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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Monday, March 13, 2006

finally over n done with IT show... this time round olympus sales is crazy! all cameras are like selling like HOT HOT CAKES! so many of the models SOLD OUT! 4 out of 9 of them are sold out and many ppl did PRE-BOOKING of the camera can! i think this is the best show i did so far.. well.. i guess its my last show too.. thanks for the support from my friends... edward bought the FE-150 from me, ryan n syaz got the mju 700 from me.. ryan's one is silver n syaz got black n i got orange! hahaha cool huh.. yup yup finally i get to own a olympus camera.. guess wat.. i sold a total of 62 camera these 4days.. i am sick n tired of explaining to ppl wat is all weather and bright capture technology... i have to say olympus really made great camera n improve alot on design... it used to be plastic n bulky but now its all metal n slim n big LCD.. best of all... its the most value for money camera among canon/sony/panasonic/casio... this is the 3rd time working with cathay photo also.. a great pleasure.. well i guess u wont see me at IT show anymore... any beginning comes with an end too.. the whole day i have been thinking on how to film an olympus advertisement can.. damm funny hahaa...

i would like to thanks all the stuff in the olympus office including those who used to work there too... when i first started off.. all the happening ppl were around n yeah all left one by one... novi, jordan, eddie, lynn (married & left to HK) and those promoters who work with me like aki, fengyi who taught me alot stuff and the best n most solid female promoter ever and intro me the lucky plaza yong tau foo.. miss u a great deal da jie! she always call me ah di.. well no one will call me that anymore... and the ever crappy karen and alot more of u ppl out there! miss u guys lots and well now the agency take over the employment instead of direct... i gonna miss those letters olympus keep sending me.. hahaha...

went training today... quite surprise that i still can sprint rather fast n i think i can throw further n do stern dip without much strength... i guess i really had enough rest! hahaa.. well i am still not in the IVP team but i am sure i will work my way thru it.. gonna miss training in april but HEY! i will be training with sakura instead... i hope i can bring back some japanese secrets decoded by urs truly ALVIN LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe hahahahaha... and i had a weird dream last nite... i dreamt that i went down for the nat team selection... rachel came.. she want to be back into nat team but its for U21 guys... kinda weird.. but yeah.. i better stay focus n do all my best for this sat selection.. *keeping my fingers cross*

tmr gonna go kallang n do some sprinting! cant wait! its been how long since i touch those dirty water! hahaha.. but i hope i dun get ugly tan! haha..

Sunday, March 12, 2006

guess who is who?! Posted by Picasa

Panasonic Lumix LC20 -> Canon Ixus i -> Olympus MJU 700 panasonic camera is the worst camera i ever got.. my canon ccd gonna spoil.. and yeah finally a proud owner of an olympus camera after working for olympus for almost 3 long years... Posted by Picasa

the thickness of the 3 cameras... Posted by Picasa