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Saturday, January 06, 2007

i am soooo busy!!!! so many things to do but i cant do it cuz i am in camp!!! i need all my friends to help me do all the work for my bday.... i owe u all ppl BIG TIME! thank you ppl in advance!!!!

by the way.... pls dun buy me any spongebob or cartoon stuff for my bday pls! dun buy bags too... i have alot bags n t-shirts... maybe u all should chip up n buy me mac mini! ahahahaha... i want MAC!!! but i know its impossible hahahaa ok i want everything to go well smoothly on that day will do.... retro retro ok!!! think mambo jumbo! big geeky specs!!! cant wait! tons of things to plan n do... i shall lock myself up next weekend to finish up all the videos stuff!

Monday, January 01, 2007

love the firework yest... nice nice.. went dim sum in the noon with yao ac grace.... red star dim sum not that nice n its ex lor dunno why so many ppl go there sia..., i still prefer nan bei! or HK DIM SUM!!! went to ktv after that!!! go to the usual ktv place i like to hang out at... its cheap man!!! its $12.10 for 3hrs but we can sing extra hr longer cuz no one around!!! ho ho..... and yes spice girls songs are true classic!!! 10yrs ago! yeah... we gooooonnnnnnaaaa be damm old soon... and soon u will hear kelly clarkson songs for mambo jumbo nite! HAHHAHAHAHA

this new yr... i have not really set any resolution... but looking back at 2006... its been quite a good yr...
-finally grad from np (with very bad result)
-step down from my presidency from canoeing club (freedom rocks!)
-bag pack whole japan for a month
-went HK with my pri sch friends...
-enlisted early (since i repeat module in poly, else i would have enlist in jan instead of oct 06)
-got my driving license... my bike p-plate gone!
-sold my vespa...i love it alot but it gave me tons of problems too...

my 21st birthday party... will split into 2... 27jan celebrate with ac tgt with our pri sch friends, and all our other friends at bugis shophouse... and on 3rd feb i gonna celebrate our bday with the canoe ppl... yeah....

i think its better that i tell u all wat i want n dun want as present!

-long sleeve button collar shirt!
-polo tee
-very unique watch
-do something super duper nice for me! hahahaa (THINK HARD LA!)
-nice singlets :)
-canoepolo boat :)

-slippers or havanas
-no NUM clothes or watever pls!
-t-shirts... i have tons n tons of it...
-teddy bear n those fluffy stuff... no pls...
-vespa/mini cooper toy.... i got alot!
-pls dun buy caps/hats/helmets

will update again.... seee u all soon!!! BOOK IN LOR!!!!

Sunday, December 31, 2006

this is wat happen if u dun use tripod for nightshot+portrait!! nonetheless this looks gooodddddd yeah!
esplanade firework!! yeah!!!

brandon, ac, siao mei and meeeeeeeeeee

exciting new yr countdown... FIREWORKS! BOMB BOMB! hahaa

KTV with weili, yao, grace and ac!!!! super duper fun!!! i want to ktv again!!! yeah!!! cheap cheap only $12.10 for 4hrs! mauhauahauaha

i like this zara long sleeve shirt!!!! pls pls pls get for me! hahahaa..

samuel!!! u better stick to ur 2007 resolution ok! if not i chop u upside down!

my mama CAN BLOW U OFF with this! WATCH OUT!

dun bully my mama or she SHOOT U!

me n my mama...

my mother n ah ma... dunno why wear until so red.. as if national day or chinese new yr... hahaa

photo from ac camera : can u spot me?!!?!? hahaha (i forever smiling hahaa)