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Thursday, August 18, 2011


I just caught Family Outing yesterday and I really love it. I went in without knowing what is gonna happen and I am not gonna tell you what happen so you should just go see for yourself! Tickets are running out fast. It's showing until this Sunday. Please grab your tickets at

Heading to Tioman for my Scuba Diving Trip! So excited and will be back on Sunday! Will continue to update my Eurobin Trip!!! bye!!! Have a great weekend with FAMILY OUTING!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eurobin Trip Day 4 - 15 June - Edinburgh
Featuring Martin Sandison

After one whole night of train ride... finally arrived at EDINBURGH!! along the way... saw so many cows on the grass... so nice... i love countryside... so peaceful... i am just a typical city boy...

Martin waited for me at the train station! It was 6.30am! sorry to make you wake up so early!! and thank you for having me at your place and taking time off to bring me around Scotland!!!!

How I met Martin: It's really interesting because we actually met in CHIANG MAI, Thailand last year december. One of the nights, when I was clubbing with the rest of the Singaporeans, we were club hopping and bumped into Martin and Lawrence! We exchanged contacts and ta da! We met again! Really nice to meet friends all over the world... i love it!

You can see this from FAR!!


I am sure it's nice to sit at the green patches but.... IT FREAKING COLD PLS! U CANT FEEL IT FROM THIS PHOTO BUT I TELL U... YES ITS FREAKING COLD!!!! It's around 14/15degrees?

After I dropped my bags at Martin's place, we headed towards Stirling! By Scotrail of course!

Our way to the train station, saw this Mentos walking box... haha... i dun think its effective... FAIL

Welcome to Stirling! :)

Stirling castle!

Look at the photo carefully.... notice anything strange???

His dick is sticking OUT! i think its a fake prop or something... i have no idea why is it like that... LAME

the scenery from the top is BREATHLESS!!!

photo jumbled up again.... traditional scottish windpipe!

ceiling in one of the rooms in Stirling castle... i doubt they have it when it just built? looks too new... even restore, it has this modern look...

I really love the view...

I am so short and I have to bend... I can't imagine those tall Scottish camping inside here...

Scotland... why are you so beautiful??? I love you....

I am Prince Erubin! Welcome to my Castle! hahaha

Camera cant capture the real beauty of the place... it only can roughly show u... seeing is believing...

Super windy!! freaking cold!!! tell u something stupid.... i never bring my jeans along with me to scotland... i wore berms all the way and it's freaking cold... stupid me...

So cute! hahaha I wonder if it is easier or harder to cycle this!

I dont care if ppl call me camwhore... BUT SCOTLAND IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL TO CAMWHORE WITH!!

That's a small cafe! Nice country house :)

Martin and I went to somewhere nearby for a hike!

At the middle of the road....

KARMA!!!!! seriously.... i saw this slug... and quite curious.. so I just split saliva on it to see how it will react.... it just coiled.... and u know what... moments later... I SLIPPED AND FALL ON MUD!! my WHITE ONITSUKA turn BLACK! so sad.... I really really believe that it's karma!!!! argh... be kind and nice... really scare of karma...

This photo must be taken before i fall... hahaha cuz after the fall my face was really "BLACK" hahaha.... but seriously... scotland is a place for honeymoon and relax... so nice... slow pace, peaceful and i just love it!!!!

dinner... i chose British Fish & Chips! it's really just average... kinda disappointed... because....

martin ordered HAGGIS (traditional scottish food!) and it tasted really gooood!!!! Haggis is made up of minced heart, liver and other interestines of sheep or cow and I thought it must be a little be gross (i regretted!) but oh my god... it is GOOD!!!! My imagination just made it gross but haggis is really good!!!

Martin! Nicky Tams at Stirling where he used to always hang out during his days in Stirling University!

Journey in Scotland continues.... :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eurobin Trip Day 3 - 14 June - London

During my whole London trip, I am staying at You Cai's place! Thanks for letting me to crash!! His area is quite nice...

Train station is nice too... but a little confusing!

so my 3rd day... I didn't do much but just catch 2 musicals! Phantom of the Opera and Wicked!! There have this binocular for rent! so cute!

Phantom of the Opera is SOOOO GOOD! i love it!!! when i was 8yrs old... i already like the soundtrack of Phantom of the Opera and after 17yrs... i managed to watch it!!! Like Les Miserables... i will wanna watch it AGAIN!

This is my snacks from my emirates flight... hahaa emirates just gave way too much food that I can't finish it so I kept it... DO NOT WASTE FOOD you know! so i had it during my break! :)

In the evening, I caught WICKED!!! Stupid lady cheated my money... she told me that me seat will be in the centre but I AM ALL THE WAY AT THE LAST ROW!!! FML... so i actually rent the binocular cuz the actors are all so small from my seat! I shall pay more for better seat next time!!! Really love the songs and I felt like i was in my GLEE moment again...

It's so good that you shouldn't miss it when you are in London or else.... REPENT!

me! haha...

Looking at which platform to board...

Platform 15! London to Edinburgh! so exciting!!! I am going to SCOTLAND!!! woohooooo~!!! heard so much about the place and I can't believe i am going over!!!

