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Saturday, July 16, 2005

the girls are good... that's wat jonathan said yest... yup.. it is... yest was horrible... i played so horrible... once again... i was pointed to be very slow in reaction and jonathan explains... i always like to draw to the ball instead of go n get the ball then and do a stern dip... i better start practising... jonathan trying to get us to play with the method of pass n go... he said that we always sit outside the zone too much... that is something that no one bother to change... i did alot of stupid passes... damm stupid.... i know that rudith can block it...i still force the pass...

things to improve is....
  • pass n go
  • do stern dip with ball
  • ball handling

i seriously wonder those ppl who are studying for their test instead of going to training if they are seriously studying like 8hrs a day that kind... training is just 2hrs... that's all... in the bus also can study... just like wei qiang can juggle with so many things n yet do well in most of his stuff... only 4 IVP guys came down.. hmm nvm next thurs will have more ppl!! i didnt go for sunday slots cuz for the past few days been doing other stuff other than studying... now i am mugging for BTN paper... i want a silver for IVP!!!

dunno why nowadays i feel so weak... in gym cant do as much as before.. maybe i rest too long... rested 3 days.. i want to start running again with my shoes... but now my feets are damm pain... itchy and dry...

quote from jonathan: you want that medal on ur chest or u just want to play polo for the sake of playing??

this is the super spastic pic of me n yao... hahahaa... Posted by Picasa

my lovely bunch of year 1 canoeists... Posted by Picasa

me and mel mel and yi xin... Posted by Picasa

kim hui... thanks for ur lovely kiss...hahaaa... Posted by Picasa

canoeist in year 3 biotech.... missing yi wei and wei qiang... see something in common?? we all are BLACK! hahahaa.... Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 15, 2005

HURRAY!!! i have been riding my dear vespa today!!! its so scary riding vespa on the expressway la... everyone is driving sooooo fast... and all cut into my lane cuz i riding very slow... its not i want to but its vespa cant catch up with the speed u know.... and my bike stall a few time... cuz i dunno if its gear 1 or neutral gear... and my left leg is bruised... i so dumb... i try to start the engine when i didnt turn on the key there... SO DUMB OF ME!!! i love the way my vespa HORN... so fucking cute la... i bet if i horn someone.. they sure laugh at me... i am still thinking how to ride to sch from home...

i was trapped at lido area...cuz it was raining damm badly so.. ya...cant ride my baby... then my aunt ask me to help her pick up her alter pants at far east... i did n went to PS to pass to her n meet beng... she damm nice la hahaa... its was $18 but she gave me $50 n ask me to keep the CHANGE!!! i got extra $32!!! hahaa and she help me get the cartel student discount card! so nice of her... that means i went to buy the FOX shirt with beng its free!! hahhaaa hurray!!! suppose to have zhihao they all to come to buy fox stuff together end up only me n beng... damm shiok sia... buy 4 items u get 50% discount!!! and i got another singlet which is so nice and i got another shorts for myself... yeah short sexy shorts! hahaha... i cant wait to ride on my vespa again!!! i love it sooo much....

i went to little india to get my knee guard to wear it in the boat... yes alot of u think i am a bloody freak but i am not!!! cuz my damm boat no.7 got bumps!! unlike other boat where it dun have those bumps at the knee area!!! so after every training i going to bring my knee guard home!!! i damm scare someone steal it AGAIN! and nowadays my feets are damm pain too...the footrest la... i think my legs suffer more than my fingers...

nowadays i enjoys training under jonathan.. its so organise n u know wat u gonna do every training and will try to accomplish watever u suppose to do... focus alot on it... it might be just 3weeks to IVP... but its always better to be late than nv... i am going to do my best for everything ma!!! i need to really study hard for my 2 paper... hope this sem i can get B for all my modules... that is the least i wanna i shall work towards it!!!!

vespa riding to sch
training in sch
giving tuition
studying at home :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

ok ppl listen up!!!! i going to charge u all for $1 per ride for my vespa!!! all funds will go to purchasing of all these stuff....

