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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Welcome 2 陣頭~!

Yesterday, I was invited to watch 陣頭 (Din Tao in dialect). This show was no.1 during CNY period in Taiwan! I think not many Singaporeans will know what is Din Tao... even for me as a Chinese, I totally have no idea what it is...

So this is the explanation for Din Tao:

“Din-tao” plays an important role in the Taiwanese culture and religion. Its origin could be dated back to the time when the Chinese began to immigrate to Taiwan. The long history of Din-tao shows not only its importance but how it is entwined with the Taiwanese culture and traditions.  Din-tao is a religious ritual performed in order to express people’s gratitude towards gods and goddesses at the religious festivals. The Din-tao troupes act as bodyguards when the gods and goddesses go on a parade. On the other hand, as a Din-tao ritual is carried out in a form of a performance which tells the folklore, it proves to be a popular entertainment for the masses.

 Moreover, it has become an important street art in Taiwan. To a certain degree, Din-tao helps people consolidate their solidarity in the local communities. The vigorous vitality Din-tao demonstrates and the traditional teaching it conveys makes it a crucial reference to the traditional Taiwanese ethics and cultural values.

I actually found another version of the movie poster.... I kinda like this poster. The intense drumming passion.

So how's the plot of the movie??? watch this trailer...

I hope you managed to know what's the story is gonna be like? I won't want to reveal too much. Basically, there's rivalry between 2 families, Tradition VS Modern and one very important value of Taiwanese... Respecting Elderly.

The only one thing I don't like, (nothing wrong with the movie itself) is MDA don't allow the original dialect dialogs.... most of it are voice over in Mandarin...

I personally feel is damm stupid + BIAS... why can't they treat it just like a Japanese or Korean movie? Imagine your Japanese movie you hear voice over in mandarin, it's so weird....

I mean if people don't understand the dialect.... there's English subtitle there. MDA should really remove their lame rule over the percentage used in a movie... it really reduce the "feeling" for the show...

Nonetheless, if you love Taiwan movie, you will 200% love this movie. Though you can't tell from the trailer but the movie really have very funny moments just like "那些年。。。" (You are the Apple of my eye) I totally enjoyed it!!

Furthermore, now I know more about Din Tao, my next trip to Taiwan, I really hope to see the real thing for myself! I whatsapp my Taiwanese friends and told them about the movie and they said it is really base on a REAL STORY!!! He is going to bring me to see the real thing! SO EXCITED! CAN'T WAIT 2 GO TAIWAN AGAIN!!!

I realised I did not blog about my wonderful Taiwan trip last year.... Now Taiwan is my No.1 retirement place for me.... hehe.... Everyone please catch this movie when it is out in Singapore 31st May!!! MUST WATCH! :)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lame Joke Sunday

Erubin's sunday lame joke special! haha....