I really LOVE mark & spencer in UK... it's so nice... the pasta was really good but the smoothie taste a little bit too SOY and weird... didn't really like it....

OMG.... i wish i was a MILLIONAIRE... hahaha but u dun need to be a millionaire to eat this! ITS SOOOOOO AWESOME!!! The milk chocolate with the caramel below and the crumbs.. OMG... it's PERFECT!!! I really hope Singapore have this too!!!

Ready for SCOTLAND!? :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Eurobin Trip Day 2 - 13 June - London
Featuring Tingli & Pinkdot

Before the trip, I was thinking if i should bring out my dSLR as its gonna be heavier than compact camera.. but i guess... i did not regret bringing it out... i just enjoy taking nice photo...

saw this little girl turning back at me and wave! so cute....

London tube is really very expensive... even metro in Tokyo is cheaper than London...

Yeah! I am in TOKYO... NOT! haha... Met up with Tingli around Piccadily area...

Our Final Destination for today: LES MISERABLES!

This area is filled with many cute cafe... so we went into this cafe to have our BRUNCH~! :)

Thinking what to have...

I had this smoked salmon with sour cream bagel... IT'S SO GOOD!! LOVE IT!

Tingli's set is also GOOD!!! we were both so full after our brunch and it last us till DINNER! haha...

I like to be very touristy... haha what a stupid pose... just stand there like a guard haha

We just walked around the London eye area.. and explore the place..

We found Pinkdot with Sandcastle (Junfeng's film).

Found this big green grass chair! so cute! haha..

We felt like we are in Alice in Wonderland.. haha

Welcome to BFI!! British Film Institute~!!

At the same time, Tingli was doing FaceTime with her mother on her phone! Hello AUNTIE~!!

Haha... Tingli made me do this exaggerated facial expression! Tweeting with my new HTC Incredible S!!

This artist told us that he just love make bubbles... and he asked me to capture the bubble before it BURST!


This cafe looks kinda cute but all I see are old men having lunch there.. haha...

During the whole Eurobin Trip... I try to have photo of the day, which I try to take a beautiful photo... the key word here is TRY!

Saw this little kid playing around and just nice the water reflection blends really well with the environment... :)

Is the shop a laughing stock or the customers? haha... I should have try it and see if I will be laughing at myself or the shop... LOL


Thank you Tingli for skipping school and accompany me in London!!! Really enjoyed my time there... we keep talking with the LULU's China accent.. haha

I think it's possible to have 2 Photo of the day... hahaha I think this is nice too... this poor guard... surrounded by tourists!

Oxford street!

Passed by this Levi shop and they made a tree with Levi jeans! amazing!

H&M!!! I only have 2 T-shirts with me so I have to shop for clothes when I am in London.. And I have no idea that London's summer is so freaking COLD!! I didnt have any warm clothes with me!! (at least this gimme a reason to SHOP MORE!)

trying out the sizes...

we went to Chinatown to have our DUCK RICE + PORK CHAR SIEW!!! YUMS! It's so nice.. hahaha I only just came from Singapore so wasn't really craving for any Chinese food but I heard this is really good that I have to try! haha...

Poor Tingli who was homesick and craved for Soy bean milk!!

The place is Four Seasons in Chinatown... just walk around and u will find it!! :)

At the first look, I thought that Bubbleology is a gay shop because the usage of rainbow colour... but when i look closely... it's not... hahaa its a bubble tea shop! Did not try it cuz it is EXPENSIVE.. doubt it is any nicer than Asia ones..

Photo session with Pink Dot!! Tingli was carrying Pink Dot around and need to pass it to someone else... so we went to camwhoring around with Pink Dot....

I think this is the 2nd time taking photo with Pink Dot!! The first time was when it just started and I think Alfian asked me to took one photo with it... Few years back... now is different... cuz its LONDON not Singapore... haha

I just cant be bother with what is this place and just snap cuz i think its nice? haha

Weather was bright and sunny! so different from the morning cold windy weather... zzzzzz

sorry my photos got a little jumbled up... this photo of the China Aunties with the British guard is just so HILARIOUS... hahaha

I decided to do a stupid version of me beside the guard... normal smiley photo is so boring..

How can a London trip be complete without a PHOTO BOOTH PHOTO!?

JUMP SHOT! haha...

CHECK OUT MY ONITSUKA SHOES!!! IT'S STILL WHITE.... at the end of the trip its not anymore.. so sad...

Counting down to London Olympic! :)

We thought this guy looks like Tom Cruise? no? its really not him but this look like how a paparazzi will take a photo of tom cruise in sloppy clothes.. haha

Doesn't the lady look like Sue Sylvester from Glee? haha

We were really lucky that we bought the last 2 tickets to watch Les Miserables but we have to sit separately!! Tingli was all the way at the other side!

Really love the musical! it is SO GOOD... the stage is quite small but it is able to put every props there and its a rotating prop!! mind you.. this is a monday night and it is FULL HOUSE... crazy!!! I really don't mind watching it AGAIN!

That's the end of my day 2 in London... and Thank you TING LI!!! <3