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Saturday, October 28, 2006

hey people... i dunno if u all miss me... but somehow.. ever since i enlisted... booking out is like nothing exciting.. i dunno why... anyway... really enjoy fooling around with my platoon mates... they are mega joker! like wat i said... those ku ku ppl are still damm ku ku... i try so hard not to laugh but omg... my sergent they all also funny one they tease them until wau lau... then everytime i laugh i laugh damm fucking loud... i think my officer they all think i am not serious leh... nonetheless... i still aiming to go OCS... i wanna get into pilot.. and ya.. botak really make ppl look ugly... my section there is this guy he is like ah beng with tattoo n look abit like those drug addict... but i saw his pic before enlisted right... wau he is quite yan dao with long hair like F4 and he look like those hong kong guys! hahaha... then my buddy also he is a pretty boy kind... actually alot of them all have LONG HAIR! i guess mine is the shortest... and another guy also got long hair wau... they look prettier than their ex-gf... oh ya i finally saw joshua in camp hahaha... oh ya i am joining tug of war for games day for my company.. and in the team... consists of all the NP n TP canoepolo n dragon boat ppl... we gonna be the power house n win!

i always like to end my post with something funny... i just know abt joyce new blog! so freaking funny.. this is ripped from her blog..

i lost my toenails in zouk. left foot, big toe half chipped, and right foot the toenail is swinging on a thin hinge. help!!! i should have worn combat boots, i forgot that canoe boys can blindly step on my poor feet in their fit of madness. good luck to their first night of defending the nation! don't drop your soap bars, especiall alvin! who probably wont read this line, so that's ok anyway. until he gets out in three weeks time. oh i will miss my pseudo-jap metrosexual friend. who as of now will be hairless(on the top only la, not sure about the bottom, though!) and sleeping in formless and dull khaki green camouflage unglamorous unstylish army uniform. ahhahahahaha.

and of course... joyce is a very good chinese speaker! entertaining indeed...

chinese oral in about thirteen hours time. yay! decipher this:

wo ming tian, bu shi, wo jing tian you hua wen kou shi! wo hao chao qi! you hen duo zi wo bu hui jiang huo du, si diao le. zai liang dian shi wu fen zong, wo de kou shi hui kai shi. wo xi wang wo ke yi ji ke, ying wei hua wen dui wo hen zong yao. qing ni men ken wo yi qi qi dao jiao tian shi, wo bu zhi tao ze me yang shuo.

wo de ma ya! hua wen fei chang cha!!!!

will be off for field camp n confine for 2weeks n only be back on 11nov.. take care ppl :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

my buddy keep singing this song... u know wat... my buddy, linus can sing better than the original one! serious! Posted by Picasa
i have been to lazy to blog.. book out last fri... somehow when i was in camp i was looking forward to book out but when i am out... somehow i felt lost in this world once again... sense of direction lost.. and i wish i could stay in tekong all the way till POP so that i know that i will nv have to return to tekong again...

i enjoy hanging around with my buddy... he is a recoursy n he can sing DAMM GOOD serious... the radio reception in tekong is damm bad la... so end up we just off the radio n he sing... can win singapore idol lor! field camp is on 4nov for 7days and ac invited me to attend her sister wedding but i cant make.. haiz...

thinking positively... bmt is only 9 weeks and 2weeks gone.. this week gonna be fast so 1/3 of it is gone... i hope nov will past by me fast... i gonna fight my way to get into pilot... if not i'll make sure i get myself a place in ocs..

grace coming back on 23nov... another reason why i want nov to pass quickly... i miss her so much!!! nonetheless... i still have ac n yao around to talk to... and yao thanks for accompany me for the past few days... depression hit me quite badly..

like wat u used to say to me... how i wish i have a controller and just pause that moment n just stay there forever...