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Saturday, April 28, 2007

I GOT MY IMAC*!!! woooooo!!!!

haiz... my laptop is still down... n guess wat! my younger bro desktop crashed too! GREAT! wat a celebration... HAIL PC!! and now left wih my elder bro toshiba laptop.. gonna crush soon cuz its TOSHIBA! PLS DO NOT BUY TOSHIBA! its really super bad... anyway... i have no idea when i will be able to get imac... cant wait man.. and weijian is trying to help me retrieve some data from my hard disk... haiz...

*imac borrowed from weijian hahaha... not mine la!

GRACE! i did a FREAKING NICE PHOTO COLLAGE FOR U BUT MY COMP CRUSHED.... i dun think i will be able to do another one by ur birthday! forgive me...

anyway... i met xinting to ask her to pass grace her 21st bday present at aussie... grace! i bet u super love this man... so nice right.... and fuji camera is super good... its 6mega but it beats my olympus 7mega cam flats totally! its so vivid n sharp! shame on my camera.... so i called grace n she is soooooo happy until she is lost for words.... hahahaha she still very shock to receive a $400 gift.. yup... that's the surprise i said in my previous entry... so now i am broke... but its ok i dun need so much money to survive.. ya... LOVE YA GRACE!! my wife! ho ho...

love this pic taken with u..... come back soon ah! missss uuuuuuuuuu!

* alvin & grace *

its sooo sian to blog without my own comp.. argh.... pls donate money to me to get new laptop! thanks!

have i told u how much i love this guy...

LEE SHENG JIE! yeah i love ppl with same surname as me... hahaha

his songs rocks.. esp those love songs!