  1. street directory
  2. parking coupons
  3. petrol
  4. 2T oil
  5. soap & sponge
  6. getting the chrome bar to put my bags n stuff ($75!!)
  7. repainting my vespa
  8. plastic surgery on the vespa...
  9. top up of cash card

well if u all dun want to pay $1... can just simply donate those stuff above to me!!! hahahaa... oh ya if want to take photo with my vespa... that will cost u an additional for $1!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

riding vespa made me a HAPPY BOY!!! Posted by Picasa

me n the uncle in the shop!!! Posted by Picasa

this is the vespa i gonna buy!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 11, 2005

hehehee..... everybody.. i am happy to announce that.... I PASS MY MOTORCYCLE CLASS 2B!!! HURRAY!!! i am finally qualified to ride!!! yeah baby! i gonna ride my little vespa!!! cant wait!! but i still dun have enough money!!! guess wat!!!! MY MOM STILL DUNNO ABT IT!! I DUNNO HOW TO TELL HER!!!!

damm damm freaking happy la!!! i so scare that i fail again! and that stupid indian guy that cuz me to fail... is taking the same day as me and he is just in front of me! i am 63 he is 62... fuck man... and i told myself i better stay far far away from him and dun ride so near him!!! u know when i was during the U-turn i didnt do a good one.... but that tester didnt see it! cuz too many ppl turn at one shot! then by the time he look at me i already turn finish la la la.... damm damm happy!!! i am speechless... i hope to have this super happy feeling on nation champs this year... i want to be a happy boy this national champs....

was talking to jonathan online... he told me that if meet kenta hoya i will love canoe polo even more! then i was like OH NO.... i love canoe polo so much already... i love somemore i can just simply retain n play somemore polo!!! hhahahaah.... anyway nowadays gameplay are getting better... everyone starts to learn how to play man marking but still have alot to improve in such a short time... the girls keeping are improving... both juju n tiong... the junior girls like daph n ester stsrts to know how to dribble forward more instead of doing bad passing to team mate when they dunno who to pass to.... GOOD! well... i am sick of ppl that know that they are not in IVP team then starts not to come for training.... COME ON MAN! U ARE STILL PLAYING FOR OPEN! and some of them are in IVP team also didnt even bother coming for extra poolslots on sunday... these ppl SUCKS! nowadays sunday hardly anyone use dagger cuz so few ppl come that... i might as well invite the year 1 freshies to come n paddle... i bet they are more enthu to come on sunday than the seniors... if not... i ask syaz or rudith to invite some nation team players down to use our pool slot... play against better players.. have special guest appearance every week hahaa....


Sunday, July 10, 2005

i am irritated again by my laptop.... the buttons at the taskbar keep disappearing!!! i dunno how to get it back... then now i have to keep using alt+tab... haiz... then nowadays sometime the wireless siao siao one... suddenly can connect out of the blue....

i gonna talk abt non-canoe stuff.... fri went for my bike lesson... i really hope i pass on monday for my tp test! i cant wait to ride my vespa!!! on the way home... i have to take 187 follow by 171.... when i board 187... i smell bee hoon... then when i walk to the back to sit down... i step on a box... i look down... its some noodles spilled all over the place... wau lau dunno who spill it... i think is the chao ah beng sitting in front of me... aiyo then the whole bus got the noodles smell la.... lucky i getting down in just a few stops...

when i board 171... i smell something again... it smell like durian... then i smell again.. no... its smell like some alcohol... then i think.. smell like vomit... then i cant be bother then i just sleep... cuz i dun see any bags of durians around n no vomit... then when i exit the bus.... i saw this whole pool of vomit! wat the.... its brown la... yucks... i have been smelling vomit for 40mins in the bus!! yucks... what's wrong with all the buses in singapore... cant they be more like JAPAN! ----> that's why i should get a personal transport instead....

i think libang is damm funny la... nowadays during training he will sometimes say some funny stuff... hahaha... then when the girls did some mistakes they have been doing for countless time.. he just haiz.. hahaha so funny.. then he was correcting my mistakes... he said that my reaction slow... then i was puzzled... later on he explained.... my speed is fast when going for the ball but when pick up the ball its slow... i need to improve on that...

things to train on before national champs....
  • faster reaction
  • better goal keeping
  • better dips
  • able to receive ball from awkward position n funny directions...
  • pick up ball n shoot without hesitation..
  • pushing the zoners out of their position
today i really confirm my hypothesis that... a person who can defence well are totally useless... becuz they hardly play chaser n goal keeping... guys who are not aggressive are totally useless as well :)

gonna start studying my stuff soon... tmr is totally pack for me... going for TP test n have 4hrs of tuition to give and tues going to catch the super nice japanese movie "BE WITH YOU" with my friends and evening go over to ben ho place for BBQ with yao joyce they all....

oh besty friend grace yanni yanti is back from aussie!!! got to meet her during study n exam weeks cuz she going back soon!!!!!!!!