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Saturday, July 22, 2006

have been suppering with both my borders colleagues yest n tonite... yest was super classic... samantha was telling us all the funny, no actually its RUDE customers and it turns out to be dammm dammm hilarious! especially the chicken lan thing and unforturnately stuff... muahuahauaa.... i think we all can compile a book called "BORDERS BEST,WORST CUSTOMERS"

yes... today got the best best offer in borders ever since i start work! there is additional discount on top for the 3 for 2 books! which means... imagine u buying 3 books under the "3 for 2" category and EXAMPLE 1 book is $17... so u actually pay for the price of 2 which is $34 and $34 got additional 20% which i myself as a staff dun even enjoy it lor... like wat the hell so tmr i shall just go n chiong n buy... i really siao lor... i buy so many books and i have not even started one... but then all these gonna accompany me after i quit borders! muahauhauaha!

i have not row a canoe for 3weeks... oh man... this is worst than i away from singapore for 1month in japan... at least in japan i DID canoe... i seriously dunno how am i gonna play during the friendly man... anyway... at least now i stepping up my fitness... i taking part in RD with denise! yes! we gonna try our best to win! so we gonna have our private training! hahahaha...

those ppl went in ns on 7 july was like all released yest! and oliver came to borders n visit me (he bought a vcd) i was like so shock la! hahahaa botak and looks even blacker than usual! and talking to sammy online and blah blah those ns guys... wau piang... i should have gone in with them too man... argh...

anyway now i planning to start my (yes i know its late but) saving for uni... i think i gonna try my best to force my parents n myself to save up for my uni education... i dun want to go local uni... i think that will be my very very very last resort unless they offer me a course that i want which i have no idea wat i want to go into... anyway maybe i be like zixin go germany to study... education is free but accomodation is on ur own i guess it will lessen so much compare to u just go aussie when u have to pay for both accomodation plus sch fees u know...

i decided that if i ever gonna quit air steward or retire or maybe i cant even pass the interview for SIA... i will just go japan and work under the JET programme mauhauaha! SLEEP!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

my dearest idol tanya chua!!! pls pls pls support her! local artise ok! i am so proud of u babe! more rocking songs from u ok!!! pls pls buy her new album T-Time... dun download... only download those ang moh songs... but local must support! like corrine may n stephanie sun all must buy cd ok!! they are real talents from singapore!!! Posted by Picasa

joyce geraldine yati me!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

me shaun lucy samatha! Posted by Picasa

maya!!!! i really didnt expect her to "throw" herself to me! hahaha Posted by Picasa

us.. with our drinks... GREEN HOUSE ROCKIN'' Posted by Picasa

one last good bye to grace! and her blacky dong dong hahaha Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

wau... all my borders colleagues are leaving man! i so gonna super miss them man!!! but then we all still gonna hang out n talk online! they are one whole bunch of super fun ppl... they reminds me of JI time... so cool man... ah!!! work is tiring but then the company of friends is really great man... its almost 3months since i am back from JAPAN! argh i super miss japan and GISELE IS GOING JAPAN LIKE TMR! wau sia..

oh ya my driving test is soon... 25 aug... i left like 8lessons to test man!! i freaking excited man i want to pass on my first attempt i dun want to see my driving instructor anymore n i want to drive a lorry! hahaha

exams is tentatively on sat 19 aug... i preparing to study my test man... and i apply to be relief teacher and they gimme provisional approval but then i think after exam then i go teach hahaha!

life is sooooo busy i cant imagine if i have not retain... i might not have meet those wonderful borders ppl and do my driving and of course, playing for NP ivp one last time...

for those of my friends out there... things happened for a reason.. so dun get so depressed when things dun go ur way cuz u will wont always get wat u want man! if not.. we are not humans! HAHA!

grace going back aussie liao aiyo that stupid girl back from indo still nv call me... went tanning with ac last sat hahahaha alot crappy talk but was fun man! hahahaa and yes i change my phone so whoever interested in my sharp phone pls come n sms me! hahaha

Sunday, July 16, 2006

suntanning but stilllllllll fair.......... Posted by Picasa

wat u all looking at!!!! Posted by Picasa

scary movie 4 at my place... MUAHAUHAUHA tempura sashimi sushi........ Posted by Picasa