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Saturday, May 01, 2004

thurs maths paper was a killer... my laptop crash on wednesday... wau a lucky week... lucky got to save 90% of my photos n video in the safe mode... HOWEVER... i lost some really nice video... that april fool joke on chloe... FUCK! hey hannah i know u will curse at me but... i am sorry!

i now in a really nice mood to study la la... today morning woke up early...10am to go eat dim sum with my fuck-up aunties and my grandma... my poor grandma got some injuries on her knee then none of my aunties help her carry her bag n stuff... dunno what stuff she carrying so heavy i went to help her carry it... dunno wat kind of daughter she have man... i am sure they will be those bitches who will cry during her funeral n say things like how filial they are... FUCK OFF la... now i will cherish moment with my grandma n grandpa... cuz i always lost my paternal grandparents... dun have much impression of my ah gong cuz he have been sick when i was born... n i always go over stay with my grandma... haiz... well.. old ppl are needy ppl... so guys be nice to old ppl! or else... dunno what will happen to u when ya old...

having a bad dream not nitemare... there's a difference... abt huiling.. my pri sch friend... i dreamt that i attend her mother funeral! when her mother is still alive! n she was all alone in the funeral with no one else! freak! scary.. only me there to comfort her... haiz... i think i was dreaming abt my pri sch too... miss it alot alot alot! i dreamt abt i was playing with my pri sch friends as in the present now we all go back sch n take some nice n stupid photos! haiz.. i miss pri sch! how!

just went to friendster also... i saw grace friendster! her photo of her in australia so nice! make me miss of her so much! grace i love u!!! ahaha.... then somehow saw some st gabs friendster also.. guess wat! i saw that stupid VP friendster! everyone was like scolding him like FUCK! hahahaa...... oh ya today my one n only nice aunty told me that day the VP went over to her n ask her to sponsor st gabs in some golf tournament... sounds grand huh... FUCK OFF LA VP! kani nabei chao chee bye... i got 21points for prelim dun wan change it to 20... n always find trouble with me! fucker! i ask my aunt not to sponsor st gabs leh... cuz of u! my uncle is the boss leh.. wat u wan to do! fucker! cant stand that bastard!

oh ya then saw some of the juniors in st gabs haha quite cool la... think now st gabs is spilted to 4groups of ppl... nerd, posers, ah beng and those really cool ppl... hahah... haiz... if only i am so happening in st gabs back then... i realise i am damm NO LIFE back in st gabs... sec1 n 2 everyday go home str8 away after sch n reach home study n sleep... sec 3 n 4 stay in sch almost everyday do hw.. study.. i think i study alot in st gabs more than i have fun... i nv go town after sch before! FUCK I just realise that! i am so boring!

going off le... now its 4am... thanks for that nap in the late afternoon that cuz me to be here... need to do some stuff n study then go to sleep.... later on i wan go n run n swim!!!! i dunno see how ba hahahaa.... love u guys!

Monday, April 26, 2004

argh! cant stand it!! today didnt study much... each day getting worst... FUCK why cant i study!!! i really going into a deep shit man... fuck.. went to watch dawn of the dead with joyce ken n steff... ken was like so late can! then saw kerrie with her AHEM.... anyway... the show rox! damm funny... we laugh most of the time.... damm funny k... joyce was like scaring steff!! then i burst out laughing n joyce laughing at me! hahaha she say my laughter is addictive... ahhahaha.... anyway.. its so resident in more like the game than the movie one.... so nice!!! i like zombie!!! hehee... ROX!!

anyway later on joyce went home early... n we went to ZARA n i tried tons of shirts! all looks simply great! yes.. damm nice... anyway i got 2 t-shirts from there... total... $26.80 how cheap is it! its kids wear!! i got the largest size!! n its really nice lor!!! damm i should spent those $$... its so sinful... but i cant resist the temptation from buying cheap nice clothes!! esp when u start to think all ur clothes in ur wardrobe sux.. hahaa... i got tons of shirts... i think i can wear one per day without repeating it for a month! that is how many i have!

went AJC to see zhen ru they all play vball... hahaa so lame... hannah la... anyway was nice to see them play quite nice... zhen ru damm funny do lots of stupid but cute actions... she really look like hello kitty... hahaha.... then kai mei also damm funny i think she look like my st gabs friend that jasper... hahaha and si jia got damm funny actions too n glecy look like one of the zombie in dawn of the dead!!! hehee....

hate it! i need to study seriously!!! save me from failing someone! i think i only can help myself......

Sunday, April 25, 2004

now i will change the video more often... i just realise i got alot funny vids... hahaa... currently playing is from ching! ahhaha... ben send to me... damm funny stupid ching drunk talk stupid stuff....
haiz... all u ppl! always read my blog nv tag.. make my blog looks so dead... GO AWAY LA SMALL NEH NEH POK!

hate studying at home.. cuz i am playing with my stuff... how man!! i cant study sure die! tml i going to watch dawn of the dead with joyce n ken!!! yeah!! i looking forward but mum where is my pocket money.... she have been running away from home n pretending that she gave me $$ le... idiot! i am so broke k!!!

oh my god man! i shall really train hard for canoe polo once exam end! michelle so damm chio cant stand it!!! she is so much chio-er than leslie... DROOL!!! eugene!!! intro me michelle... hehee... i cant believe she is single!! do i stand a chance!!?!??!? help me!!! i am CRAZY IN LOVE with her!! go find her in friendster thru canoe polo...

hahaa so funny.. i just change all my photo from samuel to all those girls then everyone was like alvin why u suddenly turn str8!! damm it! then ask me dun be so sad... ask me why i dump samuel... wat the hell!!! hahahaa....