burden to the team, increase in responsiveness and play like u are part of a team.. eugene end of the day.. we all still love u.. as a team mate...

to both philip n beng.. you two been the 2 juniors that i have the most faith in... forget abt all those bad team mates u all used to have... no point brooding over it... its all history.. you two need to help us to guide the juniors... they will be playing the next IVP with u... not us... dun get so demoralise easily by those words we said... we still care for u.. talk to us more...

to both twinies...both chuas have been great help to nacc regardless of training or events... i know i have been hard on both of u... hope you two will be able to improve and get into the next level... bubble bath wont be the same without u two...

to gracie... we share the same birthday.. we share the same passion.. words coming from you been great to use as motivational push for me... the toughness in u is something i admire.. thanks for helping NP girls for pushing this high.. i am sure we have more to achieve :)

to syazie... a great ex captain for the girls... always encouraging... pushing to reach even higher.. everlasting attitude in training... thanks syaz.. HUGGIES

to lianne... my greatest vice president ever... the greatest source for motivation.. nv stop cheering for ur team n us... putting the very best of urself in everything u do... keep it up..

to rudith... vice captain... a girl captain that nv give up... love that fully loaded confidence u have for ur team... keep ur lameness up too!

to ju... the super star keeper... keep on blocking..

to eliza... keep on pushing...

to rachel... been hoping to have you return back in NACC... dun care how ppl talk bad abt u... be the fun loving n always putting 100% in training... be a rachel that i remembered.. the advice u had for me... bubbly rachel come back soon...

i wonder how those girls are thinking abt it... but i do hope everyone make her feel back at home again.. thinking abt the past wont make us stronger.. moving on is the key to make us stronger..

Sunday, August 28, 2005

ahahahaha jeremy just suddenly use his legs to grab me then mark attack me!!! hahahaa... my captain n my keeper,, :) we gonna rock SRRR 2006 Posted by Picasa

girls... more girls... and a few guys... hahaha Posted by Picasa

earthquakers!!! chewy chocolate sure is yummy! Posted by Picasa

wat an ugly pic of me... triple me! Posted by Picasa

do u all realise how lame rudith is.... when syaz was pretending to kiss lianne.. after that i want to take a pics with rudith.. she said.. "nope i dun want to kiss u... u kiss me... Posted by Picasa

my champions... Posted by Picasa

guys that i admire... i want to join them one day too :) Posted by Picasa