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Saturday, October 30, 2004

this polo tee rocks too! Posted by Hello

i love this polo tee!!! Posted by Hello

jeremy wishing for winter in singapore.. Posted by Hello

the back is damm fucking nice la!!! look like surf board!!! Posted by Hello

this is damm nice!!! buy buy buy!!! for me for xmas k!!! thanks! Posted by Hello

see for urself! Posted by Hello

eh! paddle crack huh? Posted by Hello

everyone is nude except gopi... bathing in a tube... Posted by Hello

the 3 soakers... Posted by Hello

FUCK THE NATION!!! Posted by Hello

jeremy in his new SEXY shorts... yan ren feeling horny just being beside him... Posted by Hello

NACC guys raping JOSHUA... Posted by Hello

CLASS OF 1F08 BIOTECHNOLOGY 2003/2004 NP ppl not in the photo is serene, mel and yi xin Posted by Hello

ah ma missing ah gong... Posted by Hello

anyone miss instrumentation?? Posted by Hello

Friday, October 29, 2004

resting..haiz.. exams finally over...*phew* Posted by Hello

class chalet!! the only 4 person that wears the class T-shirt!! Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 24, 2004

woohoo!! finally exam is over!! let's celebrate!! *phew* i have to say that.. i really study my ass off for the past one week.... staying in sch everyday to study is not an easy task but i pull it thru!! last paper instrumentation... i thought that i would really fail... but i was so relieved n think i will get 60plus kind of marks.. i need a pass in this exam to REALLY PASS for this module... thanks william hunG! LOVE YA!!!

i quickly finish my paper cuz need to get IC from yao! haha wasnt in the mood to stay any longer there.. its freezing! then went training after that!! the feeling is so good AGAIN!! haha went home n change n sleep... wait till 9plus then left home for me fav nite activity.... CLUBBING!! woohoo!!!

went town to meet nicholas fung desmond edwin... fung damm funny he wore like he is going LIBRARY TO STUDY! but its quite cool also haha.. as usual.. nicholas borrow my IC.. i got common face for my IC photo.. hahaa.. then saw eunice n steff they all outside... n hang out with them most of the time yest.... pin yue was there too!! dance with her damm FUN! ROCKS!! we are HOT!! stupid steff... keep shouting for free drinks from me n loo every 5mins... irritating.. hahaa...

oh ya! damm funny! i saw this 2 st gabs guy from my batch one they sitting with yan ren n yan yi.. then i said HI!! to yan ren but the st gabs guys thought i was waving n saying hi to them then they like damm happy n HI back... hahaha actually i didnt realise they were sitting there la... kanna STUNNED! then later on inside... clifford just offer me drink out of NOWHERE!! i was damm SHOCK la... i didnt know him well la... i guess he must be DRUNK... hahaa... ROCKS ROCKS!! CLUBBING AGAIN SOON!! reach home at 530+ then i woke up again at 8am for canoe training at kallang... i ROCKS right! hahaa...

muahha... LOO... wat do ya think ya doing? CAUGHT U! hahaa... Posted by Hello

CLUBBING ALERT!!! BE CAREFUL.... PIG LEGS SPOTTED AT SOS LAST NITE... muahah damm funny... me yauting n loo was sitting down when this fat girl damm in front of us.. we were laughing like some crazy freaks! she shake until her fats were shaking along with it too!! hahaha!!! MAJOR TURN OFF! Posted by Hello

CHIJ TP GIRLS ARE HOT!!! i am from ij tp too! Posted by Hello

pin yue!!! my hottest dance partner yesterday!! woohoo!!! HOT HOT!! clubbing again soon!!! Posted by Hello

eunice! kanna grab by this despo guy TWICE during clubbing!! yauting ask me to save her but i saw her holding onto that guy so i nv help her... hahaha damm funny la!! put ice into her clothes! hahaa... Posted by Hello

steff tham! she thinks she is HOT... i guess NOT!! haha.. kidding.. she chio meh? why so many guys keep asking me abt her.. SMALL NEH NEH! Posted by Hello

reasons for not swimming in NP swimming pool is that... ppl like yan ri... jump into the pool after we dump him in the rubbish bin with soya bean n some funny snacks poured over him... Posted by Hello