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Thursday, March 04, 2004

wEEe!! common test over!! hmmm the chem paper was ok la.. just that mole calculation sure die hahaha hope can get back all my paper next week!! went for the microbio lecture after test yest... ok la try to catch abit ball here n there haha...

after that it was super duper fun man!!! i wore acjc uniform to town again!!! i went to meet rachel!!! la la la... talk talk talk... then walk around... wait for samuel to come... then go kfc eat... SHROOMS! haha then suddenly we saw HAO!!! ah!! so long nv see him le!! hahaha... then we took photos!!! he in njc.. rach in cjc.. sam in ajc... i am in acjc... mauhaha alll 4 diff jc took nice nice photo!! all really from their jc except me! ehehe aiya who cares... anyway... after that went zara with rachel n samuel... muahaha me n samuel went crazy.. we went to try out the jumpers.. then we change together in the changing room n took photo!! hahaha damm funny... then we switch uniform...

wau lau! ajc uniform sux! hahaa the pants look like some ah peh pants... then so hot lor... i wore samuel uniform.. the shirt is big n the pants abit tight but still alright... samuel wore mine damm funny ah... his shirt is abit small then the pants looks like it gonna drop any moment!! hahaha... then samuel keep on commenting that acjc pants is damm nice n can wear out! haha he also wan to buy acjc pants!!! haha then went to pei him buy.. too buy dun have stock for the shirt!! haha la la la.. then we went to take neoprint at hereen!! damm nice!! hahaha rachel was super funny haha.. later on went to far east again took neoprint with samuel again... hahaa.. nice!!! couple shot of the year!!! GAY FOR LIFE!!! haha

damm fun... argh... dunno if fri will get to go crash njc or not leh... hmmph.. oh ya.. this morning novi just msg me... the IT show is next week not this week haiz i keep on thinking that is this week.. cant la next week sch start le.. haiz... nvm still waiting to work as tutor... argh!! video cam here i come!! hehee

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

oh my god... something scary happen... thanks to friendster... help me uncovered some truth from the past... anyway its the past already... no point digging out again... i got to sleep... its 2.42am i am rotting the whole day... gonna wake up at 6am later... my last paper here i come!!!

Sunday, February 29, 2004

wau lau super sian... haiz i am rotting at home... even though the test is tml but.. i just no mood to study cuz its like there is nothing to study lor.. haiz.. always got this feeling... just like before o level... is it because i prepare too much n there is a break in btwn... aiya good luck to me tml!!! top module here i come!!!

oh ya was talking to samuel online just now.. hahaha wed i gonna meet him... ya after my test then going to switch uniform with him... he will be acjc hunk n i will be ajc hunk.. hahaa... wow my baby miss ya... *muack*

si xue er!!! she going to highlight her hair tml.. n nv jio me... somemore she going with glenn... kao.. nowadays she dump me for glenn sia... haiz... nvm.. i going to the place kerrie intro me maybe next week.. kerrie say i should keep my hair abit longer... now i seriously dunno wat to do with my hair.. haiz..

tml after my paper going to pei my sista find ms ong for IPC... hmm after i was quite worried i might fail my ipc... but now after doing all those notes.. i was like.. eh its ok ma... just that i nv really read thru n pay attention during lecture.. haiz... anyway after that i going to do some self training.. going for a run then go gym!!! 6 pecs here i come!! muahaha... after that i wan to go n swim!! hahaha.... la la la...