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Saturday, April 21, 2007


hoho... my surprise mission FAILED badly... hahaha anyway as long as we go... GOOD ENOUGH HOR LIN! hahahah

so we got samuel wong to draw this! hahaha... cool huh!

VENESSA!! hahaha my sports camp junior! LOL... n now we all grad! how time flies man...

me lin edward... the rest of the nacc ppl MIA!!!

so after lin place... the four of us went to st gabs n tooook photo! hahaha yeah lin house is super near st gabs man!!! its super new now n all of us want to go in n seeeeee!!!

yeah i drove them around with my expensive car... hoho...

and i accidentally bang into samuel wong... see! he flew! great jackie chan stunt!!!

let us go!!!!! hahahaha alright nat was really really funny.... i shall tell u all the joke next time! hahaha row row row ur boat! hahaha nat u win already la!
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GOD: who are u?
tC: who are u? thanks anyway :)
aeron: ya i know it sucks
Els: hahaha la la not only u say samuel fat other ppl also say so! hahaha
Dea: i only this week wed can come out!! i try ok!! no promise!!!
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yeah i went to find nicolle who is working at upper thomson branch of awfully chocolate!!! ahhhh its been damm long since i last met her.... almost 2yrs! its really really nice catching up with her!!! ahhh!! and she stays quite near me n we gonna have more supper or maybe breakfast often man!!! mauhauhaua!!!

nicolle treat me their chocolate ice cream... its really rich and its awfully NICE! yeah... the box is sooooo cool... like those takeaway chinese food in the states.. and the spoon is HUGE! hahahaha

the birthday girl!!! siaooooooo MEI!

siao mei... not i purposely put unglam pic of u but its the person who took it n u also pose for it... and its our only group photo pics!!!

siao mei in her njc uniform n i am in NJC PE ATTIRE!!! hahahaha

hmmm...... since when siao mei became a canoeist....

since when she jump from NTU to NP???

My Exclusive photo with the birthday girl!!! hahaha siao mei in nanyang girls uniform!!! no one else got photo with her in this! YEAH MINE IS EXCLUSIVE!!!
HAPPY BIG 20!!! u rocks!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007


sam,hao,me...... mambo!! yeah man... its beeeeeen 5months since i last mambo! i miss it totally man!!! yeah... the last time was with AC! yes u girl! missssss mamboing with u!!! initially its quite empty but suddenly the whole flow of crowd came! hahaha
mambo was great.. phuture was damm fantastic too... andrew chow music really rocks!!! he can mix the song milkshake n michael jackson song tgt!!! freaking goooood!!! i only like R&B spin by him n NO ONE ELSE! hahaha
our beer... plus samuel's shoe n hao's car... yeah i drank that big bottle of heineken, 2 glass of vodka orange n half bottle of samuel's e33 hahahaha yeah i was HIGH! everyone thinks i am crazy but i am just trying to have FUN!!!

i saw reuben! my safsa dragonboat team mate..haha he look like me in this pic right!!! damm funny he was stoning n i make him follow all my crazy moves... he is a super good trainer! u rocks! and pls come for training often ok! once a week is not enough! hahahaha...

and... JOYCE SHOUT AT ME FROM THE DANCEFLOOR!! i think all joyce from chij tp are damm funny! hahaha i keep disturbing joyce nonstop hahaha i think she likes me to disturb her! HOHO!!! JOYCE STOP READING MAGAZINE AT THE INFO COUNTER!! yes that is what she do all the time at borders... and she can buy ice cream n eat while the manager brief us... she rocks too! hahahaha

the only other canoeist at zouk! lingzhen! hahahaa... i think she damm shock! hahaha.. where is ur monsters! all PS u n never club ah!!!

so we left zouk at 2plus or 3... went for supper n GOOD NITE EVERYONE!!! hahaha

Sunday, April 15, 2007

exactly one year ago... i was in tokyo having GYOZA PARTY WITH JAPANESE CANOEPOLO PLAYERS!!!!! I MISS U DUDES!!! gyoza OISHII NE! mata aitai ne!!!! i am so tempted to go JAPAN PLS!!! japan tickets is CHEAP!! CHEAP!!!!

i went to watch the play blithe spirit.... SELENA TAN ROCKS! she is freaking funny man! hahaha.... when i was watching her acting... she reminds me of joyce... seriously i think joyce she fully make use her drama potential... n be a drama mama queen! seriously its damm funny n it rocks! ho ho!!!

went ikea with johnny! first time to the tampines ikea! the whole place is HUGE! ho ho we look like some factory workers in the photo... hahahha too crowded to settle down for swedish MEATBALLSSSSSS! hahaa

after that...went to pick up samuel wong bui bui (fat fat in hokkien) yeah that is his new name... upgrade from samuel wong ah gau (dog in hokkien) reason for calling him bui bui... cuz jia zhen told me elsyne said he became fat! hahaha... so yeah samuel wong bui bui!! hahaha i guess ur training at cali gym is useless... COME JOIN SAFSA and u will be FIT in NO TIME!! hahaha

talking abt safsa.... their training combine with national team training... i have a hard time trying to catch up in run...

even though its my 4th training with them but still i am quite far embarrassing... but its nothing new that i CANT RUN FOR GOODNESS SAKE... yeah i have damm short legs.. at least for the rowing part i still surviving well... and yes joyce... u said everyone training is my funeral but I resurrect!! hoho... now every sat n sun i get to see my nat team polo girls and the sprinters! so afterall i wont be missing nacc ppl that much! and all my team mates are all ex canoeists! rjc njc tpjc.... if only safsa have canoe then i think everyone else will flock to safsa canoe...

so sad that i wont be playing for srrr this time round... but its ok... i shall use db to train n build up my endurance n stamina level... n revive back my sprinting power! then will be able to fly like those sakura in the pool... ho ho... yeah hope i can really train till that level.... rowdy boys!!! come back soon n lets kick other team's assssssssss!

back to army stuff.... now i am at 5 SIR yeah... my bunk now is DAVE-free... those who in my bunk will know hahaha... anyway that place sucks man! have to walk freaking far from the bus stop all the way up... its like climbing the slope in bukit timah hill... so yeah... and i have to wear shoes n tuck in my shirt if i want to get out of my room to pee or brush teeth... how shitty is that.. cuz we are commanders n have to set good example... lucky nv as us wear shoes to go bath if not.... I SHALL PEE and SHOWER IN THE BUNK!!

yeah army having pay increase BUT SO WAT! i rather they shorten the service term can... I RATHER I PAY THEM TO LET ME GET OUT OF ARMY... hahaaa.... i am so different inside camp n outside camp... usually i isolate myself in the bunk.... like wat my bunk mates always said.... ALVIN IN HIS OWN WORLD AGAIN.... hahaha yeah... i just rather spend my time reading books n listen to my songs than to engage in low level of intelligent talking... HAHA! no la just kidding... they are quite funny ppl... and now our bunk is DAVE-free so we have more freedom to BITCH